The old buck. The real story.

My dad is one of the richest men in Russia, so called tycoon.
We live in a big mansion near a small Ural town.
Dad has joint business with Dmitry Vasilyevich, 62 years old bald fat man with a big belly and large height.
He has a wife and three c***dren.
His youngest daughter Olesya is of my age. She hates me because of some trifles.
Dmitry Vasilyevich often visits our house because of the business.
I am not afraid to be immodest, but I should say that I am a very attractive sexy blonde girl with large blue eyes, thin waist and pretty big breasts. My legs are long and beautiful too, and often I wear a mini skirt. I engage in sport swimming so I have a model figure.
Dmitry Vasilyevich is always very serious. It seems, he always thinks only about his dear f****y and the business.
I like to luxuriate for hours in my jacuzzi.
One spring day I came out of the bathroom in my housecoat on naked body. And so happened that the housecoat fell open making visible my breasts and thighs. I began to tie it.
But I felt that someone is watching me, it was Dmitry Vasilyevich. It was obvious that he liked my looks, he blushed shamefacedly and went away.
I was amused and decided to have a fun.
Since then, every time, when he came to our house I wore the most short skirts, black nylon pantyhose and blouses with such decollete and cutouts that, seems, have been covered only my nipples and navel. Bra I selected such that made my breasts stood like two cannons.
My dad was so engrossed in his business that he didn't notice all this.
Once, when we were driving on our Maybach Landaulet,
I sat beside Dmitry Vasilyevich, and as if accidentally I lifted so the already very short skirt that were fully visible my sexy thighs and my exquisite lacy white panties. The poor man's cock soon erected so that he blushed and began to cough confusedly.
And at last, on one spring day I seized an opportune moment.
In our mansion on the ground floor were only two guards and a maid. I was in my room on the first floor. Dmitry Vasilyevich as usually has arrived to discuss the business matters. My dad was not yet at home.
I quickly injected into my pussy the vaginal gel in order to avoid the pain, foreseeing that with this old fat man my pussy will not be wet. I put on my sexiest lingerie and my shortest skirt, black nylon stockings with garter belt instead of pantyhose and sprinkled myself with an expensive French perfume Chanel # 5 Grand Extrait.
Dmitry Vasilyevich sat in the parlour. I entered as though I appeared there accidentally. At sight of me the old man blushed.
"Are you waiting for dad?", I asked him smiling, and sat down beside him so close that my blond curls touching his shoulder and the cloud of French perfume fragrance engulfed him. The sexy thighs of my beautiful legs in black nylon were close to him too. I smiled charmingly again and looked into his eyes with my large blue eyes.
Under his trousers between the legs quickly grew up a big hillock. All this became even more ridiculous.
"Dmitry Vasilyevich, will you check my room's door lock? Something is wrong with it, I cannot close the door.", I said.
He agreed, and we went to my room.
On the way the dog clung to us, my pet, a Tibetan mastiff.
I did not drove out him as a potential defender secretly fearing Dmitry Vasilyevich.
We've entered my room and I at once locked the door, of course, without any problems. Slowly I took off my skirt, remained only in a blouse with a great decollete, white lacy panties, garter belt with black nylon stockings and red high heeled shoes.
Dmitry Vasilyevich was dumbfounded and for a moment was a speechless. With a huge hillock of cock erected under his trousers, the old man was especially funny.
Then I removed the blouse also, leaving the bra, and slowly came up to my bed swinging my hips, and also slowly and gracefully got into my bed.
Despite his large height, Dmitry Vasilyevich's dick was not too large. Among my boyfriends, the teenagers, there were some cocks much more bigger.
"Put on a condom, darling, they're in my desk", I uttered.
The fat old man leaned on me, a slime girl, with his big belly.
"A heavy boar", I thought.
His moderate dick started to move to and fro in my vagina, touching my clitoris, which is not notably increased with such a partner. The old man was breathing heavily and wheezing.
One moment even the thought flashed in my mind, "he would not have died on me".
My dog, a Tibetan mastiff, approached to the very bed with his tongue hanging out, watching with interest the occurring.
Dmitry Vasilyevich was saying to me hotly, poking me with his dick: "ах ты маленькая сучка, блядь, пизда ёбаная, я буду ебаться с тобой, пока ты не закричишь на весь дом!"
He held my buttocks with both his palms, trying to get with a head of his penis my cervix. Then halted for a minute without taking out his penis, he greedily sucked and bited my nipples.
At some point I really felt myself a prostitute.
I was bored and did not have any fun at that moments, though I even feignedly shew the orgasm, moaning.
My eyes were slightly open, and I saw in the big mirror how twitches his big fat hairy ass between my hips. I felt disgusted.
Finally, he wheezed and tightly pressed his heavy belly to me, I felt the warmth of his ejaculating sperm in the condom.
But some time the fat old man still continued twitching on me.
At last, gasping, the old buck got up.
I continued to lay picturesquely in the bed, eyes closed, legs in stockings and shoes spread wide as if I was in orgasm still, peeping at him through slightly open eyelids. The fat old man took off the condom, tied it up in order to prevent the sperm shedding onto the carpet and looked around where to throw it. At last he threw it into my favourite vase of Saxon 18th century porcelain.
"Oh, you bastard", I thought.
The maid knocked at the door.
"Natasha, your father asks you come to him!"
The old man nervously twirled.
"I am sl**ping!", I shouted.
The maid was gone.
Dmitry Vasilyevich awkwardly approached me and tried to kiss my bare shoulder.
"Get out, you, old goat!", I shouted.
"If you behave you badly, I shall complain my father that you ****d me. Within this week I should have a new car", I added.
Dmitry Vasilyevich reddened, shuffled his feet awkwardly, and left the room after a minute fiddling with the fatal for him door lock.
His youngest daughter Olesya always treated me badly.
Someday later at one of parties I said to her mockingly laughing:
"I enjoyed sex with your dad"
She burst into tears hysterically:
"You are lying, a bitch!"
"Do you know your dad has a birthmark on his right buttock? Ask him", I said with jeer.
So since that party she always avoided any quarrels with me.
And just within five days after this my adventure I got the new BMW X6 M from Dmitry Vasilyevich.

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