I like so

I like so. I'm waiting for you with your friends in my hotel room. I am wearing elegant lingerie, bra, garter belt, black nylon stockings. I'm in high heels. I hear voices of a group of men in the corridor. That is you and eight your friends, such wonderful strong and huge black males. The door to my room is opening. I have been waiting for you already. My pussy is already wet and melting with impatience. I can see how erected your mighty black cocks under trousers at the sight of me, a young sexy Russian blonde girl with blue eyes, naked, only in bra, garter belt, stockings and very high heels. And now I see your huge black cock. I'm sucking the cock but not very long time avoiding cumshot in order you can fuck me after. You are grabing me and bearing me to a wide hotel bed. You are sucking my nipples and squeezing my beautiful breasts. Your friends are looking at this scene and their black cocks are hardly erected. My pussy is wet. It's outflowing with vagina juice. And I'm feeling how you're trying to insert your huge black cock in my narrow maiden vagina. I'm feeling pain and scared. I'm begging you piteously to wait a little but you cannot endure and craming your so hot black club into my vagina. I've loudly cried out of pain and begging you for mercy. But you are already rapidly fucking me deeply penetrating into the vagina with your huge black club. I'm feeling pain but already so sweet. Pain and sweet. Gradually I'm getting used to the huge size of your penis. A little painful, but very sweet. I'm feeling a great pleasure already. Your friends are sitting here excited with such a view and waiting for their turn to fuck me. You are fucking me mercilessly during a whole hour with your huge black cock, its hot head are beating my cervix uteri, you are gripping me as a cruel predator without giving me escape, you are squeezing my breasts and hips. You are greedily kissing and chewing with your hard mouth my so gentle lips slobbering them, putting your tongue deeply into my mouth and pushing with your tongue my tongue and fumbling with your tongue in my mouth cavity. And now I'm already screaming of unprecedented orgasm!!! Like waves it rolling on me!!! So strong as never!!! My cry is so loud that it can be heard in the hallway. Outside the door the porter stopped excitedly listening my cries and moans. And now with a groan you are pouring into my vagina a lot of your so hot cum getting from me, your blonde Russian girl, the maximum of so sweet pleasure. Your warm sperm flowing out my vagina, it also are flowing along the inner surface of my sexy thighs. And now, only few seconds later, one of your friends has cramed his huge cock into my exhausted vagina and begun rapidly fuck me also. Your friends are watching and their black cocks are so hardly excited. They are impatiently waiting for their turn to fuck me, to get their sweet pleasure from me. And you all will fuck me a few times each all this day and all this night ...

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7 months ago
is this a true story or just a fiction ?