My life as Daddy's sissy

Hello Daddy,

I would so love this life…

I wake up thinking of you, dreaming of kissing you, of sucking your cock, of feeling it fill my boicunt.

I spend all day preparing for you, so impatient to be with you. You are at work and I’m home, enjoying my role as your slut and maid.

I clean the house wearing pink sissy sweat shorts and a tank top, pink sneakers and pink socks. I want our home to be perfect for you, and I take pride in taking care of the house you work so hard to provide.

I then go to the gym in sexy little workout outfit. No one there cares that I’m a sissy anymore. I used to look like a boy in girl’s clothes, but now I look like just another one of the girls getting toned and fit for a man.

It used to be awkward to use the men’s locker room, but when my breasts started coming in, the gym let me use the ladies. They don’t mind, as I look like a girl and my tits are big and my cock is in a chastity device. It’s barely more than a big clit anymore anyways, as all those hormones have made it small and dainty, just like a sissy clit should be.

After I work out and shower, I head to the market to do a little shopping. I wear a short sundress and 5’’ heeled platform sandals.

On your order, I always wear heels unless cleaning or working out. I’m so glad you made that rule! I feel so much more graceful and confident in heels. I always feel little awkward when I’m not wearing them.

I make you a lovely dinner. Steak, sautéed mushrooms, baked potato with fixin’s, and maybe some steamed broccoli with a cheese sauce? (What do you like to eat? What would you want me to cook for you?)

I set the table, light the candles, dim the lights.

You’ll be home soon, so I take off my apron and touch up my make up. My hair is long, down past my shoulders now, full of soft curls. I brush it out a bit, to give it that big, bedroom hair look.

My painted lips are red and glossy. My eyes are shadowed with blacks and greys, such a dramatic, sexy look. All those hours of practice and lessons have paid off. I can make my face look girlish and sweet with pinks and roses, or I can go high-fashion dramatic with greens and electric blues. Tonight, I’ve gone with smoldering smoky eyes, which seem to be the most appropriate for demonstrating how much I want to be fucked tonight.

I wear a black satin evening gown that hugs my new curves tightly. This is why I’ve worked so hard on my body, so I can have a figure like this. Yes, I need a little help from a waist nipper, as I still have boyishly straight hips, but with my middle pulled in a few inches, I have a shape to savor.

I just love how much the hormones have reduced my muscles. My arms are thin and toned, not masculine at all. I have worked hard on my hand gestures, making sure to be as gracefully limp-wristed as possible at all times. Of course, my nails are long and end in perfectly manicured French tips.

I slip into my 5’’ French pumps, black patent leather, so simple, so classic, yet a sexier shoe has never been made. Even though I have a closet full of wonderful eye candy for my feet (thanks daddy!) sometimes it seems simplest is best.

I dab just a little perfume, Chanel No. 9, between my breasts and behind my ears. The smell reminds me of how feminine I’ve become, and how important it is to always be my most girlish for you. You haven’t punished me for being boyish in months, and I want to make sure that never happens again.

I hear your car pull into the driveway. I get so excited! My heart speeds up. My boiclit stirs in its little cage. I practically quiver with anticipation.

You walk in and a throw my arms around you, just can’t wait to hold you, to feel your big strong arms around me…

--to be continued—

Want more? Let me know!


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3 days ago
please keep writing and sharing yourself!
2 years ago
Love to read the next instalment
2 years ago
more please
2 years ago
That is hot!
2 years ago
Yes more please
2 years ago
Oh yes, baby,


Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig
2 years ago
Yes absolutely I want more!
2 years ago
lovin it keep going