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Masturbation club no more :(.....but

Just to let those of you who asked me....the masturbation club officially ended in September 2014......hosts got tired of NY weather and moved to FL....oh well, it was good while it lasted!
In any event, I have met up with new guy through cl and have had one encounter with frotting and some oral. Looks promising and cock is fantastic.....wow. large, thick, big balls, and lots....I mean lots of Jizz.

My question is....how long before I take his load in my mouth?
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First time taking oral and cum

It had been over a year since visiting the masturbation club and I had started meeting up with a married guy I met there. He and I would hook up every few weeks at the house of a lady acquaintance. I had known her for years so she would ask me to come by every few days to check the house since she traveled extensively.

My married friend ( I will call him Dale) is about my age and we met during the first meeting of the masturbation club a year ago and were both involved in much of the extensive cock play with other guys at the meetings. Since anything bedside masturbation was forbidden duri... Continue»
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My Masturbation chronicles - later years

My last story talked of my joy with jerking off in early years, but as I hit my dating years, things slowed due to fascination with women. Sure I would jerk off but dating, marriage, affairs, etc kept my cock busy enough.

As I started hitting my late 30's, boredom set in and I started getting publications sent to my PO box (pre-internet) with all kinds of content - started paying attention to pregnant babes, lactating ladies, 3 or 4 comes, groups, etc. This all led to videos and pay TV obsession. I jerked my cock to hours of enjoyment and took note of the fact that women had commented on m... Continue»
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[Story] My masturbation chronicles - early years

I have read many stories about when guys started masturbating and it appears that ages vary but many have indicated around eight or nine. I wish to share some of my stories and how my love of jerking off has been part of my life.

My earliest recollection of fingering my penis was as early as three or four as I discovered that a few well-placed fingers brought great sensation to an otherwise useful piece of anatomy used for peeing. My early days, two or three fingers swirling on the front of my cock just below the frenulum proved to be enjoyable. I recall an instance where I was caught sitti... Continue»
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Masturbation Club recently

It has been awhile since I attended the jerk off session at the gay host couple's house, but I made it a point to go a few weeks ago. It was attended by many of the regulars and there were also several new faces(and cocks) there. The weather in NY has been deplorable lately so the hosts said that attendance had been off. Their downstairs recreation room was warm and there was a fireplace that heated the room nicely. It was nice to strip down and the 15 or so guys started stroking their cocks eagerly while watching the others. Each meeting the hosts always have some form of entertainment to kee... Continue»
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cumming on her bedspread part two

I wrote a story few months ago about a friend's house I watch when she travels overseas. I had received a number of messages asking about the fantasy and I wanted to share a little more. I posted a video of me shooting my sperm in her spare bedroom. I have a few hidden pictures and videos of her from shower but I need to get better equipment. She is a mature woman with big tits....I never knew how big until I saw her nude. Of course she would kill me if she knew but this has really turned into a fantasy for me.

[video]http://xhamster.com/movies/1663928/cumming_on_bedsprea... Continue»
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[Story] masturbation club - 3rd time

Got a chance to get over to the monthly masturbation club and showed up a bit earlier than usual. There were two cars in the driveway of our hosts and when I got out of the car, one of the married guys that I saw last month said hello as he rolled his window down. I went over and said hello and also recognized the guy sitting with him as another club attendee. Seemed like both had their pants pulled down a bit so I figured it was no harm to get in the back since I was going to jerk off club anyway.

The two had been stroking for only a few so we all talked for a couple mins and then each of ... Continue»
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[Story] Masturbation Club....some details!

Judging by the private messages and comments I received, I take it there was a lot of interest in the club. I will try and answer your questions..... :)

First off, this was a private setting in someone's home and there was no such as thing as a membership fee. The hosts were very gracious and for newbies like me, they asked us not to drink, however, once we got there some light spirits were served. The hosts were a gay couple, who undoubtedly lived the lifestyle but got pleasure from checking out other guys. Everyone of the guests were selected for some particular reason, so the cock sizes ... Continue»
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[Story] Masturbation Club, the second time

If you read my first post from several weeks ago, you might have been excited about what happened that first night. I had an invite by email about 4 days ago to attend a pre holiday get together this past weekend. I was able to attend, yet this time I had a better feeling about it as I knew what to expect.

Since my first session, my mind had been preoccupied with the thoughts of the first evening's events. Not a day went by without getting an enormous erection upon thinking of it. I had found that I was jerking off more...as often as three times a day.

Anyway, I did arrive at this ... Continue»
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[Story] Masturbation club - new endeavor my first

I have written several stories about my interest in going bi and I advertised on CL for a masturbation type encounter. I receive many responses, but one gentlemen (around 60) reached out to me after I posted a hot cock picture on the site. His name was Rob (not really) and he was interested in mutual jerk off and asked if I would mind joining a party for him and his male partner. I elected to meet him at a diner and he expressed his willingness to pursue the opportunity and asked if I would mind joining a jerk off club. He noticed my pictures on CL and asked if they were mine and I acknowledge... Continue»
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[Story] First Time bi experience

This happened over 30 years ago. Admittedly at the time, I never expected it but at thirteen years of age, I would never had to consider that it would have happened. Growing up , I had a good number of friends and acquaintances. One "older guy" (about 18) had been k**ding around with me for sometime about rolling and horsing around with friends by wrestling with them and knocking each other to the ground. At that age, I never even gave it a second thought, but was reminded of it every time I saw him.

One day he asked me to go in the woods to try and help him get some leaves and edible brush... Continue»
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