Taken virginity - Me and my first girlfriend

My first serious girlfriend, her name was Cassie, and we first dated back when I was a senior in HS and she was a rather mature freshman. I say mature because she had incredible size D tits and she was tall. With her frame she carried a bit of weight but in all the right areas. Best of all, she loved to get in the mood for foreplay. We were young, yes, so you can imagine we fumbled around with it for a bit but didn't mean she didn't like sucking me off and swallowing my cum or me licking and fingering her tight pussy. She also had such long, dark blond hair and it really made her that much hotter. She probably didn't know how hot she really was and I'm glad I got her at such a young age because she and I experimented quite a bit. But I digress because this is a story of how we lost our virginity and how that turned us into sex fiends.

When we decided that we were going to have sex for the first time we had already done basically everything but. She had a private walk-in closet and her and I would spend more time in there than watching TV, even when her mom was home. SHe would get on her knees and she went to town. I don't think I've had anyone take my cock as good as she did back then. Sometimes I stood up and sometimes we'd 69 on the floor, my feet and her head sticking out of the closet.

Since I was older, I made all the arrangements and decided to get a hotel room at the Red Roof Inn. She told her parents she was going to stay the night at a friends, I didn't have to tell anyone anything because at my age I just told my parents "Hey, I'm going out. Be back tomorrow". I also brought protection, and made sure I had money for pizza delivery afterwards. The first thing we did was get comfortable. No need to rush I assume we thought. We had waited that long so what was another 30 minutes.

When she finally was ready and I had waited for her to come out of the bathroom, she wore black bra and panties and she had on thigh-high stockings. She knew I loved that look. I met her halfway between the bathroom and bed and it was on. She looked amazingly hot and I wanted to fuck her badly. This wasn't going to be puppy-love, first time sex... not in my mind. I was going to have her screaming and telling me to fill her pussy up. Make her cum hard and long. I started out wrapping my lips and hands around her titties. Her arms around my head and rubbing my back told me she was enjoying the attention. I daftly maneuvered getting her bra off in the process and also moved her to the bed, sideways so her head faced the door to the room and not the headboard.

Next, I needed to taste her wet pussy and by this time she was moist. She knew she was going to get what she wanted and her tight cunt was ready for action. Didn't mean I was just going to skip a step though. In fact, I love eating pussy most of all so I did it right. I kissed around, worked from her toes... up her leg, kisses through her slightly trimmed, teenaged bush... then back down her other leg and ending with her toes back in my mouth. It was a little game by that point. We laughed, giggled... we knew what we wanted but we weren't going to rush it. I delved my tongue back into her gash and she did her best to cram my face into her snatch as hard as possible by forcing the back of my head. Her noises, her moans did nothing but make the moment that much hotter.

Now anyone knows that dealing with condoms, especially when you are young and this is your first time, can be a hassle. I went through 4 of them before she was basically like, "What the fuck?!" I was just as frustrated and I wasn't going to let any of them keep me from doing what I needed to do. So I did what any rational 18 year old teenage would do. I devised a plan to pull out just before I was about to cum. She was game so that is what I did.

Our frustration aside now, we set back on our plan to "fuck". Her on her back, legs spread wide, cupping her breasts and looking me in the eyes as I penetrated deep into her folds. Her mouth opened wide as I filled her up. We both took a moment to let in sink in that I was now 8" inside her tight little pussy... and WOW did it feel good. It was a little clumsy to start off with but I did what I came to do which was to make her scream. She was into it, her tits bouncing, her moans making me go harder and deeper. She told me "Fuck me, Clay. Fuck me!"

I wanted her doggystyle and told her to get on all fours. She did but not before getting a taste of her own juices. That surprised me a bit but I didn't lose focus. Instead I grabbed her hips and sunk into her from the back. I'd learn from that moment forward that getting fucked from the back was her favorite position. I got deep and she told me. "Your so deep, baby! Fuck meeeee!" The change of position calmed me a bit so I lasted a bit longer than I thought was normal for a first time. I started slow and deep.. and graduated in to fast and deep. The slaps of my pelvis on her ass made my cock swell up. She and I both knew I was about to cum. I hollered "I'm cumming, Cassie! Tell me you want me cum!" "Give it to me, baby. Cum in my mouth" was what she ordered and so I did. That was hot to see her rolled back over on to her back, me standing on the bed and her reaching up with just her mouth to accept my load.

Sure, it was only about 15-20 minutes but she was my first and we learned a lot about sex from that point forward. Hope you enjoyed the story. Be kind as this is my first time writing it out like this.
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2 years ago
Good job for it being your first story.
2 years ago
Nice.keep;it up.