My first real bondage experience tonight 11.14.201

Tonight was great,

I had been chatting with this guy local here in town for a while now, he talked a lot as most guys do they will tell you yes to everything but then most flake out or dont show.

This guy originally was supposed to show up in fact a few weeks ago and I guess something came up but he messaged me to apologize later so I figured why not give him a chance and wow did it pay off.

So he tells me to dress up like a slut which I did, he told me to put on my collar and wrist/leg restraints, I did all that, I was sitting inside my garage, I have a detached one that I am able to play in, aside from outdoor action thats the next best erotic thing to be doing I think.

So im all ready he shows up and grabs me by my throat and pushes me to the ground, I was already exited by this, I told him just no perm marks and he did respect all that.

Once on my knees, he chained my legs together, my hands behind my back and my neck (collar) to the hook on the wall so I couldnt get up much.

He held my neck puched me against the wall and started fucking my mouth real good and hard, making me choke and gag at times. I was really getting into this, he really knew how hard to go, I thought this guy was a pro at this.

After about 15 minutes or so, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and made me lick his balls then started fucking my mouth some more. I decided to be bad though, and let some teeth sc**** his cock to see if I'd be punished or not and I was, he slapped my face, grabbed my neck and rammed his cock harder saying I'd better not do that again, I said YES SIR!

Given this was our first meeting we decided no fucking me bent over this time so it was all about me sucking his cock.

I started stroking my cock while sucking his and another round of punishment came, I didnt ask him if it was ok or not.

All in all I sucked his cock for over 1 1/2 hours what a fun experiece for me. At the end he started jerking off in my mouth not letting me know when he was going to cum and what a load wow big time, nice big load shot right into my mouth. I let some drip down my chin and left it on for about 15 more minutes while we talked and wrapped up our evening.

I am really in the mood and look forward to much more fun like this.

I tried to write about it the best I could hope you all liked it!

Thanks for reading!

100% (8/0)
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7 months ago
Sounds like my old school to relive them days again.
1 year ago
you really enjoy this type of treatment I enjoy reading about it but I would find it hard to have it done to me
thanks for letting me experience it through you very excitting for sure
3 years ago
mmmmm nice. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
i cant get enough of it!!
3 years ago
Sounds like you enjoy being a slut, my kind of girl.