Our recent strapon session

While the Mrs. loves to see me dressed, she doesn't like me sharing but I have to recount our most recent strapon session...

We hadn't "played" in a while, so I told her that I was going to look for some new clothes, a new wig and a new toy for her harness. I figured it was time to move into more intermediate dildos. I went on to Adam & Eve and bought something called the Legend Anal Pleaser. It came a couple days later and we just had to try it out.

I wanted to be really clean for her, so I asked for an hour to get ready. I gave myself a good enema, shaved (face and cock) and showered.

I put on a pretty garter, black thigh highs, a school gurl skirt, a bustier and a white shirt. I put on my new black wig, minimal makeup, earrings and deep red lipstick. I topped it all off with my 5" patent pumps. She came up at the perfect time, just as I was admiring "Frankie" in the mirror. She came over, gave me a kiss and grabbed my ass. She then rubbed her hands up and down my stocking legs. The feeling was fantastic.

She took a couple minutes to get herself ready. She put on a sheer teddy and her red patent 5" Mary Janes.

I have a pretty modest cock - I don't "show," I grow, and I started to, when she reached under my skirt and fondled my cock and balls. She told me to lay on the bed on my back toward the edge. She lifted my skirt to my belly, put one hand under my balls and started to lick my now grown cock. She stroked my sack while she ran her red lips around my head.

After a few minutes, she backed off and I laid there, hard, while I watched her put on the harness with our new toy.

The dildo is just over 6" long, has a solid mushroom head and then slopes out, like shelving, toward a wider base - almost 2 inches in diameter at the bottom. It's really solid - it didn't have a lot of play. We threw a condom on it and then she applied lots of lube to the dildo and to my ass hole. Oh, the feeling as she put on the cool lube and then slid two, then three fingers into me.

She then directed me (I was at her mercy now) to stand next to the bed with my ass toward her. She then pushed my head down so that my face was laying on the bed with my ass out. She walked up to me and directed the dildo at my ass and dove right in. My sphincter wasn't quite ready for the shock and I felt that combination of pleasure and shock of pain. I asked her to hold it there while I adjusted.

She sensed I was ready and slowly pushed further into me. Wow. She was fully inside me. I knew, because I could feel the cold steel of the O-ring and the leather of the harness against my ass.

She asked if I was ready. I whimpered, "Yes, Ma'am" and she then started to pound me. She grabbed my shoulders with both hands and let her hips do the driving. I met her bucks as the dildo filled me up. The Mrs. is usually pretty reserved, but there's something about these sessions where she loses a little control because she fucked me silly until she was sweating.

When we had enough of that, she plopped out of me and told me to lay on the bed again.

We took the toy out of the harness and pulled a chair up the side of the bed. She then pushed it deep into me again, and again, and again. At one point, she had the whole dildo in me - base, too - plus a couple fingers. I started working my cock. She told me how my balls were pulling up and how she was going to fuck me until I came. I worked my shaved cock with some oil, moaning both from yanking my dick and from the fucking I was getting.

She told me how she was watching me grow and how sexy it was. I told her I was cumming and came all over my hand, over and over. The cum ran down my hand and on to my balls and taint - with the dildo still deep in me.

I laid there recovering, spreading the cum around while she continued to work the dildo.

My ass still quivers when I think about getting fucked by that dildo.
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11 months ago
would like to fuck two asspussies she can do mine too
11 months ago
Hot stuff....love that!!