Indoctrination 3

I reach up and grab her hair pulling her head back, which at the same time pulls her nipples taught. She lets go a moan as my other hand begins to massage her juicy mound. I find her hard clit and pinch it with my thumb and forefinger I slide my thumb into her wet pussy and clamp my down. She pushes against my thumb forcing it deeper inside her. I pull her hair harder stretching her nipples further and further. I see her legs begin to tremble again as I roll her clit between my fingers and wriggle my thumb inside her. I listen as she breath increases and and her moans grow from low to a higher pitch. I feel her tight pussy contract around my thumb. "Don't you cum until I give you permission", I tell her. She moans out a "yes Sir". I can tell that she is about to lose control and disobey me. I release her hair and pussy and let her slump forward on the straight back chair. Her legs tremble she looks back at me "please may I cum Sir, I'll be good I'll do anything, I'm so close...please". I stroke her nice plump ass and then give her a slap. I spread her ass cheeks and open her tight little asshole and spit down into and rub it in and slip my finger in and begin to slowly finger fuck her ass. She moans "please let me cum". I keep her right on the edge as I my finger finds her stiff clit, I roll it over and over as my finger slide out of her tight ass. "I have already let you cum once, do you think you deserve another?" She replies" yes Sir, oh please, I'll be good, please let me cum". I tell her "I'm going let your orgasm build and then hold you just at the edge". I push my finger deeper inside her as she trembles and pulls against her restraints. Her nipples stretch she begs and begs as I slowly take her to edge and back her down over and over. Her juices run down her legs and she begs harder and harder pleading with me to let cum. I bear down on her clit and lean down and whisper in her ear now it is may cum. She gasps a thank you Sir as I feel her tighten around my finger buried in her ass and she begins to convulse as she cums. I slip my finger from her ass and run my nails over her back and ass she continues to convulse and spasm as her orgasm ripples through her. SHe collapse against the chair breathless and I begins to untie her from her restraints. She is limp in my arms as I lower her to floor. She moans over and over Thank You Sir...
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