My first MMF: why I keep on cruising

I gotta tell you about my one and only
there is this crusing spot along the Trans Canada highway not too far from where I live
I pulled in to a truck pull off area, it was early evening about 7:30 or so, on a November evening
When I stopped there was a car, parked ahead.., brake lights flashed on off in tell tale fashion

I turned the interior lights on and off in my van and soon this guy came back to my vehicle to join me
Because it is a rather busy and open highway I wasnt really too comfortable there

but the little head, took control
He soon was touching me I stroking him.. getting Hot

I really wasnt too comfortable though.. this OH OH feeling that something was off
but fuck he was Hot
So I suggested we moove away from the Highway

there is this ball park not too far, a mile or so, in November the lights are off, the park is dark, and pretty secluded

he knew where it was and followed me
As soom as we parked he was back, and now we were really at each other

I sucking him, he sucking me...
Mmmmmm fuck clean, hot... well kept... Hot, Horny.....
we must have been at it for fucking ten minutes, I all over him and he all over me
Remember that Oh Oh feeling.......
All of a sudden he says to me.... do you mind if my wife joins us
Fuck... she was in the car all along waiting for us.... christ I said not at all... go get her
I opened the side door of my van she got in the back seat... I have split bucket seats in the front
She was the hotest tightest tastiest little cunt I have ever tasted
I raised her short skirt and was munching the cleanest tastiest cunt, while he was busy sucking me
Man oh Man....
great tits, lovely pussy... only she was a little too pasive for my liking, but man He was right into it
So there was my one and only MMF experience, but fuck, it is the stuff WET dreams are made of and just encourages me to keep on cruising

91% (26/2)
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4 months ago
You can send me a shout at this, my new profile
11 months ago
aint eating pussy great ?
men do it cause it turns us on.
women suck us cause we like it.
unless your lucky to find a woman who is turned on by cock sucking.
11 months ago
keep on cruising my friend...
this story is so hot.
I got picked up in a bar by a guy.
he called his wife and ask her if she was horny for a three way.
she was . I did him . I did her. he fucked me. I fucked her twice.
he came once. she came twice. and the whole thing was nice.
I will never ever forget it...
thanks for jogging my memory...
1 year ago
Thanks for your encouraging comments
1 year ago
great result!
1 year ago
Sounds like you had a great time!
1 year ago
Mmmmmmm........sounds wonderful.
1 year ago
Not to my knowledge, she was a little too passive, but fuck did she ever have a sweet tasting snatch....
1 year ago
Only had a straight 3 some. Hot fucking story.
1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this story. Did the wife orgasm?
1 year ago
I had one similar.
The guy picked me up in a gay bar.
Asked me after a few drinks . Would I like to go to
His home and have a three way with his wife ?
1 year ago
ohhhhh yes ! the joys of picking up a stranger and doing even stranger things to each other.
hoping no one will see. man do I miss it . and boy did I love love love it...
2 years ago
new to sj would love to know where to cruise to get some sexy stories like this
2 years ago
Nice, Thanks
2 years ago
love it
2 years ago
love the story
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing, I would love some of that action.