Hot Chick Part 2

The next day as I awoke to a beautiful surprise, she was rubbing my cock while her head rested on my chest. We were laying there naked and she was just caressing my cock with her fingers. I say good morning and she replies it gonna get better… She turns to me and kisses me while jerking my cock to get it hard. She kisses down my chest and engulfs my cock in one slow motion. Then all of a sudden stops and says we gotta get to class, that was just a taste of what to come. We both got up and got ready for class. We had a big presentation and we only had 4 hours of sl**p. We jump on the train to take it into the city for class. She was caressing my leg and saying you got this. Since I was the team leader aka project manager I had to present the project and it counts for 80% of the final grade and I have 6 other classmates to worry about. We come out of the subway, as we are walking to class she goes to me “You’ll be great and when you ace it for the team I got a surprise for you.” That was motivation enough for me. I got into class, presented with the rest of the team and after the class was over he asked me to see him after class. I step into his office and he tells me that was the best project ever presented in his 20 yrs of teaching. Needless to say Hot Chick was right outside the door and heard it all. As I walk out and wait for the elevator to head out to meet the team, she grabs me and leads me into the stairwell and starts making out with me and unzipping my pants. I tell her to slow down and he lowers her pants to expose her fine ass and says “Fuck me now!!! I pulled my cock out of my zipper and slide it in her while we were doing doggy style in the stairwell. Just my cock was out and her pants were low enough to fuck her but the best part was her legs were pushed together so it was very tight. I whisper to her I about to cum and she drops to her knees and swallows my cock whole and I started Cumming down her throat. I tell her that was the best, and she goes the best so far. We head out of class and I realize that the others were anxiously waiting for there grade. I tell them and we all head out to grab some drinks... While we were having drinks Hot Chick walks up to me and says “I wanna go home..” so we head out and I ask her is everything ok… She tells me that she wants to go home cause she has to finish what she started this morning.

80% (3/1)
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3 years ago
Very good