Hot Chick Part 1

Hot Sex with "Hot Chick"

Back when I was in college I had this Spring Fling and it has been 9 years and I still think about it. I was a junior and she was a freshman, she was taking some courses in the same major I was and we were in 4 of the same classes. I never knew her name but I referred her to as Hot Chick… She had a tight fit body with a sexy face. I could sl**p sometimes cause she was in my head. Well before you knew it she was put into our project group by our teacher. She was the only freshman while everyone else was older. By now we became friends and I knew her name.

Well one night while all six of us were working on our final project at Hot Chicks house, everyone else had to go because it was getting late but I wanted to work alittle while longer. It was about 1am and me and Hot Chick were flirting back and forth but I figured it was just friendly flirting.

She left the room and I was still working. She came back wearing just a bra and a g-string. My jaw hit the floor!!! I was like what are you doing???? She came up to me all slow and said “Shhhh...” She started kissing me and I didn’t fight it… I caressed her back and undid her bra, she was alittle thrown back by it cause I undid it without her realizing it. She lowered her bra and held her perfect titties in her hands. Not to big and not to small. I moved her hands and whispered in her ear “You are beautiful”. We kissed for about an hour and I could feel the warmth from her pussy on my leg. I started to slowly kiss her neck and started sucking on her nipples. Within minutes of me sucking and kissing her nipples she came!!! I never seen this before and neither did she. I asked her “Did you cum?” and she was panting “Yeeess..”. She was so horny she took off my pants and took my cock out and it was throbbing. She asked me if I wanted a blowjob. Needless to say I didn’t say no. She started kissing the head of my cock and slowing licking my balls. I swear I was about to cum even before she put my cock in her mouth. But when she put my cock in her mouth I felt a rush to my nuts…

I held back for a good 15 mins before she said “Please cum for me!!!” Not even 10 seconds later I pulled her head cause I was about to cum but she keep going and I started to cum all in her mouth and she swallowed every drop and kept sucking. I was so horny that I grabbed her and made out with her while my cum was still on her lips… I pull off her underwear and there was the nicest looking clit ever. It was not to big and not to hidden. I kissed her legs and went right for her clit. I was down there licking and sucking her clit while I put one finger and then two rubbing her G Spot while I pretty much made out with her clit. She was moaning so load that I swear she came like six times. I moved to suck on her nipples while I rubbed her clit and she was in pure ecstasy. She threw my down and we started 69-ing… My cock wasn’t as hard like the last time but the second she started sucking my cock knew it was go time. She started deep throating my cock which I never experienced, and playing with my balls with her tongue and gasping for air. She kept saying “Your dick is so thick I love sucking it”. I kept licking and sucking her clit while I fingered her… Her ass kept rocking against my finger like she was fucking hit. Her moans were muffled as my cock was in her mouth. Before I knew it she was coming so hard that all her pussy juices were running down her leg. She rolled over completely out of breath like she ran a marathon.

I got up and laid her on her back and put cock inside her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and tight I took it slow and her eyes were in the back of her head. I told her I don’t want this to end. I slowly fucked her; I sucked her titties while sliding my cock in and out of her. She rolled me on my back and got on top of me and started riding my cock, she goes “Please suck on my titties!!” I leaned forwarded and started sucking her nipples and biting them, this sent her over the edge as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. She goes “Don’t stop!!! Oh baby don’t stop sucking my titties!!! We were in such a unison rhythm that it felt so good that it lasted forever. I told her to rub her clit while she rode me, she tells me that her never touched herself like that before. She slowly started to rub her clit while I grabbed her ass and grinded it while my cock was inside of her… I didn’t stop there I kept sucking and kissing her nipples. She tells me “Oh my god I gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” … She leans forward and start fucking me like there’s no tomorrow!!! She came so hard that my cock was squeezed out of her pussy. So there she was on top of me and panting for air when she turns and goes it s your turn to cum. She bends over the bed and goes “Fuck me from behind, fuck my pussy!!!”

I go behind her and start fucking her doggy style!!! It didn’t even last more than 5 mins because she kept grinding her ass against me and saying “Come on baby, cum for me!!!” I pulled my cock out to cum on her ass but she turned around and put her tittes out and and say’s “On my titties”… Then she puts her mouth on my cock and sucks it for a few seconds and I started cumming all over her tits. She was rubbing my cock all over her tits. I fall on the bed and she is swiping all of our cum off me and her and she goes “Shower?”.. I followed her into her bathroom where there was a 2 person shower and we washed each other off and made out for about 20 mins before she goes stay the night.

I picked her up, laid her in bed and said I’ll be here in the morning. It was 4 am when we went to bed, a 3 hour fuck fest. But it didn’t end there.

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