Is this a dream…?

A short story for Littlejudy

I walk into an apartment, I don’t know whose it is…I hear the shower on, I walk towards the bathroom where there was steam breaking free from the width of the slightly open door.

I slowly open the door and all I see is steam. I walk closer to the shower and notice the silhouette of a beautiful woman. The hot water cascading down her body, hugging all her curves, the steam still makes it hard to see her. I open the shower door and I see her backside, I am amazed on how sexy this dark beauty was. My eyes glaze down her back towards her tight tan ass; she had a butterfly tattoo on her right cheek, very innocent but I knew her wasn’t. The water glided down her body as it didn’t want to let go of her body.

I speak to her to see if I was dreaming.


She turns only her head and looks at me with her piercing eyes and speaks with a soft voice.

“I’ve been waiting for you…”

She turns her entire body towards me; the water was now cascading down her body. I took a look gaze at her sexy body; her dark hair was wet and slick back, her eyes were piercing yet inviting, the water ran down her chest, the water embraced the curves of body as they lead down to her naval, her 4 diamond naval ring sparkled as the water and light hit it. I continued following the trail of water that leads me to dark tone legs.

I was speechless…

She turns off the water and steps out of the shower. Her gaze never broke; she looked deep into my eyes. Her lips were inviting for a kiss as they were slightly open.

“Well aren’t you going to join me?”

As she said that she reached for my shirt and took it off. Her wet silky hands moved across my body as she reached for the top button of my jeans. As she unzipped my jeans she went in for a kiss. Our lips met and softly kissed each other. She undid my pants and I stood there naked as she was.

She grabs my hand heads into the shower, she turns on the water. The water was warm and I couldn’t take my eyes off hers. I go in for another kiss and this kiss was more sexual as our tongues explored each other and she bit my lip as our kiss ended. I lower my mouth to her chest as I start kissing and licking her tits. I slowly suck and bit them. She moans with every small nibble.
I feel her hand moving down my chest towards my rock hard cock. She slowly caresses it, teasing it as I move back to kiss her. We kiss again and again, neither one wanting to let go. I move my hand to her waist and feel her naval ring as I reach down to her pussy. I start rubbing her pussy as we kissed. She continued to tease my cock but now she was gliding her hand up and down my shaft.

She’s bites my lip and commences to kiss my chest...Her tongue leaves a trail, her body against mine. Her tongue leaves a trail to my inner thigh, I look down and she smiles as she slowly licks all the pre cum off the swollen tip of my cock. She teases my cock with long strokes of her tongue up and down my shaft. I reach behind her head and she engulfs my cock deep into her mouth. The sensation left me weak in the knees. She has one hand stroking my cock as it entered in and out of her mouth.

I pull her up and kiss her deeply. I taste my cock on her lips, she hand didn’t let go of my cock as I pulled her to me. I go to my knees and slowly kiss her naval and slowly inch my way to her inner thighs. I kiss all around her pussy but wait for the right moment. I look up at her and her eyes are closed. I go right for the clit; I flick it with my tongue as I kiss it and place it in my mouth as I lick it with my tongue.

I can tell she was in ecstasy. She place on leg over my shoulder, this was a sign for me to go deeper. I started to finger her sweet tight dark pussy; I knew she was wet even though we were in the shower.

I hear her turn off the water and say;

“I think we need to go to the bedroom.”

She runs into the bedroom and bends over on the bed. I see her perfect heart shaped ass inviting me. I bend down and kiss her lower back and move down her backside while kissing every inch on the way down. My last kiss was on my butterfly tattoo as I placed my tongue on her exposed pussy. I shoved my tongue in her pussy and licked her clit. Her moans filled the air.

“Ohh baby… Your tongue feels so good...”

I continue to lick her pussy and rub her pussy with my hand. I wanted to fuck her so bad though I knew she was in control.

She turns over and throws me down on the bed and start furiously sucking my cock. Licking up and down the shaft…

“I need you rock hard baby!” she says to me.

With my cock rock hard she climbs on top of me and glides my cock in between her pussy. Gliding my cock against her clit, her body moved back and forth as my cock caressed her clit and teasing her pussy. The feeling was unheard of, a continuous sensation on the head of my cock as her clit grazed it.

I couldn’t bare it anymore. I grab my cock my slide it in her tight pussy…

“Oh baby… “She said as her toes curled.

I reached up to her tits and gentle kissed them as she rocked back and forth on my cock. My hands traveled and held on to her ass, one hand on each ass cheek as I felt her rhythm speed up. I hear her breath getting shorter and shorter as she gliding my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Oh baby… I gonna cum soon… I know it” She whispers in my ear.

My hands reach for hers and glide her hand to her clit. Without hesitation she starts rubbing her clit as we fucked. She went from a rocking motion to a grinding motion. I felt her pussy getting tighter and tighter with each movement.

“Oh baby… I cumming baby” she yelled as her pussy tightened around my cock.

She rolls off me panting and still shaking as I move up and glide my cock back into her pussy. I slowly kiss her as she was catching he breath.

“Fuck me baby!!! Fuck me hard!!!”

With these words I start fucking her pussy harder and harder. Her piercing eyes were locked onto mine as my cock was furiously pounding away at her pussy.

“Cum baby… Cum for me baby…”

She continued to talk dirty to me as I fucked her.

“Oh baby your cock feels so good in me… Bend me over and fuck me!!!”

She pulls my cock out and bends over and glides my cock back into her. I rock my cock in and out of her pussy. I look down and her heart shaped ass fucking me back.

I was getting close.

I see her tits moving back and forth from the motion of us fucking. I then see her start rubbing her clit. I felt her pussy tighten as I fucked her…

“Oh God… I’m cumming again!!!”

That did it for me… I pulled out and she turned over.

“Oh fuck!!! I’m cumming!!!” I say.

As I shot my cum all over her body, it drizzled from her chest to her naval, her hands were still down on her pussy and she glided one finger up her naval collecting my cum on her finger as it reached her lips.


I moved in for a kiss…

At that moment I woke up…

It was only a dream, a dream I want to cum true.

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