Running into the Ex and her friend

I was going for my morning run on a bright and sunny Sunday morning when I decided to stop by a coffee place to get a newspaper and a bottle of water. I was waiting in line and I hear…

“Jon… Is that you?”

I turn around and see that its my ex-girlfriend from 2 years ago, we ended on mutual terms as she had an opportunity to work overseas and I couldn’t just drop everything and leave. We both agreed that a long term relationship wouldn’t work so we just ended it

“Holy Shit…. Brianna… Is that you?”

We started to catch up and share out life stories where we left off. She is still working overseas in Europe and is visiting a friend who lives in the same neighborhood as I did.

“It’s been a long time Jon… A day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t taught about you..”

I was speechless because she caught me off guard.

“We did have some fun times.” As I said this her friend shows up, a tall blond compared to Brianna dark hair.

“Jon this is my friend Nikki”

“Don’t I know you…?” Nikki asks

She did look familiar…

“You do look familiar…”

After a few minutes of chatting we realized that we both lived in the same high raise in the city which was a few blocks from the coffee shop we were at.

I invite them both back to my place and they didn’t hesitate.

I open the door to my place and Brianna jaw dropped.

“Jon… Your place is gorgeous!!! Look at all these windows… You hit it big didn’t you?”

Nikki followed “This place is a lot bigger than my place”

“It’s only has 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bath… It used to be the offices of the management company who owned the building so they converted the two offices into bedrooms and add the kitchen. I loved the view.”

I add a full 180 view of the lake as I didn’t have any curtains. It was all open. Plus there was a balcony that wrapped around the place.

“Well… Make yourself at home… I’m gonna jump into the shower and change.”

I leave them alone in my place while I jump into the shower. As I was in there I was just imagining how hot it would be if both of these girls would have sex with me. I was getting hard and I started jerking off in the shower. I grabbed the body wash and started going at it. I imagined them kissing each other and licking my cock. I came so quick it even amazed me.

I get out of the shower throw on some shorts and a tank and head back to the girls. They were on my balcony laughing and I noticed Nikki every so often caress Brianna’s arm. I grab a bottle of wine and sit down.

“So what did I miss…” I ask

“Well… We were talking how nice your place is and how sexy you look jerking yourself off in the shower..” says Brianna…

“What!! You saw… How?”

“We peeked…” said Nikki


“Well Brianna told me how you two used to date and you were great in bed so we peeked through the door and saw you jerking off in the bathroom mirror..”

I was a little embarrassed but I went with it.

“So you liked what you saw.”

“Oh yes… Very impressed from the 5 seconds we stared at it, but you know that Brianna already seen it.”

They sit down in front of me and take the glass of wine.

“So what were you thinking about in the shower Jon…”

Moment of truth here…

“To be honest… (Gulp) I was fantasying about both of you giving me a blowjob.”

“Really…” Brianna blushes
My cock twitched as I seen Nikki staring at me after I said that. I looked at Nikki and Brianna as they looked at each other and giggled. Then to my amazement Brianna says.

“Want it to come true?”

Brianna gets up and kisses Nikki full on the lips and pulls her up. Brianna starts to undo Nikki’s sun dress. Button by button she undoes the dress and it falls to the ground. Nikki was only wear a thong under her dress, her tits were in my view as Brianna kissed her neck. Brianna looked deeply into Nikki’s eyes and lifted her arms over her head as Nikki took Brianna polo off. Brianna undid her own shorts as Nikki kissed her.

My cock was rock hard and I couldn’t believe what was going on in front of me. I stand up and walk over to them and we all start kissing each other. I felt two sets of hands caressing my body. Nikki deeply kisses me as Brianna takes off my shirt and shorts. We were all somewhat naked on my balcony.

“Lets head to the couch…” Brianna says as she grabs Nikki’s hand and mine.

Nikki lays down and slowly takes off her thong. She had a nice bald pussy and I noticed her playing with her nipples before reaching for her clit. She was rubbing it while Brianna and I watched.

I held Brianna as we just watched Nikki play with herself.

“What are you waiting for Jon… Kiss her…” Nikki whispers

I turn to Brianna and she turns to me and we start kissing. I undo her bra and her nicely tan firm tits fall. I kiss her neck and her tits and taste Nikki’s lip gloss on her neck.

Nikki singles Brianna to come to her and Brianna does. She climbs on top of Nikki and kisses her and slowly continues to kiss her as she reaches her beautiful pussy. Brianna teases the sides of her thighs as she slowly kisses Nikki’s clit. I stand there in awe.

Nikki starts moaning and breathing heavy as I see Brianna touching herself from over her underwear. I knew it was my time to act.

I bend down and take off Brianna’s panties while she was licking Nikki’s sweet pussy. The smell of pussy was in the air and I wanted Brianna’s pussy. I slowly kiss her ass cheeks while my hand caressed her clit. I slowly licked her asshole and then dove into licking her pussy. Nikki would moan then Brianna. Brianna tasted so sweet.

“Lick her pussy Jon… Lick it for me baby…” Nikki said with a shortness of breath

Nikki laid on my couch as Brianna licked her pussy and I was behind Brianna licking her pussy.

“I want Jon’s cock in my mouth” Brianna said as she looked at Nikki.

Brianna turns to me and starts sucking my cock. Slowly licking my balls and up and down my shaft. Nikki crawls over to us and looks at me and smiles as she starts kissing my stomach and kissing Brianna as Brianna sucks my cock.

“Looks like you fantasy is cumming true” Nikki says.

They took turns sucking my cock. If one was sucking it deep the other was licking my balls. After a few minutes they stopped and started making out with themselves and stroking my cock while kissing.

Brianna lays down and Brianna climbs on top for some 69 action. They were licking each others pussies as I watched.

“Don’t just stand there..” Brianna says to me…

I see Nikki’s tight asshole and dive into lick it. This made Nikki jump. I licked her ass while Brianna licked her pussy. Brianna’s hand was reaching out to grasp my cock. Once she got hold of it she sucked my dick while rubbing it on Nikki’s clit.

Nikki’s climbs off and starts kissing me while Brianna has her fingers in Nikki’s pussy and sucking my cock at the same time. Nikki taste’s like Brianna pussy.

I bring Brianna up to us and we all start kissing. Brianna lays me downs and whispers to me.

“Fuck me baby…”

She sits on my cock and glides it in her tight wet pussy. Nikki rests her head on my chest just staring at my cock gliding in and out of her friend’s pussy.

“Sit on my face Nikki..”

Nikki didn’t hesitate as she sat on my face. I rammed my cock into Brianna’s pussy as I licked Nikki’s pussy. Nikki turns and squats on my face while she faces Brianna. As she lowers her ass I grab her and lick her asshole and flick her clit. Brianna leans forward and starts sucking on her tits. Nikki moaned the loudest out of the two as Brianna just rocked back and fourth enjoying herself.

Thank goodness I came earlier because I would have came already.

“I want he cock inside me.” Nikki whispers into Brianna’s ear.

Brianna climbs off and I see her pussy juices running down my cock and her leg. Nikki jumps forward and doesn’t hesitate to start fucking me. Brianna just lies next to me kissing me as Nikki fucks my cock.

Nikki leans back and continues to ride via the reverse cowgirl position.

“Brianna… Come and lick my pussy as I fuck your ex…”

Brianna leaves me and heads to Nikki. She dives into Nikki pussy as my cock was gliding in and out of her pussy. I would feel Brianna’s lips against my balls as she licked Nikki’s pussy…

I felt Nikki’s pussy getting tighter and tighter as she leaned forward to kiss Brianna. Brianna was furiously rubbing Nikki’s clit as I fucked her pussy.

“Oh god… I’m gonna cum…” Nikki’s screamed.

Nikki was breathing very heavily as I kept ramming my cock deep in her pussy.

“I’m cumming…. I’m cumming… Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!”

Nikki was cumming so hard that I felt a tight squeeze around my cock. Nikki jumps off and trembles… Brianna leans down and sucks my cock.

“Nikki’s pussy juice taste so good off your cock!!! Fuck me Jon..”

I lay on top of Brianna and slowly start having sex with her. Nikki laid next to us staring into Brianna’s eyes as I slowly glided my cock in and out of Brianna. Brianna would turn her attention to me and lock eyes with me.

“Fuck me baby… Oh god fuck me...”

I took my time with Brianna, I kissed her neck as I had sex with her. I caressed her face while I felt her fucking me back. I leaned back up and put her legs up… Nikki crawled over and kisses Brianna as I fucked her deep. She sucked on her nipples and reached down to her clit and flicked her tongue on her dark tan clit. Nikki reaches for my cock and pulls it out.

“Fuck her in the ass…She wants you too… She told me while you were showering that she wants her first anal with you…”

Brianna nods as Nikki glides my cock into her tight ass. I kept my eyes on Brianna as my cock entered her. She never took her eyes off mine. We knew this was right. My cock was fully in her ass and I tightened my cock muscles to get it harder and she moaned.

“Oh baby…”
I slow fucked her ass. Nikki now laid back and played with herself as I slowly fucked Brianna in the ass. I pull out and Brianna rolls over to on all fours and buries her face into Nikki’s lap. I enter her ass again, getting a full view of my cock entering her tight round tan ass. Brianna’s moan got louder and louder… I went balls deep into her asshole. She moaned more and more with each thrust.

“Fuck my pussy baby… I need to cum!!

She pulls away and rolls on her back. I stick my cock back into her and place her legs on my shoulders. I fuck deep and fast. Nikki just lays there staring in awe at my speed and velocity and says.

“Fuck her Jon... Make her cum like you made me cum…”

I pound Brianna pussy so hard that we both are sweating.

“Oh Jon!!! Oh Jon!!! I cumming baby don’t stop.”

Brianna reaches to grab me and kisses me while she cums.

“I’m cuuuuummming!!! Oh baby… I’m cumming!”

She lets go and I keep fucking her pussy and then I glide my cock back into her ass.

Brianna was so out of it she tells me with a loss of breath.

“Fuck my ass till you cum baby... Please cum for me!!!”

I fucked her ass deep till I felt the myself I about to cum. I pull out of Brianna ass and start cumming on Brianna stomach.

“Ahhhhh..Ohhh.Ahhhh… Oh baby!!!” I say as I cum…

Nikki walks over and hands Brianna a towel as she swallows my cock.


I’m on my knees sweating and exhausted. Brianna comes up to me and kisses me and goes…

“How big is that shower?”

Nikki winks and runs into my bathroom and turns on the water.

Brianna leads me into the shower where we all wash ourselves.

After a nice relaxing shower we head to the balcony and finish 3 more bottles of wine.

“So Brianna… What time does your flight leave..” I ask

“Early in the morning sweetie…Why…”

Probably the wine talking but I say…

“Cause I gonna miss you that why…”

Nikki laughs and leaves

“See you later stud… Call me when you get home Brianna land sweetie.”

“Kinda crazy day..uhh?” I say…

“Yeah… I never knew I had it in me…”

“Was that your…” she immediately cut me off..

“First threesome, first time with a girl and first time doing anal...”

“I never would have expected it…”

“I better get back to the hotel and pack…I got an early flight…”

“Let me drive you back to the hotel…”

I drove her back to her hotel room and helped her pack. I noticed a shirt that was mine when we dated. When we were all done I walked up to her and kissed her.

“Lets leave Nikki out of this…”

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another weak ass lie
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Verrrrrrry nice!
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Great story!
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holy shit that was hot great stuff man!