Almost Getting Caught: The f****y Pool

In my last story I told you about how my ex-girlfriend loved fooling around with the chance of getting caught, we almost got caught not only by her dad but also her s****r which we fucked a mere 5 feet from her.
There are a ton more stories but I wanted to share this one because it was her fantasy cum true.

She always wanted to fool around in her pool. We met in October and her dad closed down the pool for the year already. She would always say she wanted to fool around in her pool because it was connected to the deck which in turn was connected to the house. So if anyone was in the kitchen they can simply look out of the patio doors and see everything.

We’ll it was June and it was pool time. She invites me over for a mid afternoon swim. I get to her house and she wants to go shopping for a new swim suit, normally I hate shopping and going to malls but she wanted to shop for a swim suit.

We hit up the mall and went into one of those big department stores and she started on trying on swim suits. She would come out and show them off to me one by one. My cock was throbbing every time she came out with a different bikini on.

“Come in here… I need you help…” She goes to me.

I go inside the dressing room and all I can think about was fucking her against the mirror with the chance of getting caught. I know she had the same idea cause when I stepped in she was topless trying to put this funky looking bikini on.

“Excuse me… Only one person at a time in the dressing room…” a store employee yells into the dressing room.

We laugh it off and I step outside and she tells me she found the one she wants.
We headed home ready to jump in the pool. It was a hot summer day and I just wanted to cool off in her pool.

She s****r was lying by the pool too tanning and her parents were both at work, so I knew we were gonna have some fun. She heads to her room to change and I wait in the kitchen.

She yells down – “Jon… Come up here!!!”

I head upstairs and she wanted me to pick out which one she should wear. I pick out this sexy yet simple white bikini. I needed to change too.

We head to the pool and I immediately jump in.

“Holy Fuck its cold!” I say shivering.

Maria sits at the edge of the pool and just has her feet in. We swim over and start caressing he legs. She gives me that look.

The phone rings and her s****r heads into the house. I slowly move my hand up her leg and to her inner thigh. I start rubbing her pussy over her white bikini bottoms. I slide her bikini over and glide one finger in her already wet pussy.

“Hey Maria!!!” her s****r yells from her room.

I immediately slide my finger out.

“Its mom… She wants to talk to you”

Maria heads inside and her s****r comes back and lays back down.

“Jon… My mom wants to know if you want to stay for dinner. I already told her yes.”

“Sure… What we having?” I ask…

“Does it matter?” says her s****r!!!

“Oh by the way Nicole… Mom said that you need to go grocery shopping as she won’t have time on the way home… So…. Get going!!!”

I love it that the two s****rs fighter all the time… Nicole is the older one and she thinks that she’s the boss of Maria and Maria is a spunky little pain in the ass. I love it…

Nicole heads out and its just me and Maria. She’s jumps in the pool and swims over to me.

“God… I taught she’ll never leave!!!” she tells me.

We start kissing and splashing around.

“Watch this…” She goes underwater and pulls off my shorts.

She comes up for air and she now has my trunks and her bottoms in her hands… We keep kissing and she starts stroking my cock under the water and I start rubbing her pussy.

Then all of a sudden we hear… “Maria!!! Nicole!!!”

It was her dad… I dive under and put my shorts on under the water and Maria hugs the border of the pool.

“Oh… yeah guys… Where’s Nicole?” her dad says.

I’m at on end of the pool and Maria is in the other.

“Mom told her to go shopping for dinner…”

“Okay… Well why don’t you come inside and start getting things ready for dinner too… Like setting the table…”

Maria nods and her dad heads back inside.

“That was close..” I tell her…

“I never wanted you more…” She tells me.

She puts her shorts back on under the water and she heads inside.
I stay to dry off on the deck as her dad comes outside.

“I need your help Jon… On the way home I picked up a pool heater and need your help installing it.”

After he said that all I could think of was swimming naked with his daughter at night.

It was an easy hook up and when Maria saw me helping her dad she smiled.
Dinner time came and we all ate dinner. Maria would rub my leg with her hand while we ate.

After dinner me and Maria sat outside watching the sunset as her mom and dad where watching TV in the kitchen. Her s****r disappeared right after dinner… Probably going by her loser boyfriends house.

Her parents come outside…

“Okay guys we’re gonna head to the movies… Mom wants to watch some romantic comedy so I gave in…. Lock up after we leave if your gonna stay outside.”

Maria follows them out and locks all the doors in the house.

“Your parents are cool babe…”

“Thanks…Wanna go for a swim?”

After she says that she dives in before I can even reply.

“The water is so warm…” she tells me…

She gets out and comes over to me and kisses me and starts undressing. There she was completely naked staring at me.

“So… Wanna continue where we left off…”

I drop my trunks and jump in after her. We immediately started kissing and the warm water helped get my cock nice and hard.

I start licking her tits as the warm water cascaded down her nipples. I start rubbing her pussy as we made out.

She lets go and dives under and start giving me a blowjob under water. As she comes up for air I dive under and start licking her pussy.

I come up for air and say – “Man this is a work out…’’

She climbs on top on me and glides my cock into her pussy… The water didn’t make it easy as there was no lube but once in was inside it felt great.

We fucked for a good long time but I wanted more fucking and less pool.

I picked her up and laid her on the deck… I started fucking her on her deck… At any point in time any one could have come in and seen us fucking.

She tells me to get off… And follow her… We head into the bedroom where we’ve never done it. She heads towards her window and drops to her knees.

“Come here… Let me suck your dick..”

I walk over and she starts sucking my cock… All that blocked us was a sheer piece of curtain and the wind blowing it.

She gets up and leans against the window sill with her ass in plain view. I get up behind her and start fucking her. Her pussy was so wet I needed to cum.
Neighbors passed as I fucked her against the window and they were oblivious to anything.

She backs off my cock and brings me to the bed. She lays me down and climbs on top and starts riding my cock. I start sucking on her tits as she rode me faster and faster.

“Fuck me baby… I wanna cum…’’

I kept going… Sucking on her tits, kissing her nipples, biting them and I felt her pussy getting tighter and tighter.

“Oh god baby… I’m gonna cum… Don’t stop…”

After she said that I couldn’t hold it anymore…

“Maria… I’m gonna cum…”

That must have did it because….

“Oh baby cum with me… Oh… ahhh… ohh…. I’m cumming!!!”

Then I started cumming too. I shot my cum in her pussy as her pussy tighten.
I didn’t know if it was her pussy juice of my cum running down leg.

She layed on my chest as we both caught our breath.

“Whoa!!!” she says…

“You can say that again..”

We get up and wipe all the sweat and cum of each other and head back downstairs.
No one came home for another 2 hours but we were passed out on the couch watching TV.

Once I woke up it was 3 am and I kissed her good night and headed home…

Those fun summer nights!!!

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2 months ago
Years of fun!
3 years ago
playing in the pool was always fun...
3 years ago
oh yea my moms pool the water balance will give you away. lol
3 years ago
mmm so hot
3 years ago
awesome story great detail
3 years ago
Great story!