Almost Getting Caught

Almost Getting Caught

I was dating this girl who loved living dangerously. She loved fooling around anywhere she hoped to get caught. We fooled around in my car, at a park, in the woods, you name it we did it.

One day we were watching TV at her parent’s house on the couch. Her s****r was on the other couch past out cold and her parents were in the kitchen watching T.V. It was winter so we had a blanket covering us, she whispers in my ear…

“Finger me baby…I’m so wet for you right now…”

She pulls off down her pants to her ankles and lies down, she’s at one end of the couch and I’m at the other. I start gliding my fingers up her leg and rub her pussy with my hand. If anyone walked in all they would see is us just watching TV but under the covers my hand was rubbing her pussy.

I slowly start rubbing her clit and teasing her pussy with one finger. I felt her pussy tighten every time I started to put my finger in her.

“Don’t tease baby… I can’t take it…”

I slowly glide on finger in her and start finger fucking her. She was quietly moaning as my finger fucked.

“Shhhh… Your s****r will hear us… She’s like 5 feet away…” I tell her.

“Keep going baby…”

I slide to fingers in her and start rubbing her G-Spot, while my thumb massaged her clit. She was so wet… Her pussy juices were running down her thighs. I going faster and faster, she turned her head into the couch pillows whenever she moaned. I felt her pussy getting tighter and tighter.

“Oh god… I’m gonna cum...” She whispered.

I kept fingering her and I looked up and she was playing with her tits under the covers. Every so often I would look over and see if her s****r was wake but she was passed out.

She dug her face in the pillow and muffled.

“Ohh….Ohh… Ahhhhh… I’m cumming!!!”

That almost woke her s****r up and her parents called to her.

“Maria… Is everything okay?”
She was frazzled because we both heard a table chair pull out. I already had my hands out from under the covers but her pants were still off. Her dad walks in and checks up on us.

“Is everything okay…? I taught I heard something…” her dad asks.

“No… Jon was just tickling my feet.”

“Oh… Okay… Just keep it down because your s****r is sl**ping.”

“No problem sir…”

Her dad heads back to the kitchen and she pulls her pants up.

“That was close…” I tell her.

“Baby… That was the best… Thank You!!!”

An hour goes by and was just sitting there on the couch watching TV and her parents tells us they’re going to bed. It was getting late and I wanted to go home and jerk off because I had the biggest set of blue balls ever.

“I’ve better get going.”

“You sure you wanna leave… My parents just went to bed…” she said while winking.

She places her hands on my crotch and starts rubbing it. She undoes my zipper and starts getting me a handjob. She would lift up the covers and spit on my cock while she rubbed it. She was so kinky I loved it. We started making out and I need my cock sucked. I push her head to my cock as I covered her head with the blanket. I saw her open her mouth while I pushed her head to my throbbing cock. It was a little uncomfortable but I was getting head so who am I to complain.

“I can’t breathe under this thing…” She gets up and my cock was in plain sight. If her s****r woke up that would be it.

“Come here…” She whispered.

She was in the doorway where her living room and front entry connected. I got up with my cock sticking out my pants and went to her. She undoes my pants and lets my balls breathe. She drops to her knees and starts to give me head. She places her hands on my ass and takes my cock deep inside her mouth. I wanted to cum so bad.

“You wanna cum don’t you?”

After saying this she drops her pants and exposes her tight ass to me. I glide my cock in her pussy and start fucking her right then and there, up against the wall… Her s****r was right around the corner sl**ping and her parent’s bedroom was right behind the same wall I was fucking their daughter. Her s****r started moving a little but I didn’t care anymore.

Her pussy was so tight; she closed her legs even tighter while we fucked. I was ready to cum.

“Cum inside me baby… Don’t worry… Cum inside me right now…”

I started cumming right when she said that…I started cumming inside her for the first time. She covered my mouth while I came. My cock pulsated while I came, filling her pussy up with all my cum, I shot load after load. I pull out my cock and I see my cum running down her legs.

“Oh baby, that was a lot of cum...”

I pull up my pants and she does the same.

“I better go...” I say...

“Okay sweetie… Call me when you get home.”

I kiss her good bye and walk to my car. The entire ride home all I can think about what just happened and how we almost got caught.

I call her right when I got home to wish her a good night sl**p and she tells me that right after I left her s****r wakes up and tells her that next time you wanna fuck your boyfriend make sure that you don’t do it in the doorway cause she saw everything in the mirror that was hung opposite the doorway.

“So she saw my…”

“Your cock… Yes… And she told me she was happy for me”

“So where are we going do it next time?” I ask...

“I always want to fuck in my pool… But its winter so we got a few months to wait...” she replies.

Can’t wait for summer to come.

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3 years ago
Love almost getting caught, especially when it is so close, you are almost positive you did get caught. Yummy!
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
cant wait to hear ur next adventure good stuff
3 years ago
Can't wait to hear that one.