Naughty Roommate

I been living with the same roommate for the past 4 years and were best friends, well now he got married and I have this townhome all to myself but I need a roommate to cover the cost of it. It’s a big place and I can’t afford it by myself, so I start asking around. A friend says her girlfriend is looking for a place since she just moved to the city. I didn’t hesitate and told her to come by.

The following day she came over to see the place. Her name was Carmen, she was the sexiest girl I ever seen. I show her around and she loved the place and thought the rent was reasonable. She loved that she got the master bedroom as it had its own bathroom as I lived out of the other room and the 3 room was my home office. We shook hands and she moved in a week later.

Things were going good between me and my new roommate. I was already used to having a girl around as my ex-roommate had his fiancé practically living here. Carmen would walk around the house in her shorts and tank. I wouldn’t stare but when she bent over her tits were in plain sight. I wasn’t sure if she did this on purpose or by accident.

We playfully flirted back and forth over the next few months. She would razz me on why she hasn’t seen me bring any girls home. I was always working so I barely had time to get a good fuck in. She would say out of the blue – “I need some cock… Just k**ding… Just testing you to see if you were paying attention!”

She would walk out of her room in just bra and panties when she thought I was asl**p but I could see her. She had nice tan skin with a nice perky butt… Her tits filled up her bra, so lovely. I would jerk myself off in the shower in the morning whenever I saw her in her underwear.

It was about 5 months now and its summer so all she would wear was really short shorts and tank tops. She would lay out in the sun in her barely there bikini.

One day she went to the pool that’s in our subdivision, she walked in the house smelling like tanning oil and just wearing her bikini.

“I’m gonna shower...” she said…

After a few minutes, I hear the shower turn off and she calls to me.

“Jon… Can you come here please?”

I go to her room and she is standing there with just a towel on hold out a bottle of aloe Vera lotion.

“Can you please put some on my back…? I think I got little sun burn.”

She drops her towel so it’s only covering her front and she had already put on a pair of boy short underwear. I start applying the lotion.

“Oh!!!! It’s cold…” Carmen says.

I rub her entire back and hand her the lotion…

“Need the front done too?” I asked.

“No… I got it covered… You’re a funny guy...”

I walk out of the room and close the door behind me and just as I am about to close the door I look up and saw a refection in the bathroom mirror of Carmen lowering her towel to put lotion on her tits. After seeing those lovely tits I had to jerk off. I yell in the hallway…

“Taking a shower…”

“Ok…” She yelled back…

I jump in the shower with a rock hard boner and grab the body wash and start jerking away… All I could think about was fucking her tight little Spanish ass, sucking on her tits.

I was jerking away and heard a knock on the door… That ruined it for me because I thought she was gonna walk in…

“Hey… You want a sandwich?” Carmen asked…


I get out of the shower and my mind is distracted and I walk out of the bathroom naked drying myself off…

“Oh… My… God...”

I look up and Carmen is there in the hallway… I cover up right away and laugh it off saying – “I thought you were downstairs…”

She laughs it off too and says – “See ya downstairs”

I get dressed and head downstairs. Me and Carmen sit there on the couch watching TV while eating out sandwiches.

“Let’s forget what just happened upstairs okay?” I say…

“A penis is a penis and you seen a penis before...” I continue…

“Yeah of course… It was an accident anyways…” She goes…

“Yeah a total accident…” I reply.

“So I have to ask… Why was it hard…?” She asks…

“What was hard…?” I reply…

“Your dick silly…”

I had two was of answering this, I could be honest and say I saw her tits and wanted to jerk off cause of it or say the hot water makes it wake up…

“Honestly… The hot water makes it get semi hard…”

“Oh...” she replies… “It wasn’t that you saw my tits in and your just happened to rub my back when I had only underwear on…”

She got me… She did it on purpose…

She sits next to me and starts rubbing my leg…

“I did it on purpose… Want to see if you’ll admit it…” She continues…

She stars outlining my cock through my shorts and then cups my balls with her hand while she’s moving closer to my lips.

“I want to kiss you so bad!” she tells me…

“What’s stopping you...?” I reply...

She starts making out with me while she slowly rubs my cock through my shorts. I reach over and careers her tits… She had no bra on so I felt her nipples getting hard while I teased them with my finger.

She pulls away and goes – “This can be only a one time thing okay…”

I nodded and grabbed her and started kissing her… I threw her onto of me and we continued making out. She grinded her pussy against my cock, I felt like a teenager again, dry humping my high school sweetheart. I lift her shirt over her head and start kissing her chest while she held my head close to her chest.

She drops to her knees and pulls down my shorts; she pulls out my cock and starts kissing the head. Sweet short kisses, kissing up and down my shaft, I was in heaven… She starts sucking my cock… She really enjoyed herself… She was moaning…

“I could cum just by giving you head…” She says…

She moans with every thrust of my cock in her mouth. She presses her tits together and starts titty fucking me. I stand up and so does she and we start making out. I taste my cock on her lips and normally it would I wouldn’t but I was so caught up in the moment.

I drop her shorts and her pussy was in my view… She was waxed but had a nice land strip of hair right above her pussy. I graze her pussy with my cock, and she bites my lip. She straddles my cock, rubbing it back and forth on her clit. I sit her down and start licking her pussy. Her pussy tasted so sweet, she tastes like honeydew melon. I sucked on her clit and started to put one finger in her… Her pussy was so tight and wet and not to mention really hot. I fingered her while I kissed her. She loved every minute of it.

“I want your cock inside me…” She whispers in my ear…

She climbs on top of me and we start having sex. We passionately kissed each other while she rode my cock to ecstasy. I was pretty much sitting there while she did all of the work.

I stood up while she wrapped her legs around me. I lay her down and started fucking her. I felt her pussy getting tighter and tighter as I pushed my cock deeper inside of her.

“Oh…. God…I’m gonna cum if you keep fucking me like that…” She yells out…

I keep the same rhythm and I felt her pussy getting tighter…

She started cumming!!!!

“Oh… Oh…Oh Jon… I’m cumming baby….”

I could hold it in much longer I pull out and cum too.

“Ugh!!! Oh shit Carmen…”

I came all over her stomach and tits and one shot went on her chin, a half inch from her mouth.

“I’m sorry Carmen…I came on you…”

“Its okay baby…”

I help her up and grabbed her a towel and wiped off my cum off of her and she was all smiles.

“I think we need a shower…” She goes…

She grabs my hand and head to her shower...

We washed off, got dressed and finished our sandwiches.

We never hooked up again but we walked around naked more often. I would hear playing with herself and peek in and she would let me watch or she would peek in while I jerked off with her watching and touch herself.

After a year she moved out but we’re still friends and joke around about that afternoon.

Good times!!!!

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3 years ago
nice man
3 years ago
wow to bad you 2 did not have something more going
3 years ago
I love having a hard cock in my mouth and then kissing him afterwards such a turn on. It shouldn't be gross it's your own cock!
3 years ago
nice u couldve fucked her again u mustve been scared
3 years ago
Great story, thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
great stuff man! lucky bastard haha
3 years ago
great story,,but dam dont u wish u had her more