Being a Personal Trainer Has Benefits Pt 2

"Being a Personal Trainer Has Benefits Pt 2"

So there I was naked in front of Nadja’s roommate Joanna. I felt her eyes staring at my cock. Nadja throws me a towel to cover up.

“Don’t mind me” Joanna said.

I followed Nadja into her room as she laid there naked on the bed asking for a massage. I closed the door behind me and went over and started rubbing her back and slowly moved down her back to her ass and massaged her ass. I spread her ass cheeks to expose her tight asshole which I just happen to fuck a mere 30 minutes ago. I turn her over and start massaging her legs up to her chest. I slowly massaged her nice tits and in the mean while my cock was getting hard again.

“Let me return the favor…” said Nadja.

She laid me down on my stomach and gave me a massage. She ran her hands up and down my body. Her tits grazing my back, it felt great. She started massage my butt and I don’t like my ass of asshole touched but I was so relaxed she started massaging my ass.

“I’ll be right back…”

I laid there naked on her bed looking around her room. No pictures of boyfriends or any men. She walks back into, still naked and turns me over. She grabs a silk scarf from her closet and blindfolds me. She turns on some music and start massaging my chest and legs. My cock was semi hard but I was too relaxed to focus on anything else. Her hands teased my balls and cock. She slightly caressed my body with her lips.

Her hands started to caress my cock. She slowly jerked it up and down, caressing the head of my dick. I was getting harder and harder.

“I’m so hot for you right now…” I say…

Without replying… I feel her body shift over mine and I smell her sweet pussy inches away from my face. She lowers her pussy to my lips and I quickly start licking away.

Her grabs my cock hard and starts sucking it. I feel her moans on my cock as I lick her pussy. I reach under and started playing with her nipples.

“Oh God… That feels so good baby…” She moans.

It felt so good that she couldn’t suck my dick anymore as she was breathing heavy as I ate her pussy.

“Can I join in…?” Joanna says as she stood in the door way already naked.

Nadja nods and Joanna walks towards the bed as Nadja rolls off of me.

“My room is right next door and I was trying to get myself off cause the sight of your cock got me wet earlier but with her moaning, I couldn’t let her have all the fun.”

“He’s a great fuck Joanna… I never came that way before…”

As Joanna walks over I could help to notice her smoking tight body. Nadja had nice tight sexy curves, curvy and sexy… Though Joanna had a nice tight skinny body, small perky tits and a small tight ass, her pussy had that tight look where her pussy was tucked away inside.

Nadja’s pussy had those pussy lips that stood out with her clit in full view, you couldn’t help but lick them at every sight. Nadja also had nice curves, round big tits that didn’t sag and a nice bubble butt.

Joanna grabs me and starts making out with me and then Nadja turns my head to her and we start making out. Nadja lets go and grabs Joanna and they start making out.

“Is this the first time you guys are doing this…” I ask.

“The first time with a guy…” Joanna added

“Joanna and I are bi and we fool around every so often. We get kinda kinky but we also wanted a throw a guy into the mix.”

After Nadja said that Joanna goes – “Let me prove it…”

Joanna jumps over me and starts making out with Nadja and tells Nadja to eat her out. Nadja doesn’t hesitate, she starts licking Joanna’s pussy with her ass in the air. I go over and start licking Joanna nipples and start making out with her. She reaches under me and starts stroking my cock. Joanna was moaning as Nadja lick her pussy.

While a firm grip on my cock she pulls it to her lips and starts sucking. She lifted my cock up and started licking my balls.

“I wanna taste…” Nadja says.

Joanna throws me down and Nadja and Joanna start sucking my cock. Taking turns licking and sucking. Nadja started sucking me while Joanna licked my balls and getting closer to my taint. Nadja then started to jerk me off while Joanna massaged my balls with her tongue and hands.

I pull them away and tell Joanna to sit on my face while Nadja you sit on my cock.

Joanna sits her beautiful tight pussy on my face as Nadja lowers hers on my cock.

Nadja starts fucking me as Joanna grinds her pussy on my face. I reach up to grab Joanna’s tits.

I turn my attention in the closet mirror as I see Nadja grind her hips on my cock and Joanna grinding hers into my face. Then all of a sudden the two of them start making out. Joanna and Nadja take turns sucking and playing with there nipples.

Then Joanna climbs off and lies next to me just staring at me and Nadja fuck.
Joanna lifts Nadja off and goes – “My turn…” She climbs on top and starts fucking me.

Nadja lays next to me kissing me while Joanna was fucking me hard… I grab Nadja’s head a lower it to Joanna’s clit while my cock was going in and out of her pussy. I make her lick Joanna’s clit while I fuck her.

Joanna jumps off and starts making out with Nadja as I lay there with a rock hard cock with no place to go. Nadja starts licking Joanna’s pussy with her ass in the air. I position behind her and glide my cock into her.

She was startled for a moment but she fucked me back with her nice round ass fucking my cock while she ate Joanna’s pussy out.

“Oh God… Fuck me harder...”

I started thrusting away….

Joanna pulled a 360 and she was under Nadja licking her pussy while I fucked her. Every so often she would reach up and glide my cock out of her pussy and into her mouth.

The second time Joanna did this Nadja moved around and told me to fuck Joanna mouth and so I did.

For being a tiny girl Joanna took it deep.

Joanna pulled away and goes to Nadja…

Come here and they start making out with each other and my cock.

Joanna then behinds over and tells me to fuck her ass…

Nadja then proceeds to glide my cock deep into Joanna’s tight asshole. I started off slow but I picked up the pace. Nadja stood next to me making out with me while I fucked her roommates ass. This didn’t last long because Joanna started cumming really hard really fast. Joanna collapsed panting… “Oh my god... Oh shit that was amazing.”

“I told you’’ Nadja said…

Nadja drops to her knees and spits on my cock to jerk me off. She glides my cock in between her tits and talks dirty to me.

“You liked fucking my roommate in the ass… Didn’t you… I loved it when you fucked me in the ass and came inside of me… I want you to cum baby. Come on cum on my big beautiful tits.

Before you know it Joanna is on her knees next to her. Just staring at my cock gliding up and down in between her tits, then starts playing with her tits too.

I grab my cock and start jerking away because I was seconds away from cumming!!!

“Cum in my mouth…” Joanna says

“Oh… Shittt…. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!”

I started cumming all over the place. Nadja’s tits, Joanna mouth, all over Nadja body. I saw it dripping down to her naval. Joanna started licking it all off Nadja’s body.

“Oh god that felt great…” I say…

“You didn’t expect to fuck this much when you came over.” Nadja added…

Joanna grabs Nadja hand and mine and head to the shower…

We take a nice long hot shower… After that we head to Joanna’s bedroom where we all fall asl**p on the bed naked.

Joanna on one side of me and Nadja on the other.

By far the best training session I have ever experienced.

100% (9/0)
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3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
great stuff hopefully she has u back for a repeat!
3 years ago
beast!!! Chicago melting pot of ethnic women!!
3 years ago
Very good