"Being A Personal Trainer Has Benefits Pt 1&q

I work as a personal trainer at a 24 hour fitness center in Chicago, and a majority of my clients are women who want to loose weight or guys who need to lose weight for health reasons. I occasionally get the hot girl who does it to waste “Daddy’s” money. Well I get this girl name Nadja, she was from Eastern Europe and she came from money. She picked me out of the 25 trainers we had and that’s where it got interesting. She only wanted to train at 11:00pm at night, and my clients ranged from 6:00am to 10:00pm but nothing that late, but my boss told me that I had to train her cause she paid a lot of money up front and she wanted to train every day at 11:00pm.

On our first couple of nights we took it easy. She would show up in track suits with her tits barely peaking and pants hugging her bubble ass, and complain the entire time. By the 5 night, she was being a real pain in the ass. Talking on her cell phone, asking to go to the bathroom, the usual spoiled rich girl routine, when she came back from the bathroom I told her that her session was done.

“Only 20 minutes…” she said.

“You’re not taking this seriously and I don’t wanna waste my time and your time… Either come back tomorrow and take it seriously or find yourself another trainer.”

I get up and head to the locker room to change and head home. I had better things to do. The next day I was hoping she wouldn’t show up but she walks in and tells me – “let’s do this.”

I work her out and push her to the limits to teach her a lesson. I made her do squats, jumping jacks and all sorts of exercises to make her sweat. It worked wonders in my part, she started first by taking off her track jacket exposing her nice white sports bra, then she took off her pants to show only a pair of tight white pair of running shorts. With her dark tan she looked sexy as hell. But I maintained professional and kept working her out.

We finished up in the group exercise room where I had her doing box jumps. I tell her to lie down so I can stretch her legs out so she wouldn’t be sore tomorrow. I start pulling her leg to get a good stretch and I peek over to her crotch where you can see the outline of her pussy. Thank God she didn’t catch me staring; she had her eye closed breathing so she could get a good stretch. I tell her to stand up and touch her toes with her finger tips and when she bent over, she ass was nice and round. I was getting a hard on just thinking of ways to fuck her. She was a bitch but a hot one…

After 3 months of training I had her fit, she had a six pack, tone legs, the works. She told me she dropped 15 lbs and fits in the same clothes she did when she was in high school and that was 10 years ago.

I maintained professional the entire time and she took every work out very seriously. We shook hands and parted ways. I turn back to see her walk away and wondered what it would be like to fuck her.

A couple weeks go by and I get a call on my cell, its Nadja. She tells me she wants to hire me as her personal trainer again but train at her condo. She continues to tell me that she would pay me double what she was paying at the gym because she wants 1 hour work outs and 30 mins of stretching. I agree cause personal trainers don’t get paid that much.

I show up at her place and she had a huge condo, 2 stories to be exact. She had a personal gym installed in a spare bedroom with a balance bar and mirrors all around.

I went through the entire routine with her and she was being friendlier and I was flirting with her. We finish the work out and it was time for her to stretch. She gets up and says I’ll be right back. A few minutes go by and she walks back in wearing just a robe. She does the knot and the robe falls to the floor and she was naked in front of me.

“Don’t you like to see your results first hand.” she goes.

I had to sit down and marvel at her sexy body.

“I had the biggest crush on you ever since you told me off… Every time you stretched my legs I saw you staring at me. Do you like what you see?”

I just nodded and stood up. She walked over to me and undid my shirt and started kissing my chest, she worked her lips down to my waist and she was about to pull my shorts down when she finally kissed me on the lips. I felt her big tits against my chest, she bare crotch rubbing against my cock which was trying to break through. She reaches inside my shorts and start playing with my cock while she was kissing me. She drops my shorts and there I was naked with only my Nike’s on.

She walks away from me and says to me – “I think I need to be stretched.” She then proceeds to bend over exposing her pussy and ass from behind. Her pussy was glistening from being so wet. I walk for and caress her ass. Kiss it and then I start licking her pussy from behind.

She was bent over hanging on the rail in front of the mirror; she was moaning and grinding her ass into my face. I loved every minute of it. I look down and notice that she was still wearing her gym shoes too. I get up and she drops to her knees and starts suck my cock. First nice and slow, but then she was using her hands and bobbing her head back and forth. She was licking my balls while she jerked me off.

“I want you to fuck me!!!” She says.

I pick her up and lay her on the ground and glide my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was so tight and wet. I fucked her nice and slow but I started to build up steam and she was moaning so loud I knew she was gonna cum. I start fucking her harder and harder.

I get up and bend her over the exercise ball and start fucking her from behind. Her tits were juggling with every thrust. I grab her arms and pull them back while I sport fuck her. My cock was all the way in her.

I kept looking down at her ass and how bad I want to fuck her asshole.

“I want to fuck you in the ass Nadja.” I said..

“I thought you never ask...”

She pulls out my cock of her pussy and glides it in her ass. Her ass was even tighter than her pussy!!! I fuck her asshole so hard that I knew that she wouldn’t be able to walk right for a week. I lean her back into me so I can grab her boobs while my cock glides in and out of her ass.

While I fucked her ass, she rubbed her clit. The best part was we were fucking in front of the mirror. I kept seeing her tits bounce everything I thrusted my cock in her ass and watching her rub her clit was great. Every so often she would grab my balls as that flapped away.

I felt her ass getting tighter, she was gonna cum soon and so was I. Before you knew it she was started cumming.

“Oh shit… I’m cumming… OH MY GOD!!! Keep fucking my ass!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt!!!!”

While she was cumming, I was ready to cum too.

“I’m gonna cum Nadja…”

“Cum in my ass!!”

That did it I shot my load in her ass I felt her ass fill up with my hot cum.

“Oh baby… I felt you cock cum inside of me... It was unbelievable...”

I pull out and she grab my cock and pulls me into her bathroom where she pretty much throws me into the shower and starts washing everything off each other.

We get out of the shower and a girl walks in while me and Nadja were naked…

“Well… Hello…You must be the Personal Trainer… Nadja was right… Yummy!!” she goes.

“I’m Nadja’s room mate Joanna… Nice to meet you… Oh by the way…Nice cock!!! Can’t wait to see it in action.”

To be continued.
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2 years ago
hot alright
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Jst tooooo hot
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very good
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great story cant wait for part two!
3 years ago
very hot