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A "Regular" Old Gal

I realized something about my new found fantasy with older women. It dawned on me that most of them were "first timers" with black cock. That they were in a state of having "routine sex": get naked, get on, pump-pump, cum, all done. But, for them stepping into the world of black cock, that taboo sex brought their head into the game. They were being naughty, and that was a whole new level of excitement. Also, they are in a situation where they are wanted for their bodies. That a man, a black man, wanted to ravish them and use their bodies to satisfy his "a****listic" sexual needs. That they, an older white woman, could still arouse a man. What woman doesn't want that feeling? To be made felt desired for sex?

Sure, I've looked at, leered at, and ogled women. I'm a man. I am at a constant battle over which head to think with. If I see what I think is an attractive woman, I'm going to look.

There was one woman that I kept coming across at school functions, parent meetings, youth sports, etc.. She was in her late thirties (maybe early forties) as was I, married, k**s, mini van. short, Jewish, large - but not ridiculously huge - tits, a shapely ass, and slightly bowed, muscular calved legs. When she wore a skirt with hose and high heeled pumps, man I had to f***e myself not to stare at her legs. For a few years I enjoyed watching her.

Well, a few months ago I ran into her in the market. I hadn't seen her for at least ten years. We made a little small talk. Pants? dammit! She was working a part-time office job, and yes, her marriage was in the majority of all marriages in the U.S.: divorced. Well, I've gotten pretty bold in my older age. I asked about a boyfriend ("no, nothing serious") to which I glanced at her ass and asked, "well, who's taking care of that?" Instant blush and nervous laughter. We exchanged cell numbers.

The hook-up was at a downtown hotel. I don't do cheap hourly motels. She showed up in a dress, her high heels pushing up her calves. There's my legs! Yes! We chatted a little more and I moved the conversation to sex. After all, that's why we were both there. I asked her what she liked. She had her toys, as most women do, and that was about all. Yep, "routine sex".

I turned on the radio and switched to a jazz station. I asked her to dance for me. She moved slowly, a bit awkwardly, but it didn't matter. Then, all at once, she pulled her dress up and over her head and tossed it over a chair. "I always wanted to do that", she cooed, standing there now in bra, panties, thigh-high stockings, and heels. I'm one kinky sommabitch when it comes to sex and clothing - or lack of. To me, sexy is heels and hose.

She continued a slow swing of her hips to the music, rocking my cock into hardness. She knew, and smiled. To shock her back for her dress, I undid and pulled down my pants. It was on.

Throughout our lustful afternoon, I introduced her to positions that she had never been fucked in. She had never had her legs bent back over a guys shoulders. I nibbled on those calves at least! And, she had never been fucked doggy-style! Never! Yes, she knew about it but had thought it meant anal and didn't want anything to do with that. Nor had she ever had her pussy "talk". And yes, I was her first black cock, and yes, it was her first time fucking just for the sake and fun of fucking and getting it all out. She moaned, screamed a couple of orgasms, sweated, and fell on top of me, spent.

We've met a few times and fucked each other's brains out. I guess I'm the one taking care of "that"!
Posted by N2Matures 5 years ago
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3 years ago
Intersting story. Not the usual wham,bam, thank-you mam. Worth reading more.
4 years ago
I'm a fellow BBC who loves mature, natural women (with great legs, amen!) This was a well-written, believable, great sexy story. Glad you shared the experience with us. Thanks, can't wait to read more of what you've posted.
4 years ago
so true