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Why Mature Ladies?

When I was in my thirties, I was at a hotel bar and struck-up a chat with a guy. After a while, he starts telling me about how he and his wife really don't do much for each other sexually, and that he would like to see her having sex with a "black guy." As a "black guy", I first took offense at this, but let him go on. I figured him in his early sixties or so, and guessed that he had a young wife that he couldn't keep up with.

Well, I took the bait. I went to my room for a condom and jacked-off so I could go longer. If this guy wanted to see his wife taking on black cock, I wanted it to go for a while.

When I got to the room, I was surprised to see a woman in her fifties. She wasn't an aged swimsuit model, but she wasn't fat-sloppy overweight. She was pretty and classy looking. We made some small talk, and then I started caressing her leg. Hubby sat across the room in a chair. Wifey was heating up just fine. When she rubbed my crotch through my pants, I could see second thoughts in her eyes. I had already made up my mind that if she didn't flat-out refuse, she was getting fucked and fucked good.

Hubby had missed her pulling out my cock. He did pay attention when I gave her the condom to put on, because she got on her knees in front of me and rolled it onto my cock. I'm not going to set any records for length, but my cock is pretty fat.

It was obvious that sucking cock was not one of wifey's talents. She just bobbed her head up and down on it. I unbuttoned and slid her blouse off, and undid her bra. She had pretty nice tits for an older gal. Next, off with the skirt. Stockings, no panties. I lifted one of her legs up, and she moaned as I lightly played my fingertips over her pussy. I held her head down and wiggled my cock in her mouth. She finally applied some suction to it. She rolled her tongue over it. Now she was working that cock!

I took her to the bed, and the sight of her aged ass set me off. I was excited. I had white women before, but not an older, mature lady. These types were always taboo, off limits. Which meant that I had always wondered about them. Seeing them at the stores, office buildings, on the street. Seeing a flash of thigh, some tit, a smile now and then. I had even had older white women open their legs a little to tease me and now and then. Now I was going to get mine.

I laid her on her back and she spread her legs right open. Not so fast, how about a show for hubby?

I let the head of my cock rub on her pussy. She was wet and ready. Just for hubby, I pushed in just the head and let her feel it in her pussy lips. She was really heated up. She wiggled her hips and licked her lips. It was a slow fuck with just the head. I'd push in and pull all the way out. Push in, pull out. With each stroke, she wiggled towards me to try and get more in her. But uh-uh, no-no, not yet.

Wifey grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. We were off and fucking now. She met every thrust. She shuddered and came loudly. I got up and d**g her ass to the edge of the bed, lifted her legs and stabbed my cock into her wet pussy. Just seeing her there, fucking her, brought out a****l instincts in me. I could get enough of her. I laid back-down on the bed, rolled her on top of me and let her ride my cock. Another orgasm. I was in awe of this older white woman on top of me, riding my cock. I got the idea that hubby had never seen his wifey go like this. I gave her hard, strong thrusts when I started cumming. They made her tits flop up and down. When I stopped, she fell on top of me, panting. Hubby was jacking-off as I got dressed and left. No names, no goodbyes, no promises.

I wondered for months if it was the situation I fell into or if older women were all like the one at that hotel. I found myself looking more at mature white women.

Since I travel a lot, I find myself in the position of opportunity at the bars and hotels. I was sitting at a bar one night, and one of the waitresses was an mature woman, probably in her mid-fifties. She really wasn't that attractive, but she did have a slender smoking shape of a body. I kept quietly hitting on her and hitting on her as she worked her tables. She mentioned that she had a long drive home and that she had to just come right back in the morning. I asked her if the hotel would just give her a room. Then I offered her mine. In the room she told me that she had always wanted to fuck a black man. Who was I to deny her?

Well, the question was settled for me that night, no doubt about it, I have a thing for mature white women. They tell me one of two things, that they have never been fucked by a black man, or, they love getting fucked by black men.

We get right to the sex, and afterwards there's no awkward feelings, nervous chat, or promises of getting back together again. No commitments - just sex. Good sex! I love it.
Posted by N2Matures 5 years ago
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2 years ago
Very sexy!
2 years ago
brill story
3 years ago
Very nice
3 years ago
N2mature,your story reminds me of a similar but opposite experience. I'm a white guy in my mid forties. I'd gone back to my H.S reunion solo-divorced. wanted to look up some old flames. The one's I was looking for, either didn't show up or were "very married." At the bar I met Rachel a black BBW who had been a wallflower in HS. Well the wallflower had bloomed. She was divorced from hubby Marshall, a big hulky football player in HS. She said he couldn't keep his pants zipped and finally got tired of it. She'd been single for about 5 years and from her considerable cleavage and body language, was ready to end that drought. We talked at the bar for about 30 minutes and then she brazenly whispered in my ear if I'd take her up to her room and fuck her. Never one to turn down a horny lady,I agreed. What I mistook for being a little drunk,was her shyness in front of old classmates. Once in her room the drunk act was replaced by her dropping to her knees and unzipping my bulging pants. To say she was a great cocksucker was an understatement. Later, she told me she was "technically" a virgin in HS but had sucked many a cock, both black & white. From her position on the floor, we moved to the bed. Her clothes, except for white stockings and garter-belt were off in a flash. She bent over the bed and in the sexist growl I've ever heard she roared, "FUCK ME WHITE BOY!!". My motto has always been give a woman what she wants; so I gave her my best!! The sad part of the story, I've been back to several more reunions,but no sign of Rachel. I asked around but no one knows what happened to her. She was my first black woman and not my last.
4 years ago
Very hot indeed! And I think lenacker is hot too!!
4 years ago
very hot