Roadside Towns....

I was driving from San Francisco to Arizona. Stopped for the night in Barstow, California, a small town set at the intersection of two busy highways. I always stay at Ramada-like hotels because they have bars and there are always lonely older women. Barstow’s Ramada Inn was no exception. Its a great set-up. People just stopping for the night, never to return. There’s no exchanging names. Not real names anyway. And you’re in a hotel, so you have a room to play in.

When I go into a hotel bar, I look for the “tell”; a mature white women, in a skirt, wearing an anklet. Might as well hang a sign around their neck, “I’m looking to fuck”. But they want some attention first. They want to be flirted with.

I measured-up a sixty-something year old sitting at the bar and sat next to her. Grey-haired, cut in a bob. She was wearing a skirt and an untucked frilly blouse. Her bra was showing, cradling her not-too pushed-up tits. Glasses. Low-cut heels. And, The Anklet... Bingo!

We made small talk. She said that she saw me when checked-in. Good. “Sue? I’m pete. Where’re you from? On the way to where? That sort of thing. Nothing too personal. If they get personal, move on, there are always other prospects. Got a chance to see her in-full when she excused herself to the lady’s room. Average height, not too heavy. Nice hips. Skirt was below the knee, so I couldn’t see much leg.

When she returned, she let her hand glance my thigh as she climbed onto her stool. She hinted around what kind of women I liked, and I told her that I had an appreciation for mature women. How they know what they want. How excited they get and know how to release their inhibitions. Of course, she asked me how old was the oldest woman I’d been with. And I told her the truth - in her mid-seventies. I told her that I was this woman’s first black man. “you like that?”, she asked. “it’s the most exciting”, I answered. She told me that she had sex with a black guy when she was in college, but it was at a party and she didn’t remember much. “Time you had some again”, I dared. “Ever let the husband watch?”, she asked. Yes I have - but never join, I’m NOT into that. “my husband is in our room.” “number?”

She left first, I went to my room and took the Blue Pill. If hubby wanted to watch, it was my job to entertain him.

I went to the room and knocked. She opened the door and let me in. She led me right into the bathroom, and whispered “he’s tied to a chair next to the bed. It’s his ‘thing’...” well, okay then. He wants an act? I’ll give him one. I stripped-down nude and left on my socks and work boots. Sue stayed fully clothed. She had one of his neckties and and a pair of stockings. I put one stocking over my head, covering my face. I tied Sue’s hands behind her back with hubby’s tie. Then I led Sue into the room. There was hubby, tied to a chair with a pair of pantyhose and gaged with a pair of panties. I moved Sue aside, revealing my naked self to hubby. He locked his eyes on my shaved cock. “I’m going to untie your hands and you’re going to strip for me”, I told her.

Sue, acting nervous for effect, started undressing. “Slowly...” I told her. She let her skirt drop to the floor. Unbuttoned her blouse, let it fall. “turn around for me”, I ordered. “now the panties - slowly...” the sight of Sue’s panties coming down her thighs made my cock twitch. Oh yeah, here comes the Pill. “kick those off and put your heels back on.” then Sue reached behind and unfastened her bra. She let it fall, but crossed her arms over her tits. “come-on”, I beckoned. She let her arms down. Nice tits. Full hangers, but not floppy. “put your top back on, but leave it unbuttoned”. Nice.

By now, my cock was becoming my BBC. I positioned Sue in front of hubby, and lowered her to her knees. “kiss my cock.” she gave it a peck. “wet your lips and move them over my cock.” she did. “MMMMMMmmm” I moaned. Sue was working my mushroom head with her lips. She was getting into it. I moved her hair aside so hubby had a good view... “stick out your tongue and lick that head. Now lick up and down that shaft... What say hubby, can she work a big-black-cock? HA!” I reached down and pinched Sue’s nipples. “Now open. Take that black cock in.” it didn’t take much for Sue to gag. She pulled back a little, looked hubby straight in the eyes, and ran her tongue around my head. I kept playing with her tits.

I sat on the bed as Sue continued to bathe my BBC with her tongue. Plunging it into her mouth now and then. I lifted one of my legs and put it on the arm of hubby’s chair. I gently pumped Sue’s head on my cock. “see that?” I lifted Sue onto the bed and pushed her back, spreading her legs. Shaved pussy. Fuck! Shaved BBC and shaved pussy! It was going to be a show!

Safety first, and on went the condom and out came the sex oil. I felt-up Sues pussy to get her hot. A little oil, more light touching. One finer in, two. Played with her clit. Moaning. Sex oil on my BBC. Positioned her ass so hubby could see. Spanked my hard BBC on her pussy. She laughed. Spanked some more, laughing some more. Grabbed my shaft and rubbed the head of my BBC into her pussy lips. Moaning. Showed hubby me putting my head in and out of Sue’s pussy. He’s sweating. “we’ll all be sweating in a while.” wink.

I took Sue’s second stocking and tied the foot of it around one of her ankles. I lifter her heeled leg up high. Then I slid my BBC into her wet, oiled pussy - but only half way. Sue gasped and clinched bed bed sheets in her hands. It was clear that she hadn’t had slow foreplay in a long time, if at all. I put one of my fingers in her mouth and slid my BBC in all the way. Sue sucked my finger and moaned. I took a few strokes on her pussy. I stopped and asked her, “do you have more pantyhose?” she did. “go put them on. Dress for fucking for me.” Sue went around the corner out of sight. She came back wearing the pantyhose, heels, and her blouse. “Put on your skirt”, I instructed. “button your blouse.” I got Sue on her knees again and fed her my BBC.

I tossed all the blankets off the bed and pushed Sue onto her back on the bed. I took two of hubby’s neckties and tied Sue’s wrist to the headboard of the bed. There she was, on her back, arms tied over her head, and dressed. I turned her over facedown. I ripped her dress up the middle, exposing her ass. This time it was hubby that moaned. Turning her on her back again, I hiked her skirt up around her hips, opened her legs and lifted them up onto my shoulders. I then ripped her pantyhose open at the crotch. I then eased my BBC slowly into her pussy once again. Sue was like a wild cat. She was hot, squirming, and moaning. I showed hubby my balls slapping her in the ass. I turned her face down again. I slid a few few pillows under her, raising her ass into the air. I gripped my shaft and guided my BBC into her pussy. I got into a baseball catcher’s squat and started fucking. Hubby had a good view of my shaft assaulting Sue’s pussy from behind. Every few strokes was followed with a slap across Sue’s ass. Wink! We went at it, fucking in several positions.

I untied Sue’s wrists from headboard repositioned her in front of hubby and retied her wrists to his chair’s arms. There was room to position her knees on each side of hubby’s legs, which I did. Back to fucking. Sue’s tits were swinging in hubby’s face. She shook her hair in his face, moaning, gasping, enjoying the ride. Hell, I SURE was.

Untied and back on the bed, I stripped Sue naked and plunged my still-hard BBC into her pussy again. Damn, did I want to creampie her pussy! But no, I left the condom on. Of course, I put exaggerated my gasps to let hubby know that I was about to cum. “Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! FUCK!” I pulled out of Sue’s pussy, ripped the condom off, and let my jizz fly onto her belly. She reached down and stroked me.

Sue went to the bathroom and came back with my clothes and a hot wet towel. She wiped my cock down with the towel. I got dressed and left.

The next morning, I was at the breakfast area on the hotel lobby. Sue and hubby came in and sat down. Hubby made them waffles. They ignored me - perfect! You cannot go wrong with older white women...
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2 years ago
Sounds just what we would like to do!!