3-Some With My Next-door Fuck-buddy

One of my fuck-buddies, Sue, is in her late fifties and is bi. She loves eating a shaved pussy, and is semi-dominant about her woman-to-woman encounters. She once showed me a vid of her eating the hell out of a woman. Fingers and dildos in her pussy and ass. Sue also loves a hard, rough fuck as well.

I talked Connie into shaving her pussy a couple of months back. She was a very loud fuck the first time I went at her shaved pussy with my shaved BBC. She’s kept her pussy clean and smooth since, and I spank it red before I fuck it.

I kept thinking about getting Connie and Sue together. I knew Connie had never been with a woman sexually, and I also knew that her ex-husband did not eat her pussy. Man, I HAD to see Sue bring Connie into the next level. It took a while, but I got Connie to agree to a three-some with Sue. I did NOT tell her that she and Sue would be the main event...

Connie, Sue, and I decided to have our three-some at one of the resorts. They offered a few stand-alone bungalows that were very private. When Connie fucks, she gets lets her inhibitions go and can get pretty loud and talks dirty. The three of us could could now get freaky and wild without worrying about noise complaints.

We met at the bungalow one afternoon and started with a few drinks. Sue was the first to start undressing. She had on pants and a loose top, but underneath she had on a black camisole. Sue was down to the camisole, heels, and thigh-high black hose. Sue was a bit overweight, but she carried it well. Curvy...

Of course, I could see that Connie was a bit nervous. She was still dressed in her outfit - she knew that business attire turned me on. Several time we fucked with her on top of my BBC, wearing only her heels and hose and suit jacket... Sue walked over to Connie and started unbuttoning her blouse. Connie’s tits heaved up and down at Sue’s touch, damn she was already getting hot! Sue got Connie’s blouse off, and Connie was wearing a bra that fastened in the front. When Sue unsnapped Connie’s bra, her nipples were puffy and hard. There they were standing there before me, Sue with a hungry look on her face, Connie red-faced and excited. Sue put her arms around Connie and unzipped her skirt, letting fall to her hips. In Sue’s position, she could not see what I saw - Connie was wearing crotchless pantyhose! Connie’s skirt just hung around her hips, so Sue pushed it down around her ankles. In doing so, her hands slid down Connie’s ass, discovering bare flesh. Sue let a finger slid between Connie’s ass crack. Connie moaned and shuddered a little. This little suck-n-fuck-party was on...

Sue removed the cups of her camisole and freed her tits. Without provocation, Connie flicked her tongue at one of Sue’s nipples. Then the two started tongue-kissing. Connie was an instant woman-craving slut!

By this time I got up and went over to the bed. I shed my clothes, wearing nothing but my freshly-shaved BBC. Sue maneuvered Connie over to me. She brought Connie’s head down to my BBC and they took turns tonging my cock and each other. I positioned on my knees and laid Connie on her back, her legs falling open. Connie sucked the head of my cock, letting the mushroom head vacuum in and out of her tight lips. I started rocking my hips towards her face, in a slow, face-fucking motion. I could see Sue positioning above Connie’s shaved pussy. Sue lightly petted Connie’s pussy, Connie moaning softly on my cock. Sue flicked her tongue at Connie’s pussy and Connie started moaning louder. I slid more of my cock in Connie’s mouth. As Sue went to work on Connie’s pussy, Connie arched her back and started screaming on my cock. The vibrations on my cock were enough to blow my head off my fucking shoulders! My BBC was muffling Connie’s screams like a ball gag. FUCK, it was incredible!

I mentioned that Sue was a bit dom with her women, and I had a front-row seat for it. Sue had a blue, bubbled glass dildo. Sue slowly stroked Connie’s pussy with it. As I watched, Sue winked at me and positioned the dildo at Connie’s ass button. I had tried to sweet-talk Connie into fucking her ass, but she always resisted. Now Sue was going to explore that ass with her toy. Sue ease part of the glass dildo up Connie’s ass, Connie tensed-up on the dildo and screamed. A couple of the dildo’s bubbles were already in Connie’s ass, so it was not backing-out under Connie’s tension. Sue went on to eat Connie’s pussy, making Connie squirt and making Sue’s face sloppy-wet. Sue pushed a few more bubbles of the dildo into Connie’s ass. Connie tried to back my cock out of her mouth, but I held her head firm. I was loving the vibrations of her screams...

By this time, Connie was a hot, sweaty girl. I took my cock out of her mouth to hear her moans and screams. I played with her tits, pulling and pinching her nipples. She was spent, having shuddered through multiple orgasms through Sue’s work. Sue saw my cock and reached-up and stroked it. DAMN! That girl has TALENT! My cock was hard, and I needed to fuck. In the state Connie was in, she was not going to be an aggressive fuck. It was on with Sue, or so I thought...

Sue d**g Connie’s ass to the edge of the bed. Connie’s legs d****d over the side. She was like jello... Sue led me by the cock and positioned me in between Connie’s legs. I lifted Connie’s legs straight-up and hugged them to my chest. I eased my aching and hard BBC into Connie’s sloppy-wet pussy. It was hot and full of sweat and pussy juices. Connie’s pussy queefed as I slid my cock in. She moaned. What happened next made Connie grip the covers of the bed and had me seeing starts. Sue was down at Connie’s pussy eating her ass and sucking my balls. It was FUCKING WILD!

All at once, Sue buried her face between my ass cheeks and was flicking my button-hole with her tongue. Now it was me that was screaming. Sue pulled my cock out of Connie’s pussy and stroked it. I spread Connie’s legs open just in time as I fired-off a load of jizz like I was in my twenties again. The first lurch launched a load on Connie’s tits, which Sue started rubbing in. Then Sue spun me around and sucked my cumming cock into her mouth. “OH SHIT” was all I could mutter-out. When Sue was finished with me, she pushed me back on the bed next to Connie. Connie was still breathing hard, sweaty, and in ecstasy.

Sue showered and left the bungalow, leaving Connie and I on the bed. “What the fuck just happened?” Connie asked. “EXACTLY....” I answered...
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NIce!! hot and wild!! cheers!
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older women make better lovers