The Session

He walked into the "Red Room" and spied his required clothing d****d on a chair. With the exception of the black leather platform bed against the far left wall, all the furniture was upholstered in a rich dark red. Oddly enough, the color and muted lighting seemed to soothe his nerves a bit.

He wasted no time in getting ready. He stripped and quickly donned the leather pants, boots and zippered hood provided to him. He hated the hood a little, because it was hot and uncomfortable, but it afforded him privacy. He stood there waiting, looking around the room. Chains and cuffs dangled from the ceiling and walls; along with a bar hanging from the very center of the ceiling. It was then he noticed a large throne like chair to the back of the room. It had a padded leather cushion and similarly padded, high armrests.

The door opened and his heart pounded in anticipation. Thanks to the fucking hood he could hear and feel the hot air of his breath circulating his face and head. None of that mattered as soon as She came into view. He grinned and was thankful for the hood then, since it hid his expression. Mistress M didn't look too happy though. She sauntered in wearing a black silk Qi Pao that barely covered her smooth mound. The silk dress had gold embroidered dragons and a slit in the front which started from Her left hip, curving up and toward the right. It ended just before it reached Her stomach. Her legs, which were shapely but not overly long, were bare and led down to dainty feet encased in high-heeled gold sandals with straps that crossed over to the tops of her ankles. She wore Her midnight colored hair loose and tousled tonight, instead of the high ponytail that he saw yesterday when he first met with Her. A wide domino mask covered the top half of Her face. If not for the almost angry curve of Her lips, he would have been hard pressed not to believe Her a sub or slave. As she walked pass, his breath caught as he realized the hem of the Qi Pao only covered the top half of her rounded bottom.

"Why have you not assumed the position as we discussed?" her voice washed over him as She pointed to the floor. "I'm sorry Mistress M." He knelt all the way down with his arms stretched straight out in front of him, like a supplicant. "Nice..." She said, "...what a beautiful man you are." He felt Her fingertips and nails trail from the base of his spine up to his shoulders. "Thank you Mistress."

He heard Her walk away. "Look up," She commanded. He did so and would have stood had She not told him to remain in on his knees. She sat on the "throne." One of Her legs hung casually over one high armrest, the other rested in a natural position; Her sexy red toenails peaking out of the shadows. "Come to Me."

Knowing what She wanted he crawled on his hands and knees to Her. By day he was an executive at a large corporation and would never stoop to anyone. However, tonight he wasn't some stuffed shirt. Tonight he was a man with needs; and what he needed was to be at Her mercy. "Look at Me," She demanded harshly. He lifted his hooded head.

"You are My slave while you're here."
"Yes Mistress M."
"Whatever I say goes. Do you understand?"
"Yes Mistress M."
"If I tell you to do something," She slid Her hand down between Her legs, rubbing Her naked pussy, "then you'll do it without question." He could barely breathe let alone intimate his required standard response, but somehow he managed; his gaze transfixed to where She massaged Her sex.

"Here you do not have a name. You will just be "slave." Hmmm... you remind me of someone I know, and since he's not here, you're going to have to do slave." She brought Her leg down, gracefully got up and twisted around. She re-mounted the chair with Her knees in the seat and Her hands braced on the high chair back. Her ass was directly in his face.

"Kiss My ass, slave."
"-but my hood Mistress M."
"I'm not looking. Raise it above your mouth. I want to feel your lips touch my skin. All you executive types should be f***ed to do this," she chuckled. "But don't use your hands. The only thing touching me should be your mouth, understand?"

"Yes Mistress." He unzipped the back of the hood and curled the leather up over his mouth and nose. This allowed him to breathe a little better. Using his teeth he lifted Her hem until Her ass was completely uncovered. He couldn't stop staring at the luscious globes. As soon as he pressed his lips to all that golden flesh, he felt Her spine give way as She relaxed and pressed Her ass closer to him. Before long he was laving the warm flesh with his tongue, kissing it passionately. Sucking sounds were coming from him. He moaned in ecstasy, as he kissed, licked and sucked each cheek. He swiped his tongue along the crease where Her ass and thigh met, all the way up to the top of Her crack. Her body trembled and he could feel his cock begin to throb inside the leather jeans. He made sure to give the other side the same treatment.

She began to moan loudly as Her body shook with impending orgasm. He knew he wasn't supposed to, but couldn't help himself; he licked a hot trail up the inside of the seam of Her ass. "MMmmm..." he moaned. So sweet. He buried his face and tongue as far as he could go, his hot breath washing over Her tight rosette. As if they had a mind of his own, one of his hands reached up to caress and knead the flesh of Her ass. She began to writhe and jiggle Her luscious ass in his face. His hand slid down and he began to gently circle Her hard clit. Her juices began to drop and collect in his palm as he massaged the same flesh She did just a few minutes before.

The scent of Her arousal wafted around his head and he began to feel a little braver. His other hand reached down between his own legs, touching his leather covered cock as it pressed on his leg. He stroked it up and down through his pants. The more she moaned and writhed the quicker he would cum.

All of a sudden, She demanded him to cease. Disappointed, he sat back and waited. He pulled his mask down and zippered as much as he could. She turned to face him and he could see a slight flush under the creamy cafe au lait skin. Her lips were swollen and parted; Her eyes seemed a little wild. She looked unguarded for a moment.

"Undress, slave. I want to see the rest of you." Desire spurred swiftness. He started with his boots. Then came the pants. He felt some relief as his cock sprang free from its confinement. It bobbed in anticipation and he held back a laugh. He stood there, taking in his Mistress as she scanned his entire body. Perspiration beaded slightly over Her mouth, and he couldn't help a small smile of satisfaction as Her tongue quickly moistened Her lips.

"Come here, slave." He didn't hesitate in getting closer to her. His erection jutted aggressively out in front of him. "Did I not tell not to touch me?" He cast his eyes downward in what he hoped was a submissive enough gesture. "Yes Mistress M; but I couldn't help--"

"Enough! I don't want your excuses. Humph… you knew what you were restricted and yet you chose to give in to your baser urges.” She walked past him with a small and secretive smile on Her lips.

“I bet you have a P.A right?” He thought about his admin with her staid wardrobe and practical hair and shoes. “Yes Mistress.” He wondered where this was going. “And to your friends, no doubt she’s just some secretary, am I right?” He couldn’t really answer right away. Thinking on it he couldn’t ever remember a time he had referred to Renee as his secretary. She was always just Renee.
“Well, are you going to answer me?”
“No, I don’t believe I’ve ever called her that. I-I really like her a lot.”
“Did I just hear correctly? You like her?” Her voice rose with incredulity.
“Yes Mistress M.” He raised his own voice in response. He heard Her walking back toward him until She was in front of him. She pointed to a raised platform over to the right. “Get on top of it, now.”
The platform was cold looking. He walked over to the waist high piece of furniture and climbed up on it. As he lay there, he stared up at the ceiling, until he felt leather padded clamps locking around his ankles. When She was done with his ankles, She made her way to his head. “Raise your arms overhead.” She strapped his wrists into cuffs that were bolted to the platform. He should have been afraid, at least a little; but the not knowing what would come next excited him. He wanted whatever this wild, exotic creature would do to him. She climbed up onto the platform, sliding Her body down his own until She straddled his hips. Her wet, warm sex slid over his shaft. His cock ached like a motherfucker and he strained his hips up for more. “Uh, uh, uh,” She climbed atop him, pressing his body flat down. Leaning Her elbows on his chest She swooped in and licked his zippered lips. "It’s time for you to be punished.” His eyes widened at the thought. Remembering the session he observed yesterday where another Mistress beat her slave with a whip. Would M do that to him? He didn’t know if he was ready for that. She brought forth a small chain. Each end of the chain had a rubber tipped alligator clip. Even though he knew what they were for, that didn’t stop the slicing pain he felt when she clamped them on his nipples. “They’ll grow numb.” She said. She moistened Her fingertip with her tongue and ran it gently over his nipples. Whether She was trying to soothe him or arouse him, he couldn’t tell or care. He just wanted her to continue touching him. She straddled his hips again and he closed his eyes and swallowed deep breaths.

“Now, where was I?” She tapped Her finger to her lips. “Oh yes. Tell me slave, this P.A you like so much, do you find her attractive?”
“Yes, yes I do.”
“Do you want to fuck her?” He hesitated and She tugged on the chain of the nipple clamps slightly. The sensation was one of slight pain mingled with pleasure.
“Y-yes,” he stuttered.
She leaned over him again, Her face right over his own. She looked into his eyes, “I believe you.” She smiled, then slid down his body again, in that agonizingly sensual way She did before. As She sat there, Her slick heat coating his all too willing cock, She proclaimed that he deserved a reward. She released one of the nipple clamps. The sensation as the bl**d rushed back felt like a thousand tiny needle pricks to his flesh. Just for added wickedness, M leaned forward, putting Her mouth around it. She licked gently swirling Her tongue around his sensitive flesh until he trembled and cried out. Sure he had had his nipples stimulated before, but he had never experienced such intense sensation.

“So, this P.A you want to fuck, tell me what you’d like to do to her.”
“What do you mean?”
“Don’ t feign shyness. You’ve already admitted to wanting to fuck her. Tell me a fantasy.” She reached for his hood but he flinched away. “I won’t remove it. I’m only going to uncover your mouth. I want to hear you clearly. Hmmm…. That’s better. I like your mouth.” She leaned forward kissing him in a manner sweeter than he expected, whirling Her tongue around the shape of his mouth.
“Thank you Mistress M.” but what he really wanted to say was, “Sit that sweet pussy right on this mouth.”

“So tell me this fantasy” She removed the other clamp and started working that nipple with Her mouth. His breath hitched as he began.
“I imagine having her in my office.”
“Tell me” She flicked his nipple with Her nails and continued laving it with Her tongue.
“I call her into my office to go over upcoming planning meetings, budgets, etc. As soon as she walks in I lock the door.”
“Is she scared, shocked?”
“Aroused.” Mistress M began caressing his body in a soothing almost serviceable manner, It helped to regulate his breathing. “Go on.”
“Before I can say or do anything she kisses me. I get her on top of my desk and we’re pulling each other’s clothes off. I strip off her panties and she has my pants down. Then I’m inside her fucking her hard. She tells me how she wants it.”
“Mmmmm… Like this?” She sat up and simulated riding him. “Faster lover, harder. Mmmmm…. Yeah.” She rolled Her hips and slid back and forth on his throbbing dick. Her pussy coated his him with slick moisture.

Fucking tease!

“Or maybe like this,” She slowed Her movements. He was mesmerized by the way Her waist and hips seemed to move in a complete circle on top of him as She undulated and writhed, “Mmmm babyyy… nice and slow. Make it hurt so good. Fuck me nasty baby”
“Yes Mistress” was all he could croak as he watched Her bite Her bottom lip and grin at him.
“I would want it like this.” She turned around so her back was to him. “Give it to me from behind.” Her ass swayed in front of his face. “Do you like that?”
“I like it any way that gives my lover pleasure.” For his honest answer She turned around and licked his mouth again. “Keep going, you’re fucking her on your desk…”
She began to massage his cock; drizzling saliva onto his shaft. She positioned Herself in such a way that Her legs opened wide while his balls were cradled in the mouth of Her pussy. She moved Her body against his balls, all the while stroking his cock. How was he supposed to continue?

He wanted to just give in, but nodded and continued. “She grabs my hair and cries out my name as she cums around my cock. It’s not long before I explode deep inside her.” He was panting by now, a fine sheen of sweat coating his body. It was difficult to think considering She was using the pad of Her thumb to caress his frenar band occasionally, whilst she kept up a steady rhythm on his cock.
“Then what? You send her back to her desk go back to business as usual?”
“No. Then I sit her in my chair. She d****s her legs on either side. I crawl under my desk,” She was stroking him faster now, Her hand pulsing around his glans when it came all the way up. “I lick our juices from her inner thighs. I can still see my cum sliding out of her down to her ass. I lick her clean as she moans and rides my tongue until she orgasms again.” For this answer She not only stroked his cock and pulsed Her hand around his glans; but She also bent forward and stuck the tip of Her tongue right into his meatus. His body started to tremble all over as She feasted on the head of his cock with lips, tongue and, yes, even teeth. When She started to lightly sc**** his balls with Her nails, he couldn’t stop the involuntary lurch of his hips, seeking more of the oral pleasure She administered. It was not long before She slowly and expertly swallowed his length. He could feel Her throat work over his flesh as she fondled his balls and massaged his taint. All of a sudden, She was just stroking him again, but faster, firmer than before. Every time Her hand pulsed around his cock head he felt closer to the edge. He couldn’t stop the guttural moans coming out of him, nor did he want to. His hips kept straining upward seeking that familiar motion. Then, never taking Her hand from him, She scooted down a little, but still sat on his legs. He felt something drizzle over his cock and slide down to his ass. Before he could guess what was coming, She slid one slim digit into his ass. He began to buck and lift his ass off the platform. “Shhhhhh…” she soothed; never ceasing to stroke his cock. She slid Her finger in and out; each time circling the entrance to his anus with the pad to her finger. Soon that finger was joined by a second. The sensations roared through his body, making his hairs stand on end.
“Are you going to give me what I want?” she asked huskily.
“Yes, fuck yes!” he cried.
She stroked him faster and faster, while Her fingers curved upward within him; deftly searching for hi p-spot. When She found it She grinned at him. “You know what I want. I want you to give me what’s mine.” She smiled sweetly. “But I want to hear you ask for it.” He could barely form words, let alone sentences. Everything came out like a series of grunts and moans as he felt her massaging his prostate. “C’mon, you can do it,” She urged. He felt his orgasm building, his balls felt heavy and drew up tight, ready for release. In a loud rush, “Please, please Mistress M, may I cum? Please let me cum.” She didn’t answer him; but smiled and looked up at some unknown spot on the ceiling as though She pondered. “Please…” he choked out again. She looked directly in his eyes, Her own stare so intense, “Yesss… Cum for me baby. Give me that hot sticky load.” He couldn’t hold it back anymore. The combination of physical stimulation along with Her demand for him to cum for Her was too much. He felt his orgasm roar through his body, like the most violent of storms. He shot his cum out in great spurts that seemed to pull everything out of his body. Even after three or four huge spurts, it still poured from him in rivulets. She licked Her cum covered hand clean. Swiping some that had shot onto her nipple, She smeared it around his lips. “Here… taste.” She then leaned down and kissed him softly and sweetly. Her tongue gently played with his own. He was still breathing quite audibly when She hopped down off the platform. She smiled sweetly and very gently said, “I’ll leave you to get dressed.” She walked over to a wall and opened door hidden in the paneling. She stepped through and he realized their time was over. He got undressed, put on his suit and stuffed his tie in a pocket. After that he headed out and was gone.
Back in her personal room, Mistress M lounged on a sofa, reliving the moments she just passed with “slave.” She couldn’t help a moan of satisfaction as she caressed her breast. Her hand u*********sly drifted down to her mound. Her slave was actually one Jonathan Rice III. She knew he would be mortified he knew she was aware of his identity; but, she wondered, how outraged would he be if he knew his “Mistress” was in actuality, his Personal Assistant, Renee?

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2 years ago
A very well written and incredibly exciting story, thank you for posting.
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should made your slave clean your cum covered fingers. Story was great and the ending was outstanding!!!
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so fucken hoy
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Perfect story..made me cum extremely hard.

I'd love to be on your team..could you add me as your friend please?
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wow...that has taken me right to the edge
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Wonderful story, so sexy. Well done, thank you.
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great story are u mistress m?
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Terrific story, well written, tantalizing details.........I'm going to go masturbate in the shower now!
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Such a good story and nobody wrote anything? :-(
Well done, although I prefer it the other way.