The Right Place at the Right Time

So amazing and true that I just had to sign up and write about it.

Its such a joy to have a beautiful hot young wife. The first few years of dating and marriage I was a bit of a jealous husband because guys were always checking out my wife. She never flirted back or showed them any attention but it always seemed to piss me off. I knew my wife was sexy as fuck but it still seemed to piss me off. Only recently my jealousy issue has seemed to disappear. I know why other men look at my wife. I look at her the same way especially during sex. Other than being a wonderful mother and housewife, she is a wonderful lover who seems to do anything for me in the bed. G-strings, high heels, stockings, pictures, videos, and everything else I could ever ask for. I thought we had pretty much covered it all, until last week.

Only recently, Ive been having these crazy thoughts of actually sharing my wife. I get such a thrill watching my sexy wife suck and fuck me that I started getting turned on by the thought of watching my wife get fucked. I'm smaller than average and I get bummed out after sex only because I dont get to watch my dick sliding in and out of my beautiful wife anymore. She's an average size brunette with 36D natural titties and a beautiful shaved pussy.

Last week after having a few drinks in the evening I was surprised to find out that the k**s were going to spend the night at a relatives house. Usually that means that its gonna be a great night to fuck since we will have the house to ourselves. I could tell my wife was feeling pretty good from the 2 drinks she had so I said get in the shower and I will pick you out a nice outfit that I can fuck you in. While she was in the shower I picked her out a nice pair of glittery heels and a thin jumpsuit/romper that I had cut the crotch out of a while back since it was too tight and gave her a camel toe. I jumped in the shower right after her and slipped on some shorts, a t shirt, and some flip flops. It was around 11:30 in the evening and after seeing my sexy wife all dressed up with her pussy completely exposed in this tight coral colored jumpsuit I got a crazy idea and said "lets hop in the car and go for a ride." To my surprise, she said "ok." With my dick hard as a rock and full of excitement, we left the house and I had no idea where we were going or what we were going to do. All I knew was that my gorgeous wife was sitting next to me looking sexy as fuck, all dressed up with hair and makeup done in a crotchless outfit. My thoughts of watching my wife fuck in that outfit were beginning to consume me. I knew there was no way I was gonna last very long in fucking her because I was so turned on by just looking at her.

So after driving around for 15 mins or so, I had no clue as to what we were going to do, but I did know that I wanted some random stranger to see my wife in this outfit because it would be a damn shame for me to be the only one. Nothing came to mind as to how I would talk my wife into exposing herself to some random guy so I figured I should just sit back and enjoy the view. Once I pulled into some random neighborhood, my wife reached over to unbutton my shorts and began to suck and lick on my dick. I told her to get on her knees on the passenger seat so that i could get a good view of her ass while she was doing it. I rolled front windows down halfway as it was a beautiful night and she says "are you crazy? Somebody will see us." I said dont worry about it. Who wouldnt want to see your fine ass. I think it turned her on because she really started to suck my dick. I drove slowly through this nice neighborhood while I used my right hand to play with my wifes sexy ass and pussy. I decided to roll the front two windows all the way down and it was like I hit the on switch on my wife because it felt as if she was trying to suck the cum right out of my dick and into her mouth, which is the one thing she doesnt like. As I pulled up to a stopsign there was an older man on the opposite corner walking his dog. I didnt dare tell my wife to stop or get up because it would have probably just embarrassed her. I just kept driving and the old man probably got a look at my wifes head bobbing up and down and at least the top of her exposed ass. It didnt bother me one bit so to my surprise, about two blocks away from the first man, I see another guy walking his dog but he is on the passenger side of my car. As I drove up slowly my heart was racing. I decided, fuck it, Im gonna let this guy see my wifes beautiful fully exposed pussy and asshole straight up in the air in my passenger seat while shes sucking my dick. As I slowly drove next to him, I was vigorously sliding 2 fingers in and out of my wifes soaking wet pussy. As he turned to look, his eyes got big and he looked totally surprised. As I passed him I looked in the sideview mirror and seen the look on his face while he reached down to adjust the front of his shorts. Meanwhile, my wife had no idea that she was completly exposed only 2 feet away from some random stranger. As i drove up the street, I realized that the guy was actually a good looking guy in maybe his late 30's and he obviously enjoyed the view. My crazy idea was to then circle the block so that he could get another look. As i came around from a different direction, I was driving even slower because I didnt see him anymore. Then I noticed he was letting his dog in the gate at what appeared to be his house on the corner. He must have recognized the car because he kind of stood there instead of following the dog in. I slowed down just a little bit more and I think he took that as some sort of sign because he began to approach my car from the passenger side. Meanwhile, Ive been trying to keep my wife from making me cum all over myself by pulling my dick out of her mouth every 10 seconds so that I could regain my composure. I dont know what came over me but I stopped the car on the side of this guys house and fingered my wife right there as he walked up. He made eye contact with me with a huge smile on his face. Once he seen that I seemed to be cool with it he quickly reached in and grabbed a handful of my wifes ass cheek. I dont know if she knew that somebody else was grabbing her ass or if I was grabbing it. I think she was so turned that she probably didnt care. He then slid his finger inside her pussy while I had my fingers in there. Thats when she knew what was going on because she quickly turned around to look but to my surprise she must've thought he was hot because she stuck her ass out even more for him and just went back to sucking on the tip of my dick. By now I am in total shock that this hot ass scene has just basically unfolded in my lap with my wife being the star of the show. This guy buries his face in my wifes ass and pussy and starts rubbing on his dick inside of his gym shorts. By that time I squeezed my dick and told my wife to stop or I was going to cum already. She looked up and said to me "well what do you want me to do then? Do you want me to suck your friends dick?" "I said hes not my friend but thats up to you." She turned around and put her ass up in my direction and reached in this guys shorts and pulled his dick out to suck his dick through the passenger window. Holy crap. My wife was sucking on this guys shaved, and probably 7 inch dick right out of the passenger window. The guy sees my wifes wedding ring wrapped around his dick and says " holy shit, you guys are married?" My wife with her mouth full of dick mumbles "uh huh." He then says "I have a comforter hanging on the close line in the backyard if you want to go somewhere a little more secluded than in the street." With no hesitation, I shut off the car and hopped out. I let him walk my hot ass wife to his backyard where she squatted down in the middle of the yard and took turns sucking both of our dicks. She stripped both of us naked and said she was ready to get fucked. I layed the comforter on the grass in the middle of the yard and my wife turned around and stuck her ass straight up in the air. For the next 10-15 mins this stranger and I took turns sticking our bare dicks in and out of my wifes soaking wet pussy. She orgasmed twice with his dick inside of her and I fucking loved watching her get fucked. We both came inside of her and I didnt even care. As soon as we were done the guy simply said "Wow!" "She is fucking amazing!" All I said was "Yes she is!" He said let me run i. And grab her a towel to get cleaned up before my wife wakes up. As soon as he went inside, my wife took off her heels and said "lets go!" We hopped in the car and drove straight home. She smiled at me in the car and said "you are crazy, but that was for you!"

The following morning I asked her "when are we going for another ride in your outfit?" She said "I dont know, we'll see." I cant fucking wait to do something like that again

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8 months ago
Check my profile soon for the few cell phone pics I took of this amazing night
8 months ago
good story