My Oral Fixation


My ORAL FIXATION began many years ago, in the hayloft on our farm, on the same day I lost my virginity. I had just turned 14 and Pam was 15 (almost 16). Pams dad worked for my father on the farm and they lived in a house next to us. Since there were no close neighbors she and I had played together all our lives and were "best friends". Our bedrooms were both on the second floor and the windows faced each other and I had caught many glimpses of Pam in various stages of undress in the past couple of years. You can imagine the thoughts that ran through my young mind. I had kept this to myself and always thought that Pam was oblivious to me watching her. I found out on that day in the hayloft that she had, in fact, seen me watching her and that she started purposely making sure that I could see her. That day we were playing in the forts that we had built in the hay. We had done this many times and actually had quite a sophisticated network of tunnels and small rooms built into the hay bales and had a couple of flashlites and blankets, as well as various "munchies" stashed in there. We had fooled around on a couple of occasions, but it was just playful kissing, nothing serious. This day things started to get a lot more intense and suddenly she grabbed my hand and put it right on her chest!! Right on those wonderful tits that I had been watching through my window. It was then that she told me that she knew I had been watching her, and in fact, that she had snuck out onto the upper balcony that ran around her house where she could see into our upstairs bathroom and had watched me bathing several times and had seen me jerking off a couple of times. The whole time, as she talked, she was massaging my cock through my jeans and by now my young cock was standing as it had never done before. She then undid my jeans and pulled my cock out and continued stroking it. Then she asked if she could give me a blowjob....hell..I did'nt even know what that was..!! She said that she had seen her mother do it to her dad one night as she watched them through their cracked bedroom door. She said that judging by her dads reaction that it must feel really good. And....she was right..!! There was my peice of heaven, sucking up and down on my stiff cock. I blew a huge load into her mouth after only about 30 seconds or so. She pulled up, gagging. For a moment we just stared at each other, then started laughing our butts off. Then she asked me to lick her too and wiggled out of her pants. I slid down and had my first taste of pussy. She was squirming and moaning and giggling all at the same time, and suddenly grabbed my head and just about smothered me in her pussy. But.... it tasted so good, I didn't want to stop. When I finally came up for a breath, she asked me to "put it in her". After much inexperienced probing and pushing, we finally got it in and did what comes naturally.....what a feeling...I will never forget how hot she felt. After a few minutes of this ecstacy, I shot another load of cum into her body. Suddenly the big bell that signaled dinner started to ring and ended our session. Later that evening, after we had retired to our rooms to do homework, we gave each other a show through the windows. We also spent a LOT of time playing in that hayloft from then on. We kept this game up for 2 more years until she graduated and went off to college. Luckily, she never got I don't have a clue. We got together whenever she came home but after I graduated I went into the service and she got married and we never saw each other again..... BUT....I remember that first time as if it was yesterday..!! I got my first handjob, my first taste of pussy, my first blowjob, and my first fuck...all in one day.....
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4 years ago
You were very lucky! Cheers to Pam!
4 years ago
nice sweet & sexy
4 years ago
not bad