The making of a black cock craving wife

This is the story of how my sweet wife turned into a
black cock craving hot wife.


This is the story of how I became the lucky husband of
a hot wife.

My wife, Lola and I were laying on the couch one
Saturday afternoon kissing. I was massaging her large
tits and pinching her nipples, making her moan.

I asked her if she ever fantasized while we were making
love, and she hesitated. I asked again, and she said
that she did sometimes. I asked her to explain, and she
said, "While I was in college I supported myself by
working as a cocktail waitress. One day a group of
black men sat at one of my tables. I went to take their
order, and while I was standing there, one of the men
ran his hand up my leg to my pussy, pushing my panties
aside and shoved his fingers into me. I didn't know
what to do and just stood there.

As he finger fucked me, he and his friends made
comments about my tits and ass. I was getting hot and I
u*********sly opened my legs. He continued to ram his
large fingers into me until I came, standing there with
all the customers watching. He never said a word to me
and went back to talking with his friends like nothing
had happened." She told me that since that time she
would fantasize about being used by black men.

I moved down between her legs and removed her shorts
and panties and asked her to close her eyes and imagine
she was fucking a large black cock. I lowered my head
between her legs and shoved my tongue into her wet
pussy. She cried out and raised her hips. She was
moaning and moving her ass side to side as I sucked her
clit into my mouth. As I did so, she arched her back
and climaxed, crying out, "Oh god, I love fucking black

When she had relaxed, I asked her if she had ever acted
on her desires, and she said she had done some flirting
and touching, but had never actually had sex with a
black man. I asked her to tell me about some of the men
that excited her. She told me she didn't want me to get
angry and I assured her I would not.

"At work they hired a young man, Josh, to manage the
copy center and library. His skin is deep black and it
looks like velvet. His eyes seem to look right through
me and he makes my pussy wet just looking at him. He
started coming by my area just to talk and would lean
in close to whisper to me that he liked my dress or
that I smelled nice. When I would go to the copy room,
he would rest his hand on my hip as he passed behind
me. One day as his walked by, he put both of his hands
on my hips and stood very close behind me, and when I
didn't object, he moved closer until he was pressing
his crotch against my ass and began moving his hips,
against me.

I was getting so hot; I would have exploded if he had
touched my pussy. He reached around me and took my
nipples in his fingers and pulled on them. He kissed my
neck and as I leaned back he kissed me, shoving his
tongue into my mouth. We kissed for several minutes
until we heard someone entering the room and he just
walked away." Lola said that they had not had another
opportunity to re-live their first encounter.

She said that the way he just used her made her so hot
she would have done anything he wanted. I told her that
I loved her and that if she wanted to fulfill her
fantasy that it would be all right with me. She asked
me if I was serious, and I told her I was. She kissed
me and pulled me on top of her and my hard cock easily
entered her wet cunt. As we fucked, I asked her if she
wanted to be a black cock slut, and when I said that,
she screamed, "Yes! God yes! I want to be used like a
whore by black men, I want to be filled with their
cum!" I came, filling her with my sperm and then she
licked my cock clean.

When she came home the next day, she looked flushed and
worried. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she
had something to tell me. Lola said that she had gone
into the library at the office late in the afternoon,
when most of the others had left. She was looking for a
journal and Josh came down the isle towards her. As he
reached her, he reached up under her dress and held his
hand flat against her pussy. I asked what she did and
she said, "I spread my legs, and kissed him.

He pushed me into his office, and closed the door and
locked it. He told me to get on my knees and as I did,
he took his pants off and I reached into his shorts and
pulled his cock out. I had never seen such a beautiful
cock! It was black and shiny with a large purple head.
Honey, his cock must have been at least 10 inches long
and was so thick I had trouble getting him in my mouth.
I wanted to please him so much. He told me to suck his
cock like the slut I was and I licked the head, running
my tongue around it, and kissed his shaft down to his

He said that he always knew I wanted to be a black mans
whore and closed his eyes as I took his cock in my
mouth. He held my head and shoved his cock in and out,
fucking my mouth. I must have sucked him for more than
30 minutes when he told me he was going to cum, and I
was to swallow it all. His cock seemed to grow, and
then I felt his hot sperm fill my mouth. I never missed
a drop. When I finished licking his cock clean, he
pulled me up and nearly tore my clothes off of me. He
then told me to lie down on his desk. He lifted my legs
and began to lick my pussy slowly, running his tongue
up and down and using his fingers to massage my clit.

I was begging him to fuck me, but he said that I was
his whore, and he would fuck me when and where he
wanted. As he said that, I started to cum and he stood
up, spread my legs wide and shoved that beautiful large
black cock into my pussy. It was so tight that I didn't
think I could take it, but as he sank more and more of
it into me, I knew that he could do what ever he wanted
to me. When I could feel his balls tight against my ass
he stopped and asked me what I wanted. I told him that
I wanted him to use me, to fuck me, to make me suck his
cock and be his slut.

He started moving his hips, pulling almost all the way
out before he would slowly shove it back into me. He
was making me loose control and he knew it. He picked
up speed and began to really fuck me. At some point I
became aware that I was screaming at him to fuck me
hard and pound my married white pussy."

Lola told me that he fucked her for the rest of the
day, and that she came at least a dozen times. When she
finished she asked if I was mad, and I said, "Show me."
She took her dress off, letting it drop from her
shoulders to the floor. I could see bite marks on her
lovely tits, and her pussy lips were swollen and
flushed. But the most startling sight was that her
pussy was bald. She said that her new lover wanted her
pussy shaved clean, and she had to do it for him, after
all, he was her master. She asked again if I was mad,
and I told her to get on her knees and she dropped to
the floor and took my hardening cock in her mouth. She
sucked it, moving her head up and down and swirling her
tongue over the head.

I asked her if she enjoyed being used by him and she
said, "It was the most exciting thing I have ever
experienced, and I loved being filled with his black
cock and having so much of his cum in me that it ran
down my legs and ass."

She continued to suck my cock until I came in her mouth
and she swallowed every drop. I asked her if she wanted
to continue to fuck black men and she said she would
love it. I told her that from then on, I wanted to
watch her with her lovers, either in the same room, on
video, or in hiding, whichever worked best and she


Two days later, I was at the mall and I saw my lovely
wife sitting at a table in a café there. As I walked
towards her, a handsome black man about 30 sat down at
her table so I stopped to watch. He wrapped his arm
around her shoulder and his hand cupped her breast. She
didn't move to stop him. I heard her say, "Want to go
to my house? My husband won't be home for hours."

He nodded and they stood to leave.

I nearly ran to my car and raced home. I parked around
the block and ran to the house. I opened all the d****s
and a cracked a few windows so that I could hear and
waited in the back yard. It's a good thing we have a
high fence providing complete privacy. When I heard the
car doors slam, I went to the window and watched as my
wife and her lover came into the living room. He told
her to dance and strip for him. She turned that stereo
on to a slow beat and began grinding her hips as she
unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside. She removed
her bra, revealing her tits and I could see her nipples
were already hard and extended.

She dropped her pants to the floor and kicked them
away. She turned her back to him and pulled her panties
down, bending at the waist, completely exposing her
sweet pussy and ass to him. He had removed his clothes
and was stroking his growing cock. He sat on the couch
and she knelt between his legs and took his cock into
her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down while he talked
to her. She asked her if she was his whore, and she
nodded yes. He asked if she would do whatever he told
her, and again she nodded yes.

He said, "That's good, because I know a lot of black
cocks that would love to be in your sweet white pussy."
He picked up his cell phone while she continued to suck
his cock and he told someone our address and told them
to "bring the others."

When he came in her mouth she swallowed all of his
sperm and then licked his cock until he was hard again.
He told her to put on a pair of her highest high heels,
nothing else. She went to the bedroom and put on the
red leather 6" heels I had bought her for our
anniversary and returned to her lover. There was a
knock on the door and she told her to go answer it. She
started to pick up her clothes and he told her to go as
she was. She stood and went to the door. When she
opened it, 4 more young black men walked in.

As they moved past her, they all grabbed her tits, ass
or pussy. She went back to the living room and Josh
said, "This is the new white married slut I told you
about. She'll fuck anyone I tell her too, won't you

Lola said, "Yes master, I will fuck or suck any black
cock you want me to. I want to please you and make you
proud of me."

My cock was so hard that it hurt. I pulled it out and
started stroking it while watching my lovely wife being
a true whore for these strange black men. All of them
took their clothes off revealing large, hardening
cocks. They sat down and Josh told Lola to suck all of
them until they came in her mouth. She knelt down and
began licking the first cock and then sucked him into
her mouth.

He moved his hips fucking her face for several minutes
until he groaned and I knew he had filled her mouth
with his seed. She swallowed it as directed and crawled
to the next cock and repeated her performance. After
she had the sperm of all five men in her mouth, Josh
told her to lie down on the low table in front of the
couch. She did and spread her legs offering her body to
these black men. One stood between her legs and started
rubbing the head of his cock over her pussy.

She moaned and begged him, "P-please fuck me, put your
black cock in my married white pussy, please!!"

He told her to put his cock in her pussy. She wrapped
her hand around his cock and shoved it in her body. He
started ramming in and out of her body telling her she
was a slut, and whore for black cock, that she would
never want any other cocks in her. He was slamming his
cock into her so hard that he was forcing her forward
over the table. One of the others stepped up and shoved
his cock into her mouth. They started a rhythm, fucking
her pussy and mouth at the same time. She took a cock
in each hand and began stroking them.

They were all laughing and talking about what a great
cocksucker and fuck my wife was. Josh said, "She is
going to get all the black cock she wants. I think the
next time, we can take her to the club and have her
fuck all the guys. She can do at least 25 guys, can't
you, slut?"

Lola just nodded with her mouth filled with black cock.
The one between her legs started moaning and I saw his
balls tighten. He slammed into her and held his cock in
her as he filled her pussy with his cum. When he was
done, he pulled out and I could see his sperm leaking
from her pussy. She held her legs open wide and another
cock was soon filling her body.

The cock in her mouth began to erupt and he came so
much that it leaked out of her mouth around his cock
and down her cheek. She looked so beautiful. Another
cock was shoved into her mouth and soon she had one
more load of sperm filling her mouth and pussy. Each
man fucked her, and she sucked them all at least one.
Lola said, "We need to hurry, my husband will be coming
home soon."

Josh picked her up and turned her over the arm of the
couch, face down. He rubbed his cock over her cum
filled pussy, lubricating it. He placed the head of his
cock at the entrance to her ass and pushed until it
disappeared into her. She clenched her teeth and pushed
back to get him all the way in her ass. He slowly sank
inch by inch into her ass. When he was all the way in
he began to stroke in and out of her ass. She was
loosing it. She was panting, moaning, and grinding her
ass in circles as his cock filled her ass. Lola was
talking to him saying, "Yes, I love your black cock in
my ass, fuck my ass like he dirty whore I am!"

The other men were cheering him on and he began to
really bang his cock in and out of her ass. I could
tell she was close to cumming and when he started
filling her ass with his hot sperm, she began shaking
and crying, having the most intense orgasm I had ever
seen. When he was done, Josh pulled out of her ass and
she dropped to the floor completely spent. They all
dressed and left, slapping each other on the back and
telling Lola she was their slut now and that she was to
be available whenever they wanted her. She shook her
head yes and they left.

I waited for a few minutes and then went to my car and
drove home. When I entered, Lola was still on the floor
and sperm was leaking from her pussy. She looked at me
and said, "Did you like what you saw?" I went to her
and shoved my cock into her mouth and fucked her face
until I had added my sperm to that of her black lovers.

That was the beginning of our new sex life. She fucks
and sucks any man she wants, most of them black, and
she lets me watch or she tells me all the details while
I fuck her used pussy.

We had hired a young woman, Mary, to be a house keeper
as we were very busy and she in turn hired a young man
to help her. His name was Dan and he was tall, dark
haired, with blue eyes. I would notice that he would
spend a lot of time in the rooms Lola was in. One day,
Mary, the housekeeper said, "you know he wants to fuck
your wife, right?"

Dan looked horrified.

I told him that it did not bother me as Lola was a big
girl and could do what she wanted. He asked if he could
go upstairs to where she was and I said that it was all
right with me. He went up at a run. He was up there a
few minutes and then I went up quietly. I stood in the
bath room door where I could see Dan and Lola engaged
in a deep kiss. Her hand was on the front of his pants
massaging the impressive bulge.

He pulled her t-shirt over her head exposing her lovely
tits and took one nipple into his mouth and sucked
hard. She moaned and opened the zipper on his pants,
reached in and pulled his cock free. It must have been
12 inches or more, and was not completely hard yet! She
dropped to her knees and sucked him into her mouth. He
watched, mesmerized as his cock disappeared through her
full lips. She sucked him until he was hard as steel
and then she kicked off her pants and lay back on our
bed, spreading her legs wide, giving him full access to
her body.

He stepped forward and slowly entered her pussy. She
wrapped her legs around him, pulling him tight to her.
Their mouths met in a kiss and their hips started
moving in time, his cock moving in and out of my wife's
pussy. She was panting and squirming under him. He
looked at her and said that he had often masturbated to
fantasies of fucking her and having his cock in her hot
pussy was so much better that anything he could have
imagined. She asked him what he fantasized about doing
to her.

Dan continued to slowly make love to my wife and said,
"I especially like to think about fucking you in my
dorm room and having my friends walk in on us and then
help gang bang you all night, when I think of that I
can't help cumming."

Lola asked if some of his friends were black and he
said that many of them were. She then told him she
would love to come to his room and fulfill his fantasy,
but that he couldn't tell any of his friends in
advance. He agreed. They continue to slowly fuck until
he was approaching climax, she told him to fuck her
hard and that she wanted his sperm in her body. She
raised her hips to give him better access and he
slammed into her and filled her with his young seed.
They rested, and then she got on top of him and rode
his huge cock to another orgasm as he filled her pussy
once more.

I then went down to the living room and Mary was
sitting on the couch with her hand in her shorts
massaging her clit, she came with a loud whimper and
said, "I know how she feels, I fuck him every chance it

She then left.

Dan and Lola continued to fuck in our bed for several
hours, and I could hear her cry out in climax over and
over again. After he left, she came down and took my
hand and placed it on her cum filled pussy, and said,
"I just knew he would love to fuck me, his cock was
soooo huge I couldn't resist letting him have me. I
will definitely have to let him fuck me again. I might
even let him fuck me all night, you might have to sl**p
in the other room. Could you stand to listen to me cum
from him fucking me with his beautiful cock all night?"

I assured her it would be very erotic and would very
possibly masturbate while listening to him fucking my
wife. She said, "I promised to let all his college
friends use me for a gang bang, is that all right?"

I told her that as long as I got to see it, she could
have all the fun she could handle. She kissed me, and
said that she had another fantasy she would tell me
about later. When I asked what it was, she just smiled
and went to take a shower.

I was at home watching the game when the door opened
and Lola came in with a young black man that I
recognized as Josh. He looked worried, but she said,
"Don't worry, my husband would love to see you fuck me,
don't you honey?"

I told him that it was true, and he seemed to relax.
Lola turned to him and kissed him deeply, shoving her
tongue into his mouth. They kissed and he moved his
hands to her large tits and started pulling on her
nipples. She moaned into his mouth and pressed her
pussy to his crotch. She dropped to her knees and
unzipped his pants and pulled them down. She then
pulled his shorts down and he kicked them off. After he
took his shirt off, he turned around and I saw that his
cock was even larger than I had originally thought and
was not hard yet.

Lola took all of her clothes off except for her heels
and then she took his cock in her hand and started
stroking it. She looked at me and said, "Remember the
fantasy I said I would tell you about?" I said yes, and
she continued. "Well, I have always wanted to see one
man suck another man's cock."

I looked at her. "Honey, I want you to suck my lovers
cock hard so that he can fuck me. You have gotten to
watch me fuck all the men you wanted, I think it is
only fair, don't you?" I had to admit she had a point.
She told me to take my clothes off and get on my knees,
which I did. Josh walked up to me and she told me to
put my hand on his cock. I wrapped my hand around his
shaft and slowly started stroking it.

She told me to lick the head and I moved forward and
tentatively ran my tongue around the large purple knob.
She stepped behind me and pushed my head forward. His
cock slid into my mouth and she held my head as he
started moving his hips, fucking my mouth. She sat down
and shoved two fingers into her pussy and said, "Ooh
god honey, it is so hot watching you suck on my
master's big black cock! I had no idea hot horny it
would make me to see your mouth filled with his black

Josh continued to fuck my mouth. I could feel his cock
grow even larger and felt his balls tighten. He said,"
I am going to cum," My wife told him, "I want you to
cum in his mouth, honey, I want you to swallow his cum,
all of it, like I do for you, do you understand?" I
nodded and he shoved his cock in my mouth and held it
there. When the first blast of his seed hit my throat,
I swallowed as fast as I could and managed to do as
Lola had asked.

His limp cock slipped from my mouth and Lola walked
over and kissed me, and said, "I know you liked sucking
my lovers cock, because I saw your cock get hard when
he was fucking your face, isn't that right?" I just
nodded. She told me to sit down and all I would get to
do the rest of the day was watch. She knelt in front of
him and sucked his cock until it was hard again and he
lifted her up and placed her over the back of the couch
facing me. He moved behind her and shoved the whole
length of his dick into her.

She looked at me and said, "I love fucking black men,
It feels so good to have a black cock filling my pussy,
you like watching me be a whore for other men, don't
you? Knowing that I am going to cum for them, that they
are going to fill me with their sperm?"

I said that yes, I loved watching her be a whore. All
the while she was talking, Josh was slamming his cock
into my wife's pussy from behind, making her lunge
forward on every stroke. He reached around and pulled
on her nipples and she said, "Yes! Oh baby, please fuck
me hard, I want my husband to see how a black man
treats his whore!"

He started banging into her and he looked at me and
said, "Your wife is a real black cock slut now, she is
not going to be satisfied with anything but a fat black
dick in her tight, white, married pussy. Isn't that
right slut?"

"Yes master, oh yes, fuck me, use me, I will fuck
anyone you want, do what you want, fill me with your
beautiful black seed!"

Josh picked her up, still impaled on his cock and said,
"We're going to fuck on your bed, you stay here and
listen to your wife cum over and over again on my

Lola said, "Yes honey, do what my master says, you can
masturbate while you listen to him fucking me."

They went into the bedroom, she still on his huge cock
and I could hear his balls slapping her ass as he
pounded into her. They fucked all night, and I could
hear my wife's cries of pleasure as he made her climax
many times during the night. I slept in the next room
and was awakened during the night by the sounds of him
driving his cock into her swollen pussy again and
again. When I woke in the morning, he was gone and Lola
brought breakfast to me. She asked if I was mad about
what was said or done last night, and I told her no.

She said that was good, because she loved me and would
stop if I was upset or hurt. She said she went along
with her lovers fantasies about owning her, because it
made the sex hotter, but she said that she only truly
belonged to me. I said that as long as that was true,
and we shared her adventures together, then there was
nothing to worry about. If she wanted to continue to
fuck other men, it was all right with me, as I thought
she never looked more beautiful as when she was being
fucked to climax by a big black cock.

We agreed that the sex was great and look forward to
more adventures of my hot wife, Lola.


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