The 48yr old divorcee and her young black lover.

A great little story of a 48yr old divorcee and her young black lover.

I just got divorced this year. I'm glad though. I got his house and his money. I like to chat with guys online at night and meet them for some good sex.

One night I was drinkin' some beers and chatting as usual and I started chatting with a guy named James. He was really nice. Then he showed me his pic. Damn! He's a hottie. Tall, black, and young. He was 18. I told him he was sexy and I wanted his cock. Then he asked me how old I was. I nervously typed 48. Then I showed him my pic. He said I want you baby.(I'm 5'6, 146lbs, long brown hair to the middle of my back, greens eyes, 38dd chest) I was shocked at the thought of what I was doing but I just smiled and I typed him directions to get to my house. He said he'd be here in a hour!

I frantically got in the shower and shaved my pussy clean. I put on my fish net stockings, black thong underwear, tight push up bra to push up my dd's, tight white t-shirt, short leather mini skirt, and black heels. My pussy gushed with excitement!

When he showed up he came to the door and I said "Hello James, please come in". He walked in drinkin a beer and I told him to have a seat and make himself at home. He then pulled out a small bag of marijuana and began rollin a joint. He started talking and I shushed him and lit the joint. When we finished the joint I told him to get naked and he did not hesitate one bit. His cock was huge! Like 12 1/2 or 13 inches! I dropped on my knee's and went to work on his huge cock. I sucked it for like 10 minutes and he came in my mouth. My eyes were so full of tears that I could hardly see a thing, but I anxiously did all I could to swallow and lick up every drop.

He kept slapping his cock on my face sayin I was a good slut! He told me to stand up. I did and he grabbed my hair and bent me over the table and ripped my panties off and violently jammed his monstrous cock into my already wet but very tight pussy. My entire body began to quiver with pain and delight as he unmercifully started to pound my pussy! Pulling my hair and calling his slutty little white bitch. I came instantly! He started slapping my ass so hard I came again. He pulled out and came on my ass.

I felt his cum cover my ass hole. Then he started working his finger in my ass. He said Your so sexy you old bitch, I want your ass riding my cock. Though I was a little afraid I told him to sit down and I will get on it.

I straddled him, spreading my cheeks wide and slowly started to slide my asshole over the head of it. Suddenly he grabbed my hips and thrust it all the way in until his huge nutsack rested in between the crack of my ass. I hurt so bad at first that I started to cry at first. But he just smiled and didn't stop at all. I got used to it as i felt so good after about 5 minutes. I started to grin as I slammed myself up and down his huge black cock. I said to him, "Do you like me riding your cock? Do you like this white slut riding that black cock?" He started to groan and said he was gonna cum. I jumped off and took him in my mouth almost the whole way. He unleashed a messy orgasm in my mouth. There was so much cum that I began to gag and choke but continued to swallow until I could feel all of his cum fill my belly.

He grew soft so we started to make out for awhile. I got up and rolled another joint and we smoked it. He went out to his car and got his digital camera and took some pics of me posing, sucking his cock, fucking him, and my mouthful of his cum. That night was the start of a very kinky sex relationship that continues to this very day! Now James even has started to bring his friends over to play too! But that's another story.

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1 year ago
Great story! Wish my wife was a slutty wife like you!
2 years ago
i wish i were james
3 years ago
good story
4 years ago
thank you for sharing
4 years ago
good stuff we want to hear more
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing, cant wait to hear part two.