Kara's Unexpected Menage Trois

Kara had had a difficult day, very stressful, so she decided to get something to eat, relax and unwind. She spotted what appeared to be a small quaint restaurant. As she entered , was met at the door by a rather attractive Older Gentleman.
"Good evening," he said in a congenial way,"My name is Johnny, and I'll be your server tonight," as he e****ted her to a table.
"Will you be dining alone tonight," he asked, as he handed a menu to her.
"Yes, she replied,"I'm all alone."
Johnny smiled, mumbled something under his breath and asked,"Can I get you something to drink"?
"Yes," she replied smiling,"I'd like a cocktail, please... by the way, did you say something else"?
Johnny blushed, a bit, embarrassed and replied,"I just said that's too bad... I mean, an attractive girl, like yourself, being all alone... that is."
"I see..." she replied with a Cheshire grin as Johnny scurried away.
She scanned the menu and when he returned with her drink she ordered her meal.
A short time later, he returned with her meal.
"Anything else," he asked?
She wanted to reply with something witty like."Yeah, YOU,"but thought better of it and just said,"NO." As she ate her food, she watched Johnny scurrying from table to table. She noticed though, that as he went about his duties, he kept glancing back at her. She giggled to herself devilishly as she scribbled her name & phone number on a scrap of paper. Returning with her bill, she handed him the scrap of folded paper.
Smiling broadly she said,"Call me."
"Thanks," he said smiling back to her, "I will," and put the scrap of paper in his pocket.
This was really outside of her character, Kara rarely was so forward, so she wondered if she'd done the right thing.
"Ah well," she thought,"he's hot and hopefully, he'll call...."
The following evening, as she watched TV, the phone rang.
"HI," the voice on the phoned boomed cheerfully,"It's Johnny...from the restaurant, I've got the night off and I wondered if you'd like to get together!"
Kara beamed, she was pleased that he'd called,"Yeah, sure, c'mon over" she replied and gave him directions how to get to her house, he said he'd be there about eight and hung up.
Two hours was plenty of time to tidy up, take a hot shower & get dressed. As she picked out a button up shirt and shorts, she decided not to wear a bra or panties,"Hopefully, I won't be needing these," she thought to herself. She recalled how Johnny's eyes were drawn to her breasts at the restaurant and since he was so good looking she hoped that the evening would progress into to more than just friends. Kara was curled up on the couch, reading a magazine, when she heard a rapid knocking sound, excitedly, she opened the door.
"Hi," Johnny said cheerfully, with a bottle of wine in hand.
"Hi...don't stand out there," Kara said cheerfully,"Come in!"
Kara was excited to see him, but her excitement quickly diminished into confusion as he and another girl entered the room! Kara was dumbfounded as Johnny introduced the girl.
"Kara, this is Susan...I hope you don't mind, but after I described you to her, she insisted that I bring her along," he said.
Kara thought that he had a lot of nerve bringing another woman along with him, especially, without even telling her that he was bringing someone with him!
"I was on my way over here when I ran into Susan, she insisted that I bring her along and I just couldn't say no" he explained, chuckling nervously.
Susan looked Kara up and down as she extended her hand, "Hi, Kara, I'm Susan...Johnny and I are both new in town and we're both making new friends," she explained, I hope you don't mind."
Kara did mind...she minded a lot! As she contained her annoyance with this, unexpected, turn of events, she shook Susan's hand and not wanting to be rude, she invited them in. What else could she do?
Susan was an attractive girl, young, perky and cute. She had long, silky blond hair and a nice figure. She and Johnny were both dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. Kara noticed that Susan was bra less as her erect, pointed nipples outlined themselves on the thin, cotton tee shirt.
"Have a seat," Kara said with a f***ed smile, I'll get some glasses. Johnny and Susan were seated comfortably on the sofa, when she returned. There was a feeling of tension in the air as Kara placed three glasses on the coffee table. Susan was the first to break the silence as Johnny poured the wine.
"I was anxious to see who I was sharing Johnny with." she replied smiling and taking a sip from the glass of wine.
Kara was shocked and confused as she demanded,"What ever... are you talking about, Susan"?
Susan's smile diminished as she, playfully, slapped Johnny on the shoulder.
"Didn't Johnny tell you," Susan exclaimed with a look of confusion.
Her eyes glanced back and forth between Johnny and Susan as she asked firmly,"Tell me what, Susan"?
Johnny just sat silent as the conversation progressed. Susan looked sternly at Johnny.
"Didn't you tell her," she asked, playfully.
Looking over at Kara again, she smiled and while rubbing Johnny's thigh,"We're swingers," she declared, to Kara's shock and surprise.
"Do you have a problem with that," she asked playfully, smiling,
Kara was speechless as Susan's words echoed through her mind. She was confused, as to how she would answer... she was caught completely off guard by this sudden and unexpected revelation. Her first inclination was to respond with a resounding,"HELL YES I MIND!" but the idea did sound kinda kiny & erotic. Only seconds had elapsed but it seemed much longer, as she pondered her options.
"Well...no I don't think so," she responded hesitantly.
Susan smiled and as she got up she said,"It'll be fun, you'll see," and sat next Kara. She began stroking Kara's hair, as she sat nervously, Susan placed her hand around Kara's chin. Drawing Kara toward her, she kissed Kara softly,"See," Susan said looking intently into Kara's eyes and kissed again but with more passion. Instinctively Kara returned the kiss.
Susan turned to Johnny as she stroked Kara's hair,"Silly boy," she admonished him,"You should have told her!"
Susan turned back to Kara and began fondling her tits as she kissed her. As she kissed Susan, her mind went semi blank and she began fondling Susan's tits and hard nipples. After a few seconds, Susan broke their embrace and removed the tee shirt exposing her small, firm breasts and hard pointed nipples. Susan unbuttoned Kara's blouse and as she, consensually, shrugged off her blouse, Johnny stood between them. His shorts were pulled down to his knees and he was was stroking his long stiff cock. Susan wrapped her neatly manicures fingers around his rigid shaft and began sucking his cock. Susan caressed Johnny's balls, as Kara took his hard thick cock into her warm, moist mouth. Johnny groaned as she sucked hard and glided her wet lips up and down the length of his rigid cock. While Kara sucked his cock, Susan had taken off her shorts, socks and shoes.
"Let's go to my bedroom," Kara declared. They all gulped down the last bit of wine in their glasses and Followed Kara. When they arrived in the bedroom, Susan undressed Kara the rest of the way as Johnny quickly stripped off all of his clothes.
Johnny stood, stroking his cock, as Susan laid Kara down on the bed.
Separating her shapely legs, Susan moaned as she began sucking and licking Kara's sensitive clit and her wet pussy lips.
Johnny, mean while, moved behind Susan and was licking the full length of the crack in her ass. He thrust his tongue in and out of Susan's ass while he fucked her pussy with two fingers.
As Susan moaned with pleasure, she continued licking the length of Kara's wet pussy and clit. Until Kara felt a surge of current and shivering uncontrollably, she could feel the creamy cum flow from her pussy into Susan's receptive mouth.
Raising up between her legs, Susan wiped away traces of Kara's cum that dripped from her chin.
"That was good, thank you, Kara," Susan announced, taking her hands, raising her up.
Johnny laid on his back on the bed his long rigid cock standing erect.
"He's all yours," Susan declared playfully.
Kara mounted his hips, he smiled approvingly as she positioned her wet sopping pussy over his throbbing cock. His thick cock felt so good penetrating her as it slid deeper and deeper inside her. Kara could feel his balls against her ass as she pressed down burying all of his long shaft completely inside her. Her firm tits bounced and swayed as she raised up and plummeted backed down, forcing his long cock across her G spot and deep into her juicy, hot cunt! As Kara fucked Johnny's stiff cock, Susan mounted his face. Kara could see Susan's firm, plump ass and his tongue beneath it, licking her pussy and flicking her clit. All three of their voices sighed and groaned in unison as they pleasured each other. Johnny thrust his hips up and down, violently, he fucked Kara's willing pussy. Unknown to her, Susan was a squirter. As she saw Susan squirt creamy, cum into Johnny's mouth and all over his face, she felt her own cum explode all over his cock and his balls!
As Kara collapsed on the bed, beside Johnny she breathed hard, her heart pounding as she watched Susan, position herself between his thighs. She sucked his cum covered cock and licked all of her cum from his balls. As Susan laid, exhausted on her bed, her breathing was labored.
Johnny stroked the length of his stiff shaft as he mounted Kara's waist, on his knees above her, he jacked off his rigid dick and All at once he let out a loud groan as sticky cum exploded from the tiny slit in the end of his cock! Streams of white cum coursed between her soft plump breasts, up to her lips and streamed down her chin.
Once they had recovered from the hot, exhausting encounter, they showered off all of the sweat and cum together.
With one on each side of Johnny they slept well that night.
The next morning, as Johnny and Susan prepared to leave, Kara hugged them both.
"You were both so wonderful last night," Kara said as she held one of each of their hands,"I can't wait to do it again!"
They all laughed Johnny and Susan kissed her on the cheek.
"See ya' next time," Susan declared cheerfully smiling as they headed out the door.....

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7 hours ago
Story is great and hot but this isn't a "ménage à trois", just a threesome.
I happen to have lived one for 12 years with my beloved wife and her lover who was a very dirty old man and I must admit that I loved every single minute of it.
1 month ago
wow my hottest wank fantasy
2 months ago
Great story.
7 months ago
so fucking exciting I came allover my panties
9 months ago
good stuff.
11 months ago
great story
1 year ago
Nice read. I love the story idea...wish it were that simple!
1 year ago
Fantastic story. I've had a few 3somes and they are so much fun. I liked this story very much so I added it to my favs. Hope you don't mind.
1 year ago
hot story.x
1 year ago
very good
2 years ago
Johnny: Just how close to the actual truth is this story? Good stories always have a thread of truth running through them. The more truth, the thicker the thread. You got My attention.
3 years ago
I liked this story. Added to my faves