Johnny's News Paper Route

As a proud Young boy at the age of 18 I had a news paper delivery route with The Ann Arbor News in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Every day after school and on the week ends too, I'd Fold the Newspapers just like I was taught, peddle my bicycle as fast as my little legs would propel me and throw the Papers on people's Front Porches!
Being the Aggressive entrepreneur that I was... my paper route grew by leaps and bounds... every day I'd add a new customer to my route.
Then on Saturdays, I would go around to each customer's houses to Collect for the week and as my route grew I'd meet the new customer's for the very first time.
Often they'd invite me into their home's and they'd offer me a cold drink while they wrote out a check or counted out the correct amount of money.
For the most part it was always uneventful until one particular Hot August day when I knocked at the door of a newer model Stucco Home.
An "Older Lady"... she must have been all of 22 years old answered the door wearing nothing but a thin cotton bath robe.
Her robe was tied shut with a length of matching cloth and her long brown damp hair was evidence that she'd just gotten out of the shower ! The robe was damp too making a perfect outline of her erect nipples beneath!
My young virgin cock stirred inside my pants, began tingling and throbbing as she invited me in!
"Have a Seat " she cheerfully offered with a smile, gesturing toward a Living Room chair.
Her home was lavishly appointed with comfortable contemporary furnishings, and I took a seat in the Big Overstuffed chair directly across from the sofa with a coffee table in between.
Digging around in her purse at the end of the sofa, she'd turn & smile at me until she finally produced a check book and a pen...
"Ahhhh, there we go" she exclaimed with a smile as she plopped her check book on the coffee table and leaning forward looking up at me....
"Now, who shall I make this out to" she asked staring straight at my crotch as I sat squirming in the chair attempting to hide the massive Lump in the front of my Levi's!
"Jusssst mmmake it out to me, Johnny.... Johnny Popp" I was barely able to stammered from my trembling lips!
Unknown to to her (or at least I didn't think she knew) the robe opened just enough to reveal the top edge of her Rock Hard Nipples and my mouth was salivating as my young Cock grew Thicker & Harder!
I'd never seen a real girl's titties, only those in Playboy magazines that I'd sneak out of my Dad's bedroom while he was at work... to use for stimulation as I Jacked Off and then I'd return them before he found out!
These were Real and I couldn't help staring... I wanted to to Suck and Fondle them, to know what Real titties feel like!
As my mind began an Erotic Fantasy I was shocked back to reality as the thin Sexy Brunette laid her pen down and sat back on the couch!
Staring straight at the Hard bulge in my pants, she just smiled an ear to ear with a Cheshire Grin...
"Well Well, I couldn't help noticing that you seem to be very interested in my breasts" she stated as she slowly opened her her robe, " Would you like like to touch and feel them " she asked as she revealed her Full firm breasts to me!
My face felt soooo Hot as the bl**d rushed upward causing me to blush and temporarily leaving me breathless and unable ti speak coherently!
"Uhhhhh Nooo.... I mean Yessss... yes I would. I mean yes I do wanna feel them" I managed to utter as she chuckled at my innocence!
"What was your name again" she asked rhetorically while gazing upward... "Ohhh Yes, Johnny!"
She continued smiling with at me with those perfect pearl white teeth,"Come over here Johnny " she spoke softly while patting the empty seat cushion beside her.
i hesitated at first considering that my cock was Rock Hard and I knew that the front of my jeans would resemble a miniature Circus Tent standing straight out!
"C'Mon Johnny sit right here beside me... you don't need to be shy I already know that you are Aroused!"
Half bent over, still attempting to conceal my Stiff Hard Cock I did she I did as she asked all in one quick fluid movement and felt some what relieved as I sat beside her!
The sweet flowery aroma from her perfume or Bubble bath perhaps just permeated the air around her as I fought off the urge to Kiss and Hold her!
With her left arm around my shoulders she took my Right hand in hers and gently placed it directly over her Hard Erect Nipple covering her entire Reddish/Pink aureole and I began gently squeezing, fondling and feeling her soft warm firm tits. I could feel my Cock pulsating with each beat of my heart I was just Soooo Hard and my Cock was ACHING almost to the point of being very painful!
Sensing how aroused I truley was and the Huge Lump becoming more pronounced as I fondled a woman's Bare Tits for the first time in my life I fely the warmth of her soft slender fingers Squeezing my Cock through the denim cloth and Rubbing up and down the length!
"Ohhhhh Johnny you've just got such BIG Hard Cock for a boy your age" she excliamed and undid me belt buckle followed by the snap and unzipping me to thrust her hand isnide my pants!
"Ooooo Johnny... " She excliamed once again as I felt her gently tugging my Huge Hot Cock free of it's bindings, "Your not wearing any underwear i see.... Mnnn, Ilike That" she purrrred softly like satisfied a kitten.
As I contnued nearvously Fondling, Groping and Feeling all over her supple breasts and teasing her Hard nipples, I felt her soft hand cover mine moving it down between her legs as she slowly parted them give my hand full access to her Steaming Hot Wet gaping PUSSY !
"You like my PUSSY, Johnny" she asked softly all the while Squeezing & stroking up and down on my Thick Hard Cock Shaft.
"Ohhhhh Yesssss.... " I was finally able gasp in enough air to say!
"Tell me Johnny.... you've never had sex with a girl.... have you" she asked gazing into my glassy hazel eyes...
I didn't want to admit that I was not the "Macho Dude" that I pined to be like in the Playboy mags but those Deep Blues eyes of hers appeared to be staring right into my soul and I could NOt Lie to her....
"No... but I have thought about it and wanted to for sooooo Very long" I admitted!
Smiling and squeezing my Cock Firmly, giving it a gentle shake, " You come with me Johnny, my name's Gail but I go by Gailie and I am going to show you how to Pleasure a woman in every way" she stated flatly as she rose to her bare feet taking my hand in hers to lead me down the long Hallway!
As we entered the bedroom it looked as though it was straight out of a Better Homes & Gardens magazine... a Massive King Sized bed with matching bedside tables, plush carpeting that felt like clouds beneath one's feet and Nicely upholstered chairs in each corner with walls covered in lavishly etched, beveled mirrors.
"Just come right over here Johnny" Gailie invited me as she sat at the edge of the bed after allowing her robe to float carelessly to the floor, all the while her sparkling brown eyes continued gazing directly into my Hazel eyes! Tugging gently at my waist band my Levi's tumbled down my young hairless legs to bunch up around my ankles and I stepped out of them as I pulled off my shirt tossing it into one the corner chairs....
My Stiff Rigid Cock stood stright out at a 90 degree angle and Gailie's soft wet lips felt Sooooo Wonderful as she began closing them tightly around my Massive Fat Hard Cock and fondling my balls to create a suction on my virgin cock like I'd never felt before!
After several minutes of gliding her warm wet mouth all up & down the length of my Rigid Thick Shaft, it took every once of self control that I was able to muster not CUM all in her mouth and maybe all over her beautiful face!
To my relief she released my cock form the heavenly sucking that she'd been giving me, leaned back placing three pillows beneath her head to afford herself a full view all the way down her Flawless Sensuous Body!
Drawing her knees up, placing her feet at the bed's edge she parted her long slender legs, and ordered me to get down on my knees before her Gaping wet bright Pink Pussy! With two thin feminine fingers on either side of her Slit she pressed down spreading her Cunt Open even farther and ordered my to Lick Her!
At first I hesitated... this was all new to me and besides, I was intrigued by seeing a woman's pussy so close for the very first time and I wanted to explore her but she was Sooooo adament about having me Lick Her right then so I did as she ordered!
To my dismay and confusion, she Gripped the back my head and with my soft brown hair between her long thin fingers, she tugged downward as she thrust her hips forward....
With my mouth and lips firmly pressed against her wet squishy warm pussy I could hear her voice demanding, "Suck my Clit Johnny.... Suck it between your lips and Flick your tongue on and all around it!"
I had no idea as to what she was talking about because I'd never heard the Guys talk about this kind of a situation in the Boy's Locker Room during Gym Class! All that they'd ever talked about was stuffing their cock's in a pussy and fucking the girl!
Anyway, as Gailie pressed my face, mouth and lips into her wet pussy I what I thought she meant and sucked in the fleshy soft tissue of her juicy wet cunt and she went wild! She began screaming, thrashing all around on the bed and she kept me buried into her gaping pussy as she continued to thrust her hips forward & back and I sucked, Licked and Flicked all that I was able to get between my lips and in my mouth! The sweet feminine aroma emanating from her pussy and soft skin, coupled with the feel of her squishy wet pussy between my lips was all of the stimulation that I needeed andI hold back no longer as my Stiff Cock shot a BIG Wad of CUM all over the carpet in front of her bed!
At that same moment, she thrust her hips forwad and as she froze in air I feel her whole body trembling and shaking as the warm Creamy Liquid Gushed from Deep within her pussy, down my throat and alover my face around my mouth!
Then, Gailie went completly limps as she released the firm Grip the she'd had on me! As she sat up with a brimming smile on her face... and with a Redisish glow she kissed me Hard...
"Oh my god Johnny" she exclaimed excitedly, "You were absolutely terrific... Stand Up" She ordered me!
At first I thought that she was angry with me as I swallowed the Creamy Tasty liquid that was from her pussy and Stili in my mouth! Then, to my suprise and Delight she began sucking my flacid cock once again and stroking at a feverish pace until she got me Long, Stiff and Hard once Again!
"Oh god Johnny, I want you to fuck me with this Big Hard Cock of yours" she exclaimed excitedly as she got up on her hands & knees!
"C'Mon Johnny stick cock in my pussy and Fuck Me" she Screamed and began Rocking forward and back before me! Sliding my Long Stiff Cock inside her, my knees felt weak and "Rubbery" as her tight wet squishy pussy Squeezed firmly all around my Thick Rigid Cock as it slid effortlessly in and out!
I RAMMED my FAT Cock DEEP Inside Her Over and Over as I thrust my hips forward and back to match her back and forth rocking motions... I could see her dangling soft titties in one of the wall mirrors sway forward & back which only added to my arousal further!
"Ohhhhh God Yesssss, Johnny" She'd call out over and over as she Gasped to catch her breath! Then all at once I heard her squeal Loudly, "Ohhhhhhh GOD YES!" and I could feel the warmth of what I later learned was her Creamy Hot CUM encircling my Cock which made me EXPLODE and CUM inside her!
Our Mutual CUM mixed together Course in a Stream down Both of her thigh as we both collapsed on her bed side by side!
From that afternoon on.... hers was the last stop on my paper route Every Day!
96% (100/4)
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1 month ago
had me wanking remembering when i was a postman
3 months ago
great story! had me hard and remembering my paper route and the couple who answered the door in bath robes. pretty sure they were having sex when i knocked. they just laughed at my tight tented jeans
5 months ago
*********** ATTENTION! ************
This is the account of a True event that happened to me at at the age of twelve... it was the xHamster Censors who changed the story to read age Eighteen. Which is exactly why I No Longer post my Erotic Sexual encounters on this Site any longer!
Johnny (Mycox4U)
6 months ago
great story, i love it
6 months ago
Your fantastic erotic story matches so many horny dreams and wishes about specific mature women that young men have. Often it was more of a flirting dance of mutual interest at an older youthful age that occasionally led to the erotic memories that follow us through life. Thank you for letting us relives the experience through your story.
7 months ago
wow when I was young I had a good size paper route and I never had an experience like woild have loved to have one though
I got so hot and horny that I came all over myself
7 months ago
wow I had a paper route too but never had an experience like that
You made me cum all over myself
9 months ago
1 year ago
Wonderful. Never happened to me with a woman, but I did have a go with an older man when I was under the age of consent. That led me to a life of cock sucking that I love. Cheers
1 year ago
great story thanks for sharing
1 year ago
so good to be touched by a sexy older woman
1 year ago
if you have more stories, let me know where i can find them to read them! i enjoyed your paper route story!
1 year ago
wow, great story, i wish it was me instead of you, you lucky guy! anymore stories like this one? check out my profile page, i've written a bunch of stories, most are true, but some are the work of my imagination! if you read any, let me know what you think, ok!
1 year ago
Nice story, very hot. I also had a 7 day a week paper route when I was that age, but I never had an experience like Johnny had with Gaille.
1 year ago
well done!!
1 year ago
nice story.x
1 year ago
2 years ago
I called her black magic woman! (Black Hair)
2 years ago
Oh Johnnie, the age of the young man doesn't really matter. We all can imagine ourselves in this scene, at whatever age we care to. 18 worked for me, as I led a sheltered childhood, until I went away to college in Ann Arbor (really). My first experience like that was with a lonely retired professor who paid me to visit often. I would have have let him fuck me for free, but he insisted on paying.
2 years ago
nice story, sorry to hear about the censorship issues
2 years ago
I had this Paper Route when i was 12 and that's when this Really did occur ~ xHamster changeds the Age in my Story to 18 ~ It Pisses Me Off!
Which is why I deleted my More Erotic Stories and I NO Longer post on HERE!
I'm Johnny Jerking Off to my Kinky, Perverted memories!
2 years ago
Great Story Johnny: To be honest, I figured
Your story was true and the timeline of 12 is
more in keeping with an experience like that.
Aren't memories marvelous?
2 years ago
great story love to read them
3 years ago
great story, i think i will have to get my self a paper round
3 years ago
Wow wish my route had her on it!
3 years ago for sharing
3 years ago
Very hot story! See what people miss by reading their papers online only?
4 years ago
Your story reminded me so much of my own paper route. Thanks for posting
4 years ago
hehehe--and people pick at paper boys...
4 years ago
Incredible!!! Got rock hard reading your story!! Sure hope there will be more