Going to the Gyno with My Mother

"Paul," my mother hollered from across the hall. "My gyno appointment is in an hour, are you coming with me?"

"Yes I am, mommy, I'm ready," I answered back.

My mother and I made our way down to her doctor's office. We reached our destination and entered the building and were greeted by the receptionist. "Hello, I'm Carolina and I'm here for my examination," my mother told the receptionist.

"Very well, Carolina, please have a seat and we'll call you soon," the receptionist told my mother.

After waiting about 10 minutes a nurse came out from the exam room and asked my mom to come in. I followed my mother into the room as the nurse asked, "And who's this young man?"

My mother answered, "This is my son, Paul, and he's here to watch my exam, if that's OK."

The nurse replied, "It's perfectly fine with me."

The nurse told my mother to remove her clothes. My mother took off her blouse and skirt and then unfastened her bra and took it off. As my mother bent down to slip down her panties, the nurse commented, "My Carolina, but you have very lovely breasts and a wonderfully hairy pussy."

"Thank you, nurse," my mother said. "My breasts are a size 40D and I've never bothered trimming or shaving my pubic hair."

"It looks nice on you, Carolina," the nurse said.

Turning to me, the nurse asked, "Don't you think your mother has a beautiful body, Paul?"

"Yes," I said, "My mommy is gorgeous."

After watching the nurse take my mother's weight and bl**d pressure, Dr. Zoby walked into the exam room ready to begin my mother's examination.

"Hello Carolina," the doctor said. "I see we have a guest with us today, your son, Paul."

"Yes," my mother replied, "He's here to witness my examination."

"That's wonderful," the doctor said. "We should have more mothers bringing in their sons to watch these exams."

Dr. Zoby then told my mother to get onto the examination table and place her legs in the stirrups. My mother set herself up and readied herself for the doctor.

"Carolina, we're going to start with a breast exam," the doctor said. "Please lay back on the table and we'll get started. Paul, if you want to move your chair closer to watch, go right ahead."

The doctor started touching my mother's right breast, feeling around and pressing. He then told my mother he needed to check her nipple sensitivity and started to flick and pinch her nipple. My mother's nipple began to grow bigger under the doctor's touch and she started to moan softly. The doctor did the same to my mother's left breast before he bent down and took my mother's left nipple into his mouth. He sucked on my mother's nipple for a few seconds as she moaned in pleasure. "Does that feel good, Carolina?" the doctor asked. My mother just moaned.

The doctor then said it was time to do the vaginal exam. My mother opened her legs wide and the doctor began rubbing my mother's labia in her fingers. When he reached my mother's clitoris, he particularly began to rub it, slowly and gently at first, then picking up pace.

"Carolina, now that I have your clitoris aroused, I want to test it's sensitivity as I did your nipples." He bent down and started licking around my mother's clit in circles. As my mother was moaning in pure pleasure, the nurse walked over and started pinching my mother's nipples. As the doctor kept licking and sucking on my mother's clit, my mother started to orgasm. She started moaning out loudly.

The doctor looked over at me and clearly noticed the erection confined in my pants. The doctor told me to take off my clothes if it would make me more comfortable. So I stood up and removed my clothes, allowing my fully erect 8 inch cock to be viewed by everyone in the room.

The doctor then began removing his own clothes while saying he was preparing for the next part of my mother's vaginal exam. Now naked, the doctor himself was sporting a huge erection as he approached my mother. "Carolina, would you please help to lubricate the next instrument I will use in your vagina."

The doctor then placed his cock into my mother's mouth and my mother's began sucking on it. The nurse walked over to me while my mother was sucking the doctor's cock and asked me if I was enjoying my mother's examination. I told her I was very much and took hold of my own cock and started masturbating.

"OK Carolina, I'm ready to insert my instrument into your vagina," the doctor said.

The doctor went between my mother's wide open legs and slowly inched his cock into my mother's vaginal opening. Inch by inch I watched as my mother's pussy accepted the doctor's hard cock. I couldn't help but start to stroke my cock faster and faster. The doctor started pumping faster and harder into my mother's pussy as my mother was moaning in perfect pleasure. After a few hard strokes the doctor announced that he was ready to cum and let shot after shot of his cum go deep inside my mother's pussy.

The doctor removed his cock from my mother's pussy as the nurse came over and inserted a speculum into my mother's vagina to look at the doctor's cum pooling inside her. As the nurse opened my mother's vagina, I stood up and went between my mother's legs and began ejaculating my own cum directly into my mother's gaping open vagina. I emptied my balls into my mother as the doctor and nurse looked on smiling. Without even fucking my mother, I had inseminated her with my cum. Isn't that every boy's fantasy?
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1 year ago
..you forgot the part where Dad walks in on the examination and shows his son how to DP women with the doctor...and then the teenage daughter shows up with the cheerleaders and they get naked & lay in a great big pile.
1 year ago
2 years ago
Please miss can I have some more
2 years ago
great post, paul is very lucky...
2 years ago
More please. Great story
2 years ago
sooooo hottt got my cock throbbing in pleasure
2 years ago
nice fantasy of you boy
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
Yummy - I want to see the video of this!!

2 years ago
great story i bet you with it was true
2 years ago
that was soooo hot, i nearly shot my load reading it!
2 years ago
Very interesting.
2 years ago
Would love to hear more.
2 years ago
Very hot.
2 years ago
Thumbs Up!
2 years ago
that was HOT !!!