My Bi Fantasy Part 2

I stepped out of bush, not realising my cock was still bulging through my shorts. "Er just got a bit short there mate, hmm nice day isnt it?" What a lame thing to say, I thought, it must have been bleedin obvious what I was up to.

The man gave a friendly smile and winked saying "No worries fella, I was just gonna take a leak myself."

He seemd an amiable chap, straight acting, about my age, quite stocky and wearing jeans and a T-shirt. "Dont mind me mate" He said, "just carry on with your run" he then paused, looked down at my bulge and said "Unless you want to watch me having a little tinkle!"

My heart was still pounding, my throat was dry and I thought, what the fuck is going on here?! He could be a mass murderer or something.

"Dont worry" he said, "no one will know, theres no one about"

I swallowed hard (!) and thought sod it, I'll never get a chance like this again.

I watched excitedly as he slowly drew down the zip of his jeans and proceeded to take his thick looking penis out. He began to stroke his beautiful uncircumcised cock as his bulbous purple head glistened in the sunshine. I was overwhelmed and took my own still stiff member out and matched his mastubation technique.

"Well, well" he said, "my name's Steve are you straight, bi or gay?"

Err well I thought I was straight up until 5 minutes ago! I replied. I'm Sammy by the way.

OK Sammy, have you held another mans cock before? Hmm no I said. Would u like to? Well yes! i said.

I suddenly put all my inhibitions to one side, strode over to where he was and got hold of his cock. Steve took hold of mine and we began mutually masturbating each other. He began to groan as a gently as I massaged his swollen glans. All of a sudden i just dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. It felt warm and tasted salty but clean. I flicked my toungue around his cock and could feel his body tense, he then groaned loudly and gently pressed my head further onto to his bl**d engourged tool. He was coming, and it was in my direction but I wanted in my face not in my mouth. I took his rod out nd just as I did he blew his load all over my nose and cheek.

Steve apologised but I didnt mind, with his spunk dribbling down my face I asked him to do the same for me.

He greedly knelt down and began sucking my dick like a fucking vacuum cleaner, before I knew it I'd filled his mouth with creamy jism. It felt absolutely, fucking amazing. No woman had ever come close to sucking my cock like that. I let my toungue search for his semen that was still on my face and had a cheeky lick.Wow so this is why women love this stuff so much.

Steve then just got up and without a word, walked off into the woods. I never saw him again and as time went on, I began to wonder if I'd just imagined it all!

Thanks for reading.

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3 years ago
dirty and horny. i love a facial
3 years ago