The Daddy's Black Friend

Kevin stared at the man in front of him. His dad had just dropped him off at a "old friend"'s house. His mom and dad worked together, and were on a business trip. His b*****r was at camp, and even though he was 18 his parents wouldn't trust him at their own house, they sent him over to his dad's friend Kyle. When he was dropped off, a man in his 40's, about 6'2, and very muscular greeting him. His cock got hard and he felt embarrassed. "This guy has gotta have a girlfriend!" When his father left, he looked up at Kyle. Kyle grinned and slapped his ass. "I see your cock," HE whispered, "And it want me! Bitch, your gonna get ready!" Kevin couldn't believe the words he had just heard! "What about your roommate? It was a reasonable question. The house was big! "Not a single one, but your gonna have to get ready for my dick!" Kevin reached down to Kyle's pants. "Not yet, bitch, inside!" They walked inside...
Part 2 to come soon!
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to short to judge