Mr Patterson

He appears almost every time I get myself off. I have no idea who he is though, I do not know a mr Patterson in real life (more-the pity). In my fantasies he is a faceless 6'3 man in his late fifties. He is broad and in good shape for a man that age. His dick is circumcised, the girth is incredible and he is a shower not a grower. No matter which scenario my naughty mind invents, he is always bulging. The most important detail about Mr Patterson, is that he is married. This suits me fine as he gets his sex from me and his love from his wife. In my fantasies she is barely mentioned (more later) and I know that my fantasy man makes me come hard every single time. I'll tell you a few stories about Mr Patterson and how the fantasy translated into reality. Let me begin with my fantasy of the moment.

My name is Zoe and I have to see a ther****t. I have an addictive personality and at the tender age of 21 and at uni, I have realised that I am quickly becoming addicted to sex. I don't want this to be an issue so it was recommended that I talk to someone about it and that someone is Dr Patterson. It is our 5th session together and we haven't talked about much; my c***dhood, his wife and uni life, we weren't making much progress.

Today, I was going to tennis straight after, so had my wimbledonesque ensemble on. I thought it looked quite cute, short white skirt, sleeveless top, cleavage enhancing sports bra (boobs cant be sacrificed for sport) but when Dr Patterson opened the door for me to come in I saw his body shift and I looked directly at his dick and smiled, I knew that he was instantly turned on by what I saw and that this "session" was going to be taking a very dramatic turn.

I lie on the "ther****t couch" and bend my legs up towards my hips and ask if we will talk about the same things as last week because I don't feel any different. He just looked at me. Normally he sits on his chair opposite me but he sat on the huge coffee table that usually kept us at a distance, right next to where my legs were bent and told me very calmly that we were going to try something else. I looked at him quizzically, I could sense how wet I was and he knew. I could see his trousers begin to tighten around his dick. After glancing south I locked eye contact with him and asked him what he would like me to do. He just said "describe what happens". This was not a time to play dumb. I just had to clarify, which would drive him mad. "Erm. You want me to tell you what happens and what I feel when I have an overpowering need to be fucked by someone I don't know?" He just nodded. I closed my eyes and embraced the sensation.

"I get a bit dizzy first of all, I know that it's happening because I can't focus on anything. It's worse when there isn't anyone readily available to satisfy my needs and I have to try my best to do it myself. I begin by stripping down to my underwear and caress the top of my legs, just next to my pussy. I know I am wet, I don't need to touch it just yet, where's the fun in that? I then move my left hand up over my body, over the top of my pussy where it is as soft as silk and over my tummy, all the way up until I land on my right boob. I just cup it for a moment, enjoying the dizziness and my pulsing cunt. "Whilst I am saying this. He has undone his suit trousers and his handsome cock is desperate to fuck my tight pussy, I can almost see it throbbing, but he won't touch me, he is trying to maintain some sort of doctor, patient standards. I am lying there looking at him, my left hand resting on my right boob. He nods, urging me to continue telling him exactly what happens.

"I then remove my tit from my bra and begin to pinch and twist my nipple. Gently at first. I move my hand to my left boob and do the same. I take my right hand and hold on to both of them. Twisting my nipples simultaneously. The dizziness is all encompassing and my back arches as I pull on my boobs. I already don't care who sees me. I then move my right hand back down to just inside the top of my leg whilst desperately pulling on my tits. I don't start gently on my pussy, I pull my panties to the side and with two fingers twisted together go deep inside and fuck myself hard. I know that I can make myself come in about 20 seconds but I don't want this feeling to be over."

I stop talking and look at Dr Patterson, he is no longer sat on the coffee table, he is stood above me. His trousers and boxers around is ankles and his thick, hard as nails cock is there begging to be sucked. His shirt is still on and I don't want him to take it off. The doctor says to me "in my medical opinion, I recommend that it is me, your ther****t takes responsibility for helping you through this frustrating time. Now turn around and get on your knees". I of course obey the doctors demands. He's trying to help me isn't he? I turn around so I am on my knees and my back is to him. He pushes me forward slightly and rests his dick on my back. He puts his hand between my legs and groans. "You are a naughty patient, dressing like that for our appointment, how could I not want to fuck you until you scream"? He lets out a noise that is like a muffled lions raw and tells me that my cunt is Beautiful and he knows that it's so very tight. I feel him step back slightly, so that his cock is no longer resting on me but the whole time he keeps rubbing my clit and I am trying to push myself onto his hand for more friction. Then just like that, he pulls his hand away, grabs my hips and pulls me on him. He is instantly so deep in me, I know that he will have me screaming in no time. He pulls my hair back and says that he has wanting to fuck me ever since our first meeting. I know that this man can't be my ther****t anymore but I don't care his cock is like a perfect jigsaw with my vagina. He grabs on to my boobs, which I has previously removed from my bra and pulls my hair hard so that I wince. He grunts at me and tells me that my reaction to that made me even tighter around him. "Play with your pussy whilst I fuck you hard." Again, I do as I'm told. He moves the hand that is tugging on my boobs to my shoulder. Somehow he f***es himself deeper. Every time he is fully in me, he pulls my hair hard. I am whining his name and he tells me to beg him to fuck me. I am begging and I'm about to come. He is going fast and my legs are buckling. The pleasure out weighs the pain. He stops pulling my hair and he rests his hand on my arse for a second. He tells me I'm going to come now and so is he. He withdrew his hand and came back down with an almighty slap, it shook through my body. Which as a result caused me to come to the point that i thought I was going to pass out and sure enough, I was screaming his name. He didn't come at the same time as me, he pulled out of me and about 2 seconds later, came all over my back. He was massaging the area that he had hit me and he was completely silent. The amount that he ejaculated reached my neck and my tennis outfit ruined for the day.

Then just like that, he stepped away and I heard him doing his trousers up and he moved my panties back in place. The hour was up and it was the best therapy session of my life. He went back to his chair, pretended to take some notes. I got my belongings and went to leave. As I was opening the door he said "Zoe, one more thing," I turned around and he was staring at me. He put his fingers in his mouth "your pussy tastes fucking delicious". He didn't blink, I had nothing else to add. I turned around, opened the door and went on my way to tennis. All I do know is that Dr Patterson is a healer or some description but I am not giving up my sex addiction just yet.
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