High School Cocksucker Outted (another story)

When I was 16 I slept over at Kyles a lot. Mostly I slept over because he'd fall asl**p while we were playing video games and watching tv. It was up to me whether I stayed and slept or went home. Kyle is black about 6'2 and has a strong build. He has a white Mother (Molly) and a black father (Wayne). He has a s****r named Jazyln who just entered high school. She has her mothers facial structure and a tight little body with breasts that seem to spring over night to about a large B cup. She was sexy and I always had to be careful when I was checking her out. Once or twice I caught her coming out of the shower and saw her plump little ass before she toweled up. I'm not sure if she saw me but I know she liked when I hung around. His Mom (Molly) was nice and smoked weed every so often with us. His Dad (Wayne) was mostly couch ridden as he had only one leg. He had a thick Central American accent and was always willing to get high. Kyle was a hard worker, he liked to get high and every so often he'd pass out in his boxers. One morning - as we had staying up all night - he passed out wearing only his boxers and he didn't use covers so his crotch was exposed to me. I was nervous as I could see the outline of his dick pressing against his boxers. I'm attracted to Kyle partially because he's black. But I'm also attracted to his assertive personality. If he asked me to suck his cock I probably would say yes as long as no one found out and it wouldn't change our friendship. The door was wide open to Kyles room so some fresh air could circulate in so I pushed it closed. It didn't close all the way but I left it like that believing everyone was still asl**p. I didn't want to take a chance that I'd wake Kyle up. I looked over his boxers and put my hand ever so softly on the outline. It felt like a hot dog and I ran my hand along it. Maybe 4 and a half inches in length and it was pretty thick. At that moment I got a rush like never before. I had always fantasied about sucking on Kyles black cock and always came during the fantasy. I ran it along the length of his cock feeling dirty and it twitched. I made sure Kyle was asl**p and then pulled on the waist string of his pants. I unbuttoned his front and slowly and gently grabbed his cock and pulled it out. I let it lay against his stomach for a moment as I took in the sight. I was really pushing it, if Kyle caught me it could end our friendship or worse. If Emily found out I'd cheated she'd dump me. If Kyle told anyone I'd be the laughing stock but I couldn't help myself. I really wanted to suck his cock. So I took my hand and wrapped it around his hot black cock and began slowly jerking my best friend off. His cock grew quickly and he moaned a little in his sl**p. Donny didn't hear Jazylns took creak open as Kyles cock grew. His eyes were locked on Kyles cock which now had grown to about 7.5 inches long and was a handful for Donny to jerk. He got on his knees and took out his own cock. He jerked his cock as he licked up the length of Kyles dick. Kyle moaned out "oh yea Lauren now put it in your mouth" as Donny licked the head. Donny always had a fascination with black dicks. Kyles was the one that always made Donny hard. He often would fantasize about sucking Kyle off in various places: School, the park, concerts, and various places. He also had dreams of Kyle making Donny submit to him and suck his cock in front of their friends. Donny always got off to Kyle using Donny like that. Sometimes when he was naked and making out with Emily he wished Kyle would run in and make Donny suck him in front of Emily. They always ended the same way: Emily would find it hilarious and tell her friends, Kyle would fuck Donny then Emily, and then Donny would beg Emily to make Kyle cum all over his face. It would very hot and very kinky. Donny always had the best jerkoffs to that dream. This morning he forgot all about Kyles f****y being home and began to suck the shaft of his best friend. Donny felt like he was in exctasy. He almost wanted Kyle too wake up and find him sucking him off. He hoped Kyle would enjoy his sucking skills so much that he would let Donny do it again. Jazyln walked by Kyles room and heard a slurping sound. She turned and peaked her head in. What she saw shocked her. Donny was sucking her b*****rs cock... which was huge. Jazzy hadn't ever seen Kyle naked and was shocked by his 8 inches. She also was shocked by how eagerly Donny was sucking him off. She looked down and saw Donny jerking his own cock. She blushed and wasn't sure what to do but she couldn't take her eyes off the scene in front of her. After a moment she ran to her room and grabbed her camera. She brought it back in feeling a little turned on by the situation and pushed the door open. Donny had his eyes closed and was furiously jerking his dick. His mouth came off Kyles throbbing black cock and Donny jerked his dick and slapped it against his face. Jazyln got several shots of Kyles cock smacking him and then Jazyln heard Kyle groan and start to cum. He must have been in a deep sl**p because he didn't wake up. His first shot hit Donny's toungue and he swallowed it. The second and third big shots hit Donny's cheek and he left them there to clean off Kyles cock. Donny turned to the door and saw Jazyln snap her last picture. She gasped and ran into her room while Donny sat in shock Kyles cock growing soft in his hand. He went to her door and opened in, he closed it behind her and threw up his hands. "Jazyln listen, what are you going to do with those photos?" he inquired to her. She sat quietly and then said "You were, sucking my b*****rs penis." She kind of look curious about it and Donny responded "Umm, yes and I'd really like it if you didn't tell anyone."

Jazyln thought about it, and then said "I'll make you a deal, I like you and I've never done that in my life. I'd like you to teach me. If you teach me I wont tell anyone about this and you can have the photos. Deal?" Jazyln looked up at Donny who was shocked but not going to argue with her. "Ok Jazzy you win, I'll show you if you don't say anything." Donny sat on her bed and took a deep breathe. "So you looked like you enjoyed sucking my b*****rs cock. Do you like him?" She inquired. "He's my friend and I just wanted to see what it was like." Donny responded. "So why don't you just tell him you like him, and want to suck his cock? He looked like he enjoyed it." Jazyln said looked up at Donny. "He might say no and that could ruin our friendship. Plus I wouldn't want word of this getting out." Jazyln thought for a minute and said "You even ate what he shot from his cock." "His Jizz." Donny corrected. Jazyln gigled and noticed Donny's cock was still half hard. "I want to suck your cock. So you can see how good I am." Donny looked at Jazyln and stammered. "Uh what if someone wakes up and catches us, don't get me wrong I'd love to but its dangerous." "You want it to happen, do you like me, as much as my b*****r? I know I don't have a cock but don't I look good?" Jazyln began to strip off her shirt exposing his high B cup breasts. Donny couldn't believe what was happening and his cock became rock hard. "So I just get on my knees and suck on the end?" Jazyln asked as she took off her bra. Her tits were magnificent and Donny was staring at them. "You like my tits eh?" Jazyln said as she squeezed them together. "Yes you've got great tits Jazyln." Donnys response got Jazzy to giggle again. "Well you can see touch them if you want." Donny put out his hand and cupped her great tits, he was hard as a rock and living out a fantasy. He thoughts of all the times he jerked off thinking about Kyle's cock and Jazyln's tits. Jazzy took her hands off and got on the floor on her knees between Donny's legs. "I don't know if this is a good idea Jazzy." Donny sighed out loud. Jazzy was a bit impatient and said "Just tell me what to do before anyone wakes up. If my b*****r or Dad catches you I'm going to rat you out." Donny checked the door and instructed his young pupil "Don't use your teeth, use your toungue and lips. Breathe slowly through your nose and bob your head up and down on it. Oh that's good Jazzy."

Donny was already worked up from his blowjob on Kyle earlier and began running his hands through Jazyln's hair and pushing it head up and down. She gagged every so often but was clearly enjoying herself and moaned and she rubbed her crotch. Donny looked down at Kyles younger s****r sucking his cock. Her tits were on display and Donny knew if he was caught he'd get his ass beat. He moaned a bit and Jazyln took her mouth off his cock. "So I'm doing ok right?" She asked to which Donny responded "You're a natural Jazzy." At this point Jazyln rubbed his cock - now throbbing - between her tits and she asked Donny questions. "I wont tell anyone about what I saw, but why Kyle?" Donny thought about it and decided to come clean and tell her the truth "I like the way he's built and I have a thing for black guys." Jazyln thought about it, "So Kyle's cock was better because he's black?" Donny shook his head and looked her in the eyes. "When you saw me I was both scared and excited. I was caught sucking his cock red handed. It was almost like a fantasy I have." Jazyln kept rubbing his cock between her tits as she spoke "So what is your perfect fantasy?" Donny sighed and looked at Jazyln who gave him a look that she expected every detail. "Well it does involve you catching me sucking your b*****rs cock. I'd want you to bring your mom in and then Kyles Dad." Jazyln's eyes were wide "You want to suck my dad too?" Donny bit his lip and then spilled the beans "I want to suck off your dad and Kyle, and have them fuck me." "What would me and my mom do?" Jazyln asked. "You two would giggle about it, make fun of me, call me names, and watch." Jazyln slowed and looked up with an odd look on her face "Why would you want us to laugh at you?" "It is a turn on. The goal is that when I come over the next time Kyle and his Dad feel comfortable having me suck their cocks with you too around. I get aroused if they dominate me and you enjoy the show. "So you want Kyle to make you suck his cock? You want me to laugh at you, and then you want to do it again?" "Essentially yes, I'd love it if whenever I came over I could suck their cocks. You are absolutley beautiful Jazyln and I love what you are doing. You could probably watch as I sucked them off." Jazyln went back to jerking his cock off and said "It's kind of weird, but I want to try. As long as you teach me I guess it's ok. You should go shower, you smell." Donny sighed and said he probably should. When he went into the bathroom he began to jerk off thinking about Kyle pounding his ass and Jazyln taking pictures.

When he grabbed his towel he realized his clothes were missing. Jazyln was waiting when he opened the bathroom door and said "I've seen you looking at my bras's. You should try wearing some." She pulled Donny into her room and closed the door. She went and opened her top drawer and pulled out some panties that had sailor moon on them. "Put them on." She bounced up and down. "Jazzy where are my clothes? This isn't funny." Jazyln bounced up and down making her tits jiggle. She took off her bra and threw it at him. "I'm going to go tell my b*****r that I caught you jerking off watching me naked. I'm also going to say you were moaning his name. What do you think he's going to do?" She giggled to herself. Donny's jaw dropped as Jazzy ran topless into the hall way. Kyle was dragged to his feet and pushed into Jazzy's room where Donny stood naked. Kyle's cock was back in his shorts but he had morning wood. Jazyln stood behind Kyle as he spouted confused "What is going on, why are you in here naked?" Jazyln said in her poutiest voice "Donny was watching me sl**p and playing with himself." Kyle was going to hit Donny when Jazyln said "He was moaning your name saying how much he wanted to suck your thing." "Kyle half turned and noticed his s****r was much bustier than before and said confused "What are you talking about?"

"Well he was watching me but I think he wanted to play with you. He moaned that he could suck you better than Lauren or Pam." Jazzy continued and Kyle looked at Donny shocked. "What on Earth is going on , you are in a lot of trouble dude, this isn't cool. This is my s****r." Kyle was cut off by Jazyln who said "He was watching me and moaning your name. Do you two fool around together? You are always in your room together with the door closed..." Kyle cut off Jazyln this time and said confidently "I don't fool around with guys." Jazyln tilted her head "You seem to be sticking out there b*****r, I think you should prove it. She looked over at Donny and added "I think one of you wants to suck. Kyle do you want to suck him or is it the other way around?" Kyle was rubbing his head and defended himself "I'm not sucking or being sucked by a guy I like girls." Jazyln whispered in Kyles ear "I know that and everyone else knows that. You know how Lauren is always away, I bet you he could do a good job while she's gone. Just order him too and if he decides to suck your cock it's him who likes it not you." Kyle looked over and saw Donny's eyes focused on Jazyln's chest but at his crotch level. Kyle shook his head and ordered Donny onto the bed. Donny was nervous and did as he was told, which made Jazyln giggle. "Do you want to suck my cock Donny?" Kyle asked as he stood in front of him. "Umm, well, maybe.." Jazyln walked over and laughed "Just suck his cock, you know you do." Donny was scared but whispered out "Ok Kyle, I'll suck your cock." Kyles eyes went wide and his opinion of Donny changed. He wasn't sure how he felt but he went to take out his cock and then said "Take it out and get it hard. Tell me and show me why I should let you suck my cock." Donny had shaking hands and he moved them to Kyles waistband and pulled them down. Kyles cock was flaccid at what was going on and he was waiting impatiently for Donny to do something. In his confusion Donny blurted out "Kyle I really want to suck your cock. I've never had a black cock before and I want to see what it's like. I just heard that you well..." Kyle cocked his head back as Donny began to stroke him off. "You heard what?" Donny looked up as he stroked the length of his cock and said "Pam was talking one night we were on E at her place about guys and I brought you up. She said you had a nice black man's cock and I told her I wanted to see it." Kyle's dick twitched in Donny's hands and he hit the 6 inch point. Donny looked over at Jazyln who had done something quickly on her computer and then walked over to watch in awe. Kyle looked at Jazyln and then said "Well what were you doing in here?" Kyle said to which Jazyln replied "He wanted to steal my bra." Kyle looked down as his cock Molly up another few inches. "You were stealing from my s****r?" and Donny looked at the two of them and nodded. "Forgive me I'll do anything you want Kyle." Kyle nodded and said that he was going to show Jazyln what happened to theives. "Look at my s****r Donny, do you like her?" Donny nodded and Kyle continued. "Do you want to touch her tits, you are obviously staring at them." Donny nodded again and Kyle took his hand and placed it on Jazyln's chest. "Now I want you to tell my s****r that you love my cock. I want you to make her believe it." Donny attempted to protest but Kyle took his cock back and he submitted. "Jazyln." Donny said to which Jazzy replied "What is it Donny?" She smiled and was excited. "I like your b*****rs cock. I just have this strong urge to suck him off. I can't help myself when its near me I just want to get on me knees and pleasure it." Kyle looked to Jazzy who looked at her b*****r. "Why does he like your cock so much Kyle?" Kyle looked down and said to Jazyln "Donny is a cocksucker. He can't help it but he just wants to suck on it. Donny are you a cocksucker?" Donny nodded and Kyle asked again "I am your cocksucker Kyle. Jazyln I'm your b*****rs cock sucker." Jazyln giggled and Kyle shook his head. "Well this is your lucky day. You want to suck my cock so badly, I'm going to let you do it. If you ask me really nicely and make it worth my while. Donny stammered and then made the ultimate deal "Kyle if you let me suck your big black cock I will suck you off whenever you want. I don't care where or when or whats going on while. I will be your personal cocksucker." Kyle says to Jazzy "See how much he loves my cock Jazyln? He's begging for it, should I let him?" Jazyln looked to Kyle and nodded saying "It would be rude to pass up. But can I stay and watch, I've never seen a cocksucker before." Kyle took his dick from Donny and sat on the bed and lay down. He told Donny to get between his legs and asked him one last time if he was sure. Donny responded by looking from Kyle to Jazzy and her tits. His cock was at half mast and he saw Kyles cock laying their like earlier. "I want to suck your cock Kyle, please let me suck your big back cock, feel it inside my mouth!" Kyle motioned to look at Jazyln. "Well start sucking and show Jazzy here what you really want." Jazyln's eyes widened as Donny began to lick Kyles shaft. Kyle moaned and quickly his dick was rock hard. He looked over at Jazyln and noticed her staring at his cock. "It's kind of weird having you in the room Jazzy." Jazyln pouted and said "You have to prove to me he'd rather suck your cock. I want to see how he does it." Kyle placed his hand on the back of Donny's head and pushed it all the way down to his crotch and held it there. Kyle felt good and let out a moan of pleasure. "That's nice! Lauren is better though so go softer on my cock. I'll show you how a black man's cock feels. Do you want that? Is that what you've been wanting to do all these years?" He took his cock out of Donny's mouth and Donny replied "Yea, always wanted to." Kyle laughed and asked me if I wanted Jazzy to see this? Donny looked over to her and Kyle slapped my face with his cock causing him to moan in pleasure and Jazyln to laugh. "Yes, she can stay." Kyle's eyes were wide and he wasn't sure he had woken up. "Why do you love my cock?" "It's big and black, and thick." "You love black cocks Donny?" To which Donny replied "I love them. I love your big black cock." Kyle looked over and had Jazzy sit beside him. "Show Jazyln how much you love my cock. I want you to prove what a cocksucker you are." Kyle grabbed his cock and slapped Donny in the face and then pushed it to his lips. Donny took it in his mouth and began bobbing up and down on it. Jazyln watched closely as he cunt felt very wet. She looked at her b*****r who had his eyes closed and was moaning. She looked down to Donny and motioned for him to take Kyle's cock out of his mouth. "Who told you to stop?" Jazyln stepped in "I want to know if he likes being a cocksucker? Do you like sucking my b*****rs cock Donny? His big black cock?" Donny looked as she slyly said the last sentence, and nodded to her. "Do you fantasize about sucking big black cocks?" and Donny nodded again as he pulled on Kyle's cock. "Would you suck my b*****rs cock all the time?" and Donny nodded. Jazzy pulled her bra back on and giggled. "Well get back to work cocksucker. I've got to get ready for school! Kyle you should have him over after class." She pranced out in her bra and panties after hitting her keyboard, Donny watched her ass wiggle before Kyle slapped his face with his cock. "I can't believe you are doing this! That you let her watch and everything." Donny looked at Kyle and said "I can't help what thoughts I have, I liked you and your s****r. I will suck your cock whenever you want Kyle, I don't mind. As long as we can still be friends. I just kind of get off on submitting to you." Kyle thought about it for a minute and said "You give me the bj of my life and I'll consider it. But the deal is whenever I want you will suck my cock or get me off. Now if you really want to suck my cock here it is, go for it." Donny moved his head down and began to bob up and down on Kyles cock quickly. Kyle was enjoying the pace when Donny slowed and deep throated his cock. Donny was in pure pleasure as he began to stroke his own cock while sucking Kyles black monster. He believed it to be 8 to 8.5 inches long and nice and thick. No wonder Lauren and Pam liked his cock so much, Donny really felt like he could happily suck Kyles cock anywhere. Jazyln catching him and laughing about it was the icing on the cake and she had gone to shower but not before passing Molly in the hall. She answered Molly's good morning with "Donny is going to be over a lot more." When Molly asked why Jazzy giggled and said the two of them were in Jazyln's room. "Go Look." and Jazzy stripped her bra off and jumped into the bathroom. Molly peeked her eye into Jazzy's room and found her son standing naked with his back to the door and Donny furiously jerking his cock just inches from his mouth. Kyle laughed and said "Tell me what you want." and Donny responded with "I want your hot cum all over my face. Cover me with it right now so I know how you taste." Kyle laughed and said that Donny would make a good cocksucker. Mollys eyes went wide as Kyle came in Donny's mouth yelling "You like that? Do you?" and Donny responded between gulps with "I love it Kyle, I love your cum. I'd gladly eat it all the time. I love your cock." Kyle finished cumming and Donny ate up the last big glob of it. He pulled up his shorts and said to Donny "Since Lauren is travelling you can suck my cock until she gets back. I will be home at 3 but you have to stay here so you can suck my cock as soon as school ends." "Ok Kyle, I'll see you at noon." Molly snuck to the kitchen as Kyle got dressed. Jazyln came back in and her eyes lit up. "Wow that was intense. You really liked my b*****rs cock! I don't have school today cause I'm sick." She made a face and said stay here while she made some calls. Donny watched Jazyln's cute little butt wiggle as she ran to the kitchen, he went for the bathroom when Molly stopped him and said "So I see you like both of my c***dren Donny. I saw you this morning on your knees and I think Kyle really enjoyed himself. Don't worry I know why you did what you did. It's his skin colour and you've read stories. Am I right?" Donny nodded and looked at Molly and as continued "Same reason I dated Kyles father at first, big exotic black man and I wanted to know what was in his pants. Black guys are always the biggest and then always leave you wanting more. Usually white guys just get jealous instead of becomming cocksuckers. Don't worry you are always welcome here and you can be Kyles cocksucker whenever you want. I always like seeing my big boy get taken care of and you really seemed to enjoy it. But let me show you something really nice." She took Donny over to where Wayne was still passed out. He had way to much weed and was sl**ping on the couch. Molly grabbed his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She looked at Donny and said "Kyle's got a nice strong cock but I bet you will like Wayne's long black cock just as much. Since you like black cock so much you should take care of both of them in the house. Jazyln needs a strong father figure and I want you to suck his cock now. Take it out and kiss it." Molly brought Donny's nervous hands down and he stroked the cock of Kyle's father. Donny was shocked and loved feeling Wayne's cock which Molly noticed and said "You definatley were meant to suck cock. Jazzy really likes you. I can tell a cocksucker from someone curious and you are a cocksucker Donny. It's ok but Jazyln needs to know you will always be thinking about sucking a hard cock. Now I'll make you some breakfast while you continue here." Molly walked off as Donny got Wayne hard. He looked to the computer which was on and the screen saver had Wayne and Kyle hugging Jazyln. He thought to himself about how nice Wayne's cock was to suck and how deep he could get it into his throat. Donny pulled on his cock and sucked the big black cock without using his hands. He jerked himself off and placed a finger in his ass thinking about Kyle and Wayne pentrating it with their big black cocks. Molly was right he had to know what it felt like. He groaned and Molly came back in and sat by Wayne's head. She placed her hands over his eyes and nudged him awake. She whispered in his ear and asked if he enjoyed the blowjob. "Oh yea babe, its one of the nicest I ever got." Molly responded and said he could get them as often as he wanted as long as he said that was fine. "Well who is sucking?" Molly took her hands off his eyes and Wayne saw and laughed. Molly and Wayne laughed together and Wayne said "How did you get this set up?" and Molly explained the situation to Wayne. Jazyln walked back in as Wayne sat up. "Jazzy come over here and see this." Molly had Jazyln sit on her lap. Wayne had Donny jerk his cock and look up at the three of them." You see and feel this cock Donny, this is the cock that made Jazzy and Kyle. You are literally worshiping what made her. Now tell Jazzy what you are. So she doesn't get the wrong idea." Donny looked up and said confused "Jazyln I like you a lot, when she smiled Wayne slapped Donny in the face with his cock back and forth. Donny jerked his cock off as Wayne rubbed his black dick over his face. "Jazyln Donny likes sucking cock. When I met your Dad I originally wanted him to make me do things to him all the time and overpower me." When Jazyln asked why Molly responded "It made me feel dirty and wrong, but I loved the feeling." "Is that why Donny is doing it?" Jazyln asked looking up at her mother. "Yes it is, Jazzy he's a cocksucker and he can't help it. He loves your fathers cock as much as I did and look down there. Watch how he jerks himself as he sucks cock. It gives him pleasure to make another man's cock feel good and your b*****r and dad make him feel really good." Jazyln asked if he was going to be allowed to come over. "Yes he will be over all the time. He and Kyle will still be friends, and we will all hang out. But Donny is going to be sucking cock when he's over. I don't mind if you want to watch but I just want you to be aware that Donny is a cocksucker and he will always think about cock." Molly took Donny's hair lightly and pulled him up to Jazzy's level. "Jazyln I want you to call Donny a cocksucker and tell him you want him to continue sucking your Daddy's cock. Donny needs to know that you understand and accept that he loves cock." Jazyln looked at Donny and said "I know you like me and I like you, if you come over we can still hang out." Molly looked at Jazyln and said "Jazzy I want you to show him what he needs to do." Molly looked at Donny and he saw her eyes telling him to show Donny whose cock was boss. "Donny I want you to only suck Wayne's cock if you want to. My Daddy really likes what you're doing and so did Kyle. I think you should keep doing it and show me how good my Daddy's feels from it. So I want you to make my Daddy's shoot like you did with Kyle!" Jazyln smiled and watched closely as Donny went back down on Wayne's cock. He looked up at Molly and saw her nod with a sly smile and said "That's right dear suck on Wayne's cock. Show us what a cocksucker you are. Donny I want Jazyln to see you worship Wayne's cock." Donny nodded and moaned and he jerked himself off in a fury. He took all of Wayne's cock in his mouth at once and Jazyln gasped as Wayne's eyes went shut and he shouted yes! He brought Wayne's cock out of his mouth and looked at the two girls while jerking Wayne's cock. "Do you want it? Tell Jazzy how bad you want it!" Molly said and Donny yelled out "Jazyln I want your Daddy's cum all over my face. Wayne show your daughter how much of a cocksucker I am. I love your big black cock. It's so big I can't help myself. Jazyln I want your Daddy's cock so badly. I am his cocksucker. I would suck him and Kyle off whenever they want because I love their cocks. I'll teach you anything you want to know. I want his big cock inside of me!" Jazyln put her hands to her cheeks and Molly said "Ok Jazzy now it's time for you to watch a cocksucker get his meal. Donny really wants it Wayne. Time to show Jazzy a real man." Molly finished and got Jazyln on the other side of Donny kneeling beside Wayne. Molly got on the other side and said "Donny I want you to make sure all of Wayne's cum you drink. I want you to prove how much you want this. If you swallow it all and show Jazyln what a cocksucker you are then I'm sure Wayne will make you his bitch and let you suck his cock every day. Jazyln pay attention honey your Daddy is going to shoot." Molly smiled as Jazyln was turned on by the scene in front of them. Molly was turned on as well, Donny was a nice boy and she liked having him around but seeing that look in his eyes reminded her of her youth. She now could keep Kyle and Wayne happy and teach Jazzy a thing or two. Wayne looked down on the scene and laughed. He hadn't felt like king of the house in some time and this was the most exciting way to take it back. Donny had hung around and smoked weed and now Wayne could feed him his cock to. He saw the way Jazyln was looking at Donny and knew she would need some convincing. So Wayne sat back and moaned as he jerked his cock in front of Donny's face. "Alright Donny you make sure none of my cum hits Molly or Jazzy. I want to make sure you want this. You can suck my cock whenever you want. I know you'd like that when your buddy Kyle is off getting action from a girl like he should be. Here I come Donny, open wide!" Wayne began to shoot in Donny's face and he laughed. Jazyln got up on watched as Donny licked it up and began to clean Wayne's cock. She nodded when her mom pointed to Donny's cheek and Jazyln sat beside Donny and wiped his face. She held her hand up to him and said "Here Donny... I mean here you missed some of my Daddy's cum. Do you want this?" Donny looked over at Jazylns hand and took his mouth off Wayne's cock, he liked her hand and she squealed saying "Eww... that's so gross. Why do you like it so much?" Wayne laughed but Molly calmly said to Jazzy "You're becomming a woman Jazzy and women like the taste of cum, depending on the man its from. Normally a girl sucks a man's cock but sometimes when a guy gets curious he discovers he likes sucking too. They are calling Cocksuckers." Jazyln nodded and said "Mom, does that mean that Donny is a girl?" Molly laughed and said "He's still a guy but from now on you can call him a girl if you want. He wont mind, in fact I bet you he would enjoy being teased by you. After all he let you watch him play with your b*****r and Dad, and watch. Donny when Kyle gets home I want you out here jerking Wayne's cock. When Kyle sees you I want you to beg his forgiveness and crawl over to him and ask to suck his cock. I want you to make sure you submit to Kyle and take his cock softly. He needs to know you are his cocksucker. In fact you should be naked and sucking his Dad. When he comes inside tell him to fuck you in the ass. So he knows that you are his slut. What are you going to do?" Molly looked to Jazzy as Donny repeated it and then let Jazzy have the last question. "Donny do you really want me and mom to laugh at you?" When she finished Donny said "I like you, and your body. The same with your f****y in general so you can think of me as a non bl**d f****y member. You don't need to be nervous around me and yes I'd like it if you found it gross ogot turned on by watching your b*****r fuck me. I had fantasies about you catching me and calling me names and doing other things. So go ahead Jazzy, I'd like you to do whatever you like." Molly told Jazzy to go shower quickly before school and Jazzy did. Molly walked Donny into the kitchen and said "I'm amazed you are willing to do this, you know Jazzy and Kyle are bad at keeping secrets." Donny froze in mid motion as Molly continued "No one will cross the line but you are going to get laughed at and made fun of. I'm especially sure that Jazyln is going to laugh at you the most since she has a crush on you. Don't worry though I know she knows the rules. Wayne and Kyle are probably going to wear less around here but I want you to remember your promise. You take care of their cocks. I saw how much you enjoyed sucking them off and think you should rest up for when Kyle gets home. I've got to go across the hall and get something." Molly left and opened the door as Donny stood their naked. Jazyln came out of the bathroom and giggled as she stood naked in front of him. Mommy says you are a cocksucker and I can make fun of you. So I invited over a few friends, Kasey and Chelsea. We are all going to play in my room for a bit and then I want to show them how well you suck." Donny was figiting and Jazyln said "Come on now, I want you to be as eager as you were on my Daddy. Otherwise I will tell mom and she wont be happy." Jazyln grabbed her tits and did a sexy pose in front of Donny. She noticed he was hard and laughed "You like my tits fag? I got great tits and would let you touch them if you weren't such a cocksucker. You'd just be thinking about my b*****r." Jazyln ran to her room and sat Donny on her bed naked. Soon Kasey and Chelsea made their way in and screamed when they saw Donny naked. To their surprise Jazyln stripped off her nightgown and stood in her bra and panties. She said to the girls "Don't worry Donny is going to teach us how to give a blowjob. I saw him in action and he's really good, the boys will be here soon." Chelsea didn't know Donny but Kasey did and she stood with her mouth gasping open. Jazyln continued non chalantly "Kasey he's really good at it, this morning he sucked my b*****rs cock in here and fit the whole thing in his mouth!" Kasey looked at Jazyln and responded "I didn't know he did that. What did Kyle's dick look like?" Jazzy ran over to the computer and opened the video file of Donny begging Kyle for his permission in front of Jazyln. Jazzy ran to the door as Chelsea and Kasey giggled looking back and forth from the video to Donny. Kasey in particular was impressed and shocked "So you sucked Jazzy's b*****r off? You let her watch and are fine with that?" Donny shrugged his shoulders and Kasey said "I can't believe you fit his cock in your mouth, he's huge! Ok Chelsea I think its ok for us." Kasey stripped off her green sweater and Chelsea followed suit, they soon were in their bra's and panties. "Jazzy invivted over some boys from the grade above us. She said we would have someone give them head and if they liked it we would mimick it on them. I didn't realize the person was a boy. It's going to be awkward." Jazyln walked in stark naked with three boys following her disrobing. Jazzy strutted her stuff and let the boys grab her ample tits. They noticed Donny and froze and Jazzy said "Don't worry he's the one I told you about. My mom caught him sucking my older b*****r this morning and he was loving it. Jazyln turned to Donny and said "I bet you recognize them, they are in grade 9 this year and you are a senior. We really like them but want to impress them. So I told them you'd gladly suck their cocks and teach us how." Donny looked at the guys who looked at each other. Jazyln and Kasey sat be side Donny on the bed while Chelsea went to the bathroom. Kasey and Jazyln looked at each other and Jazzy said "Look I know you're nervous. But Donny is a cocksucker and when he blows you it isn't gay or anything right Kasey?" Kasey moved over and sat behind Jazyln and said "That's right, in fact it would be a huge turn on watching him blow you. I mean you guys do know that he's a cocksucker and all. If you guys made him suck your cocks I would be really impressed." Jazyln smiled as the boys nodded approval and Kasey gave her tits a squeeze. "Alright Donny they boys obviously aren't going to strip themselves. Take off his pants." She pointed at the one in the middle and Donny got on his knees and pulled his short pants down and then the underwear. He was already hard from seeing Jazzy and Kasey naked and Donny took his 5 inches in his mouth all the way. After a few minutes the boys and girls were sitting watching Donny suck. Tommy was geting into it and moaning things like "Yea. suck my cock bitch, you like the taste?" Donny would moan a response and the girls would giggle. As he looked over at the girls he saw Ben grabbing Jazylns tits and her tugging on his cock." Jazyln noticed this and shouted keep sucking. Kasey was jerking off Mark and said "Tommy is turning me on!" Chelsea chimed in "Me too. Look at how big Tommy's cock is. Look he likes his cock so much he's jerking himself off!" The couch erupted in laughter as Tommy took hold of Donny's head and f***ed him all the way down. "Gag on my cock fag. I know you love it, you are such a freak! Jerking off while you are sucking me in front of them! Well don't you worry I'll feed you what you want! You want my cum, tell them what you want from me!" Tommy pulled his cock out of Donny's mouth and turned his face to the girls. Donny looked at Jazzy who was expected and Kasey who was overwhelmed. "Tommy I want you to make me your bitch! I love sucking your cock and will do it whenever you want. I'm your cocksucker now, please feed me! Show the girls how much you can shoot!" Tommy laughed as the girls erupted in giggles. Tommy put his cock back in Donny's mouth and moved over to sit between the others. Kasey and Jazzy got off the bed and told Mark and Ben to sit on the edge. Jazyln looked up at Tommy and said "You are so hot! I can't wait to suck your cock." She looked at the other boys and said "What about you guys? Are you as sexy as Tommy here?" Ben and Mark said oh yea and pulled on their groins as Jazyln and Kasey took their pants off. "Jazzy and I need to see how real men treat a cocksucker! I want a strong man who isn't afraid of anything! Show us your dominant sides!" Chelsea was chatting on msn as Mark and Ben began getting jerked off on either side of Tommy. Donny switched and Jazyln took his place sucking Tommy's cock. Donny quickly went to work on Ben who laughed and said he was going to beg me for his cock. Donny begged him in front of Kasey who said she didn't believe Ben was 7 inches. Ben ordered Donny to take out his cock and suck him hard which Donny began to do. Kasey's eyes got wide as Ben's cock hardened to 7.5 inches in Donny's mouth. "What do you think of my cock now?" Ben asked her as he took his cock out of his mouth. "It's so big, I like it!" was Kasey's response. "I can't beleive he takes it so easily!" Ben laughed and said "This one's just another fag that likes cock. All you need to do is give them what they want." He slapped Donnys face with his cock and told her to try it. Kasey laughed as his cock slapped against Donny's face. Jazyln was now playing with Marks cock while Tommy rubbed her tits and stroked his dick. Chelsea came over and noticed Tommy's cock throbbing. "Tommy's going to cum! I want to see him cum on this cocksuckers face! Move him over here!" The guys got up quickly wanting more of that amazing blowjob and stood in a line in view of the computer. Jazlyn began jerking off Ben hard as Mark grabbed Kasey's a cup breasts. Chelsea looked at Tommy and said "So what are you going to do? Are you going to cum?" Tommy nodded and said girls I'm going to cum in his mouth and get him to eat it. He's going to love it and afterwards he's going to ask for more. Ben and Mark both chimed in and said they were going to do it, the three of them began grabbing Donny's head until Jazzy said "I think you should all cover his face with your cum." Kasey chimed in "That would be soo hot!" and Chelsea quickly added "If he eats it I'm sold, you guys really made him suck you cocks." The guys all nodded and moved in close. Jazyln and Kasey got down on either side and Jazzy said with a laugh "Open up and say thank you! Unless you didn't like it?" Donny looked at Jazyln and then to Kasey. The other two girls weren't aware but Jazyln said that so Donny would talk up the guys he had just willingly blown. Jazyln wanted Kasey and Chelsea to give these guys a chance for weeks but they thought the guys were lame and boring. Now those three boys were brandishing their cocks and showing their dominant sides. Jazzy was turned on by the scene. "Please. Feed me your cum. I want to taste it badly." Donny looked up at them and said "I can't believe I'm doing this. But I can't help it." Tommy looked down and the three guys got close. Jazzy and Chelsea were eagerly awaiting the cum shot and Kasey was giving Donny an odd look. Jazyln grabbed Tommy's cock from his hand and pushed it to Donny's lips jerking it quickly. "You want it you got it fag! Let's see you open wide!" as Donny opened wide Tommy shot twice quickly in his mouth and swallowed it, Donny licked a bit of pre cum from Tommy's cock before Chelsea took Tommy's arm and said "Let me clean you up! I want to taste a real man's cum." She took him over to the bed and the other two boys eagerly stepped up. Mark came quickly as Jazyln pushed her tits up and let Kasey fondle them. Mark was so persistent he had Jazyln tell him to cum and he jammed his 6 incher into Donny's mouth. He spurted about the same amount of cum and moaned loudly. Donny let his dick fall out of his mouth and Jazzy took him and sat him down over with Chelsea who was licking Tommy's cock and sneering at Donny as Tommy said "I love having your mouth on my cock, lick it just like the fag did baby!" Jazyln came back and sat with Kasey as Ben and his 7.5 cock moved up. He put it up to Donny's lips and told Kasey and Jazyln to get close. "They wanted to see tough guys today. Well fag I am as tough as they come. Open your mouth. Good now take the head of my cock. Now open your eyes and look at me. Good fag, now nod if you want your treat." Donny nodded as Kasey and Jazyln stood up by his side. "Now you tell these girls which cock you liked the best today." "Yours" was Donny's reply. "Now suck my cock!" Ben ordered and Donny went back to work. Ben moaned and made out with Jazyln and he flexed his muscles. He was clearly enjoying his alpha male status and when he saw Kasey staring he said "You want my big cock when the fag is done with it Kasey?" Kasey looked at Ben lost in a moment of lust and said "Yes. Jazyln I want to go with Ben. Please!" Jazyln sighed looking at Ben's cock "It's such a big cock, but ok. Fine you can have him. She looked at Ben and said "But I think Ben's the kind of guy who likes it rough." Ben pulled Donny face down and he took it all in. Ben said confidently "I know he loves it, and I can't wait to fuck you with my nice cock. Kasey keep an eye on him, he knows exactly how to suck cock. Jazyln looked pleased with herself as Ben moaned louder and took his cock out of Donny's mouth. "Ok cocksucker, its time for these girls to help out. Jazzy, Kasey take my cock and start jerking it. Point it at his face and make it cum all over him. You want to?" Kasey nodded and added sure and grabbed his cock. She stood beside Ben letting him rub his breast and giggled. Jazyln was letting Mark grope her tits and whispering how much she loved that. She looked down at Donny and laughed "You must really love cock. I mean I just might bring over every boy from school. Kasey likes you too and wouldn't beleive me when I told her. But now I think she's realized you love cock. Open wide Fag!" Jazyln laughed and grabbed Ben's cock with Kasey as they both felt the final throb as he began to cum. He shot three times across Donny's face and both of the girls grabbed him and brought him over to the bed. Donny sat there breathing deeply and taking a moment to rest his knees. Chelsea came over and said come with me. She and Donny went outside to the front room. Chelsea brought him to the couch and sat down with him. "My Dad will be here any minute, I told him if he wanted you would suck his cock. Jazyln said you were good, and I am impressed. My older b*****r is like you... a fag. Kasey needs a lot of convincing and Jazyln still likes you too but I know you are a dirty little cocksucker. My Daddy has a nice cock and you are going to make him happy. My mom left a month ago and he and I take care of each other. So when he gets here you are going to do whatever he wants and you are going to enjoy it. He better love it all, I want to hear him yell that he's coming and want you begging for his cum. I'm going to bring out Kasey and I want Kasey to see my Dad making you his bitch. Can you do that? Once Kasey sees you getting your ass fucked by my Dadd's she will believe it. Then the party can really begin." Molly walked in and disapointed Chelsea by informing her that her Father had blown a tire and that Molly would drive her home. Chelsea pouted for a minute before Molly sat down next to her and asked if Donny taught her anything. "He sucked all three of them and took Ben fully in his mouth. I can't believe he managed to fit his entire cock." Chelsea explained and Molly smiled slyly at Donny before telling Chelsea to go get Kasey and they would prove he loved cock to her. Chelsea went to grab Kasey and Molly called in Wayne who sat next to them. Molly pulled out Wayne's cock and told Donny to start jerking him off which Donny did quickly. "Wayne I want you to really play it up for Kasey. She likes Donny a lot and I think we will have to help Kasey see the light on this one." Molly said to Wayne who replied "No problem. Now Donny I want you on your to get on all fours so I can fuck your ass." Donny was confused as he wanted Kyle to fuck him first but did what he was told. Kasey came out and saw Wayne's black cock and her eyes jumped out of her head. "Hey there Kasey come over here." said Molly. Kasey sat between Wayne and Molly and Molly placed her hand on Wayne's cock and began moving it up and down. "Pretty impressive huh?" Molly asked the shocked girl. "I... I've never seen a..." Kasey mumbeled. "A big black one dear, and I know it's impressive. A bit more advanced than the boys in there. Does it feel good in your hand?" Molly asked, and Kasey nodded her head quickly. "Donny loves Wayne's cock, that's why he's on all fours. He wants Wayne to fuck him." Molly pointed to Donny's hard cock. "Now Kasey I know you like touching my cock but Donny here was begging me for it before you came in. He is desperate to have me fuck him like he was Molly." Wayne said as Kasey kept jerking him off. Molly chimed in "Donny wants to feel what I felt when Wayne and I had sex. He can't help it and baby once you've had a black cock you always want it again. Kasey I want you to get Wayne nice and hard while I answer the door, but don't let Donny touch yet." Kasey watched as Molly went to the door and then marvelled at Wayne's fully erect cock. She looked over to Donny who had turned to look at his cock. "Am I making you hard or is he?" Kasey asked. "You are definatley making me hard. You're sexy and your hand feels good. Donny knows how to take cock but he's just done it a lot. Doesn't he look deseperate over there. Show him how hard you made me." Wayne pushed himself up and Kasey moved back keeping her hand stroking Wayne's cock. "Do you want Wayne's cock?" Kasey asked Donny and he looked at her for a moment. She was clearly trying to see if it all was true beyond any doubt. "It feels nice in my hand. I've never touched a black man's cock before, Jazyln said you sucked him earlier. That you told him you were his cocksucker. I told her I didn't believe her but I'm not so sure now. I want to see you suck his cock. You seem hard. Do you want him to fuck you like you were Molly?" Kasey looked at Donny as he nodded. Wayne hugged her with his free arm and said "Don't worry about him, he loves this big black cock. You made me so hard baby that he's just drooling." Kasey looked at Wayne's cock and then said "I want to see him suck your dick. But Molly said she wants you to fuck his ass." Kasey was turned on and beginning to smile as Wayne's cock pulsed in her hand. "Donny get over here and on all fours. I want you to show Kasey how to suck a black man's cock." Wayne said with a smile as he took Kasey's breast in his hand. Donny got on all fours and stuck his ass in the air and began to suck on Wayne's cock head without saying anything. Kasey was lost in lust and she finally understood why Jazyln was so worked up. "I can't believe how quickly he's sucking your cock. He really likes it." Kasey looked up as Kyle and Molly walked in. Kyle surveyed the scene and checked out Kasey's young body. Molly whispered something into Kyles ear, and told Kasey to come over to them. "He's too busy sucking Wayne's cock to pay attention at the moment, but he owes Kyle some sex. Open up his pants and take out Kyles cock Kasey." Kasey was nervous and after a moment took out Kyles hardening cock. Kyle looked down at Kasey and whispered in her ear. A big smile overcame her face and she ran back to Jazzy's room. As the two girls emerged they saw Kyle push into Donny's ass and heard Donny yell out in a burst of pain. Jazyln ran over as Kyle began to thrust in and out of Donny's ass. Molly pushed the girls over to either side of Wayne as Donny jerked his cock. Jazzy watching as Donny moaned Kyle's name as he fucked him. "Fuck yes, oh god its so big. It feels so good. Fuck me Kyle. Fuck my ass." Donny moaned as Kyle laughed. "Oh don't worry I know how much you love black cock." Donny moaned as he opened his eyes. Kasey and Jazyln were both giggling to each other and cheered Kyle on. "Don't forget about my Dad fag." Jazyln said. "Yeah, don't forget about his cock here." Kasey added as she grabbed Wayne's cock and pushed it towards Donnys mouth. When it hit his lips they opened and Kasey erupted in laughter. Jazyln kept eye contact with Donny as he took her fathers large cock in his mouth. "You can't get enough of them can you? I bet you want them to breed you with their black cocks? Is that it? Do you want them to breed you?" Jazyln laughed after saying it and Donny took Wayne's cock out of his mouth to moan "Oh god, breed my white ass with your thick cock Kyle. It's yours now, just keep fucking me." Molly said you've got too black cocks Donny, look at the girls and show them how much you appreciate it. "Jazzy, Kasey you wouldn't believe how good this feels. Jazzy your Dad's cock is so tasty, I want you to know how much I love pleasuring it with my mouth. Kyle and Wayne, make me your faggot, I want you too to cover me in your seed and I want you both to fuck my ass and mouth all day." Donny finished his speech and went back down on Wayne. Jazzy took off her shirt and began to play with her tits. Molly was put off by this and knew they were crossing a line. The other boys came out naked and she went over to see them and keep them occupied. Molly knew Jazyln and Kasey needed to watch him suck and get fucked by Kyle and Wayne's big cocks. Kyle was laughing as he fucked Donnys ass. He couldn't believe he was doing this but he had never been quite as hard. Jazzy came over and pulled his cock out of Donnys ass. Kyle was shocked and weirded out as Jazzy sat him down beside Wayne and said "Sorry Kyle but my Daddy needs to fuck Donny's ass now." Kyle sat there and was about to protest when Kasey came over and began stroking his dick. Donny sat down on Wayne's cock and began to squeal. "Yeah you like that bitch? I know you love Kyle's cock but I seen you staring. You want me to fuck you good?" Jazyln laughed as Donny responded "Breed me Wayne with your black cock. I want you to make me your slut. Donny's eyes were in lust as he looked over at Jazzy. "Make sure you take my Daddy deep! You have to take his entire cock." Jazyln said as she sat on Kyles lap. Kyle said "No." and then went to push Jazzy off but she slowed down and said "Donny need to know that he is a cocksucker. I want to know what he feels. I want you to fuck me so he knows I'm off limits." She pressed her breasts in Kyles face and he looked over at Donny who was watching them. He lowered his s****r onto his cock slowly and began bonching her up and down. Molly had come back into the room and outfitted Kasey with a black dildo contraption and positioned her behind Donny as he had since maneuver to suck Wayne's now throbbing dick. Jazzy looked over and laughed "Kasey's got a black cock now! I guess you should breed his ass too!" Kyle and Wayne laughed as Kasey moved into position. Molly moved over to Donny and said "Kasey is going to fuck you now, so she can see what it's like." Donny looked back and saw Kasey's satisfied expression on her face. "Your ass is mine faggot." The entire room erupted in laughter as Wayne began to moan louder. Jazyln got off Kyles dick and the two boys stood as Kasey fucked Donny's ass. Jazzy sat on the floor below Donny and began furiously jerking the two black cocks off. Molly came over and tried to stop Jazzy but she said "No, I want to feed the fag his black man's cum." Molly smiled as Jazyln laughed at Donny as she pushed the two cocks to his face. "Get ready Fag. I know you have been waiting for this." Kyle and Wayne both groaned from the touch of her soft hands and began to shoot. Kasey and Molly sat down on the floor and watched as the first jets hit Donny's mouth and cheek. Jazyln got some of Kyles cum on her tits as it feel and then Kyle jammed his cock in Donny's mouth and yelled "Her comes the big shot fag!" he filled up Donny's mouth with spurt after spurt and collapsed on the couch. Jazyln got up and laughed at Donny "Swallow my b*****rs cum. All of it! Don't let any of that go to waste." As Donny swallowed Jazlyn mouthed 'oh my god that's so gross' and then said "Now do my Dad." She took him over and opened his mouth. She grabbed Wayne's cock and yelled "Show me how much cum you have Daddy. I want you to cover his face!" Wayne groaned and started to blast his cum. Two shots his Donny's cheek and Jazzy let go of his cock. It sprays two more bursts the first on Kasey and the second over Jazzy's tits. Jazyln kneeled in shock as she felt the juices that made her cover her chest. She was so turned on by it that she grabbed Wayne's cock and licked the tip. She ran her mouth along it and then gave Donny's face a slap with it. "He loved it so much he came too!" She took Kyle and Wayne's dicks and gave them some light jerking and said "I wish I had a nice black cock, so I knew what it felt like." Then she shrugged her shoulders and licked off the cum on Kaseys shoulder. Kyle's cock came back to life and Jazzy turned saying "It's sick, you just got hard watching me and Kasey!" She then smiled and walked over to Kyle. She let him grope her tits while moaning about how much she wanted to feel a cock as big as his inside her. Then she sat down next to him grabbed his cock and motioned Donny over. "My b*****r needs another one fag."

While Molly drove the three of them to school the next day Donny was bent over gagging on Kyles cock. Jazyln was laughing and egging Kyle on. When the car stopped Jazyln got out and went over to Kasey who was waiting. Kyle finally announced he was going to cum and shot into Donny's mouth. Donny got a hot stream of cum down his throat and swallowed most of it. Kyle got up and tucked his cock back in his pants and got out of the car. Donny panted and wiped the cum with his finger and licked it up. Molly smiled and wished him luck. When he got out Kasey and Jazzy giggled and said together "Have a good day slut!" before they walked away giggling. When Donny arrived in first period English he heard people whispering to each other. He figured word must have gotten out but sat down near the back. Haley walked in and gave him a sly look as she sat down at the desk in front of him. The classroom was empty beside them. Haley was fighting the urge to laugh and she got up and walked over to Donny's desk. She sat on the edge and stared at him. She was wearing a tight low cut shirt and her C cup tits looked larger as she smiled at him. She went over to the door and in walked Naomi and Brooke along with Adam and Alex. They walked over to where Donny was sitting and stood in front of him with big grins on their faces. "We heard a rumour that you have a hot mouth and have been pretty busy." Alex said as he looked down at Donny expectantly. "I decided that if anyone should get some fun it should be me." Adam said as he moved his crotch closer to Donny's face. His face was beet red and Alex and Adam knew it. The class should have began but no one else arrived and Adam was growing impatient. "Come on now, don't be shy. I've got a big surprise for you right here. Why don't you take it out. I figured you'd be eager." His tone indicated he wouldn't take no for an answer. Adam was constantly teased and made Donny uncomfortable. Alex was just the kind of guy who liked getting his dick sucked and secretly Donny wanted to suck him. Adam made Donny sick but he felt a terrible urge to submit to him even though he knew it was wrong. Haley was just a few feet away locking the door, and Donny would be humiliated if he had to give Adam head especially while she was there. But he knew the situation and slowly he closed his eyes and brought his hand up to Adam's pants undoing the clasp and unzipping them. "That's what I thought fag. Now just pull them down a little and reach in there and show us what you find." he said arrogantly as Haley walked over. She couldn't believe her eyes as Donny fished out Adam's 5 inch soft cock. "Now that wasn't so hard. I know you want to inahle this b**st but I promised Haley you would give a world class blowjob to me. She didn't believe me so I told her to come watch and see for herself. Haley you see this? He can't let go of it. Ok Donny show Haley what you do best. Show her how much you love my cock." and with that Donny bent forward staring at Haley while he put the tip of Adam's cock in his mouth and began a slow blowjob. Donny was humiliated and wildly turned on. Haley couldn't believe her eyes as Adam's cock grew inch by inch. Donny felt like he was going to die but he couldn't stop sucking on Adam's growing cock. Adam stood there and pulled Haley over to his side as he sucked. Donny knew now that things would never be the same. Adam's cock was hard and still growing at 8 inches and his eyes widened. Adam laughed and said "Don't you worry little cocksucker it's still got a ways to grow yet. I know you'll give Haley here a show she will remember. I told her you wanted my cock and now we've got proof. As Donny watched the two of them while sucking Adam began to rub Haley's shoulders. She stood still in shock and awe at Donny's mouth sucking up and down his cock. Adam knew he was in complete control and told Donny to make love to his cock. Haley couldn't believe her eyes and Donny began sucking Adam faster and she noticed Donny's pants were forming an outline. "What that there Donny you getting hard? Take it out if you are. Haley doesn't mind, she should see how much you are enjoying yourself. Haley mouth began to get a lusty smile as she watched Donny take out his cock which was rock hard and begin to stroke it while sucking Adam's cock. He finally felt it reach its full length and guessed Adam was just under 10 inches long. His cock felt so thick in Donny's mouth that he stretched his jaw to suck it. Donny was becomming overcome by how big Adam was. Adam sensed that Donny was finally accepting how much he enjoyed his big cock and said "That's right, its really a lot of fun. Don't worry if you want you can suck my cock every day. Would you like that?" Adam pulled his cock from Donny's mouth and Donny looked up and Haley and Adam. Haley was smiling at Donny and fighting the urge to giggle. Adam began to remove her shirt straps. He moved his hands lower and said "Haley you've got great tits. Donny would love to see them out. In fact I bet you if you took them out for me he'd suck my cock whenever I wanted. If not then I'm sorry and this wont happen again." he layed the bet down simply and Haley looked cockeyed at Donny before lowering her bra and revealing her wonderful tits. "Nice tits eh Donny? I think she'd like you to have a feel, but then again if you do you can't suck my cock. It's your choice." Adam smirked as Donny couldn't take his gaze away from Adam's dick. "I want to suck your dick Adam." Donny said as his hand went back to stroking him. "Please can I suck your big cock." Adam laughed and nodded as he said to Haley "I told you this fag couldn't resist my cock." He began to stroke Haley's tits and she groaned in pleasure. Donny went back to sucking Adam's cock and it was beginning to throb in his mouth. Donny knew Adam was close to cumming and Adam pulled his dick out. "Beg for it fag. You want my cum? Beg for it." and when Adam finished Donny looked up and pleaded "Please cum for me Adam, I need to taste you seed. I love your cock and want you to let me be your cocksucker. I don't care what I have to do just fill my mouth fill your hot seed right here and right now so I can taste your warm cum!" Haley let out a laugh and said "He really wants your cum. Give the faggot his treat." and with that she looked dominantly at Donny and watched as he licked up and down Adam's shaft. He stroked Adam's huge cock as fast as he could and Adam said "Here it comes fag. This is what you wanted right?" and Donny yelled out "Yes fill my mouth up Adam. I want to suck all your cum down. Show Haley how a real man shoots a load! Please make me your faggot! Oh god Adam, thank you, thank you for letting me suck your big cock. Haley I love his big cock and am a little cocksucker." Haley was laughing and took Adam's cock in her hand jerking it in front of Donny's face. "You're such a little faggot. I know you love Adam's big fat cock and you should! Well open up faggot because he's about to bathe you in it!" and with that Adam exploded onto Donny and Haley while moaning loudly. "See Haley he's my cocksucker, and you are too." Haley eyes went wide as she snapped out of her daze to see Adam's first stream of cum land on her face. The next two hit Donny's cheek and the next hit her chest soaking her large tits. "Oh my god, this is so gross! I can't believe this is happening! Adam you asshole!" Haley shouted and ran grabbing her shirt and dissappearing into the hallway. "She's be back. She's seen my cock and she'll want a taste." he smirked and then laughed as Donny slurped his cock back into his mouth as Adam continued to cum. Adam knew he had a cocksucker for life now and pulled his cock from Donny's mouth. "I'm going to make sure Haley sees you sucking my cock every day Donny. You're going to beg for it and she's eventually going to see what a little whore you are." Adam said as he gave Donny a cock slap in the face. I'm going to go clean up but don't you worry cocksucker, you did good, you can suck my cock any time I want. Later Fag." and with that Adam walked away as Alex stood and clapped. "You really can't resist a hard cock. I can't believe you actually sucked Adam off. Well I guess you can suck my cock now fag." with that Alex moved over to Donny and stood expectantly.

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Loved your story ...thanks ☺
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Wonderful story, thanks for sharing it with us
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Oh, that's what friends are for!
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really long erotic, sensual sexy story My ass pussy is sorefrom using my dildo for so long but it was worth it
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paragraphs? sorry, I tried to read it but got lost without paragraphs....
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fuck this is a great story!!