Hot Fuck After Confession

This story is just a fiction.

I am May, 20 years old. I am horny and naughty especially for hot daddies. I do horny things everywhere, in the office, in a club, as in everywhere. I offer sex and blowjob for free and let daddies fuck the way they want. Im a dirty slut, really dirty.
I wanna be fucked by daddies who can shoot a blast of hot, thick, milky cum. And the older the daddy is, the hornier I become.

One day, I decided to go to a church to confess about my horny deeds. I approached the priest and we talked for a liuttle while. While we were talking, I noticed his holiness, as though he was the holiest priest I've ever known.
Then we went to the confession area and started the confession. I started telling him about the naughty deeds I've been doing in the past days, telling him every detail .I told him about who i had sex with, who i want to fuck, how i was fucked and where i got fucked.
At the other side where the priest was, there was nothing but silence. So, i just continued telling him my stories. Eventually, I came to a halt. Still, there was no response from the priest, so i decided to go out and check out waht was going on. I was so shocked to find out that the priest was jerking and his cock was covered with cum.
His eyes were filled with so much pleasure, and he was moaning softly. And when he noticed me watching him, he quickly turned back and pull his cock into his trouser.
But, he didnt know that i got turned on by what was happening. He looked so embarrased, but that really made me hot. So i stepped into the confession area, and put off my sexy dress.
Then, I grabbed his cock and suck it. At first, I thought he would refuse my offer to him, but i was surprised that he was just letting me do what i want.
So, I licked his cock, cover it with my saliva, jerking it with all ive got, while he was sliding two of his fingers on my wet clit.
Then, he inserted them and finger-fuck me. I was moaning so loud, forgetting that we were inside the church.

After a while, he put off his clothes, exposing his entirety. Oh God, he was a hot daddy!!! And the thought of him being a hot fucking priest really made me so hot!
Then, I let him do the fucking.He fucked my mouth, inserting his throbbing cock deep down my throat.I was getting choked by his cock, but I just let him do his horny deed.
I couldnt wait any longer, I wanted his cock inside my so wet pussy. So, i fell down on my knees and begged him to fuck me so hard, and gave in to my plea.
He slowly slid his cock on my pussy, feeling all the heat given off by my swelling clit. Then, he inserted it into me. Oh what a feeling, I was like a little girl being spanked by her daddy. I wa s a complete slut during that time.
He fucked me in a fast pace, then slow, then fast again. He was so good at fucking sluts. My pussy was too tight for his throbibng cock. While he was fucking my pussy, he inserted his fingers into my ass.
We were both moaning wiht so much pleasure. And after he fucked my pussy, he then fucked my ass. That was too hot!!!! HE was just so great.

All of the sudden, I can feel his cock getting so excited inside my pussy. It would explode in no time. It would cum. So he quickly pulled his cock out of my ass and jerk it in front of my hot face.
Oh God, he cummed on my face, on my nose, on my tongue. That was a cumblast. I licked every drop of his hot, thick and milky cum. I I sucked his cock like a girl longing for a lollipop.

I sucked all of his cum until his cock diminished. That really was a hot sex. HE was a hot fucking priest. A hot daddy.

Since then, I told myself that I would go to the church not just to confess about my sins, but to fuck that hot daddy priest too!!!
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2 years ago
2 years ago
You have a dirty , dirty mind little girl, and I love Every Single Little Thought That goes thru it!!! This story is very near and dear to me, as I was an altar boy, in my younger days. My life-long fantasy is Doing The Dirty with a NUN, but don't tell anyone. I LOVE your stories!!!!!!
2 years ago
nice story,holy bitch.
2 years ago
come give this daddy a confession.
2 years ago
I need to go to church with you some time!
3 years ago
Bless you my child. ;)
3 years ago
Oh, you are a naughty girl! Nice and naughty! Hot story!
3 years ago
your a hottie!
3 years ago
I hope thats not true!
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago