My Stepdad's Cock

This happened in the real life:
I am Dianna and this is my experience.

My father died when I was just a little k**. I knew my mother grieved too much over my father's death. And I just wanted for her to become happy that time. I wanted to help her get over the tragedy. I gave her present every Christmas or during her birthday. And i would do everything just to make her happy.

As I grew up, my mother eventually forgot about what happened years ago. She was able to move on. Then she met Willie, a very cute guy. He was 50 years old, while my mother was 41 years old. And I was 19 years old during that time. Willie was a chubby yet handsome guy. He had a chubby and soft tummy, rosy cheeks. He wanted me to call him by his name, I just don't know why.

One night, my mother went to a business trip with her client. I and Willie were the only ones left. And one thing I'd never imagine happened.

Willie had a funny attitude of drinking wine before going to sl**p. He would drink a glass or two before going to bed. One time, when I was about to go to my bedroom after making my assignments, I saw him watching porno. I was shocked. For I knew he was gentle and somewhat moral. But that made my first impression of him trembled.

I stealthily walked behind him for me to avoid being noticed of him. Just when I was getting close to my room, he called me and I got nervous.

"Dianna, come here", he said.

I don't know what to do.

"Why?" I just uttered.

"Just come here!!!", he insisted.

When I get close to him, I saw him stroking his cock. My eyes were shocked. That was not my first time to see a cock, but he was my stepdad. Beside his cock was so big, maybe more than 10 inches long. It was big!!!

"Come here baby", he told me.

I saw his eyes being pleased with he was doing.

He smiled and said, "come and suck it."

I knew how to please a man with a blowjob. I was actually doing this to my boyfriend, and I loved the groaning he was making. And I could not wait for him to cum in my mouth. I always wanted to taste cum in my mouth. It made me cum myself. But to my stepdad, I just did not know if it was right.

He grabbed my hand and held my head, he pushed it towards his big cock.

First, I tightly shut my mouth, but he said "open that slutty mouth of yours, I know you are fantasizing about me, i see you fingering your hot pussy while looking at my picture, are you?"

He was definitely true, I had a big admiration at him.

from the very first time I saw him, I actually envied my mother for having such a chubby handsome guy like Willie.

So, I opened my mouth and slightly swallow his big, glossy cock into my mouth. I slowly hold it and deep-throated it. I could hear him groaning.That made me more hot on him.

I looked at his face and his eyes were full of pleasure with me blowing him.

I touched his chess, tummy, arms, every part of his body.

I was so into him. And the fact that he was my stepdad made me more hot.

I blew him with the best that I could do.

Then I heard him, "baby, don't stop."

I knew he was cumming that time, so i did the blowjob much better.

He held my head then said "stop!"

I don't why he said that, but I guessed that was not the time for him to cum yet.

He stood and grabbed my hips, then he stroked his cock.

Suddenly, I felt his hot cock inside my pussy. He was planning to cum while inside of me. It made me sick. I was so wet!!! I thought I would cum in no time while he was fucking me.

I was looking at him while he was fucking me. Memorizing the rhythm of his incredible fucking. His cock was just too large for my tight pussy. Then suddenly, his pace changed. It became faster, making a fucking good feeling to my pussy.

"Come on baby, look at me", he said.

"Oh daddy, fuck me with all you've got", I answered.

Then, I felt his cock spurting loads of cum into my wet pussy. One, two, three.... three shots of hot, thick cum into my hot pussy. My stepdad cummed in me. I heard him groaned with pleasure. Then I cummed right after he cummed.

He withdrew his cock from my pussy, then once again I blew it.

I stroked it, Blew it, stroked then blew. Finally, more loads of cum spurted out of his cock. He cummed like he never cummed before. HE shot it to my face, to my nose, to my mouth, to my eyes.

Lastly, I saw his cock diminishing. My face and the floor was filled with cum. He was breathing hardly. He fingered me and then cummed once more just like him.

He kissed me passionately, I kissed him back.

"Dianna, you never know how your daddy like to fuck you like this, and i never knew that you are such a slut."

"Oh daddy, I can become the dirtiest slut for you. For want nothing but that big cock of yours", I told him.

"Don't worry baby, my cock belongs to you, and only for you."

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1 year ago
I want to do this with my stepdaughter.
1 year ago
very good
2 years ago
That was a terrible attempt at writing porn.
2 years ago
I can just picture that in my mind,and it blows my mind as well as my hard-on!!!!
2 years ago
Nice... the heat is on.
2 years ago
"Favorite" as in "Favorite" piece of shit.
2 years ago
So your mother is grieving, marries a hot guy and you decide what the fuck- let's have sex, right? Sounds to me like you will spend the rest of your life in the back of a pimp-mobile with a bag over your head taking any dick that will shuck over a few bucks fr some time in your scabbed-up cunt. And a permanent outbreak of herpes.
2 years ago
very sexy...reminds me of home
2 years ago
very nice ...
2 years ago
Great story, and the wish of many stepdads
2 years ago
Hot, I'd love to be your daddy.
3 years ago
i love your story lttle horny pinay
3 years ago
3 years ago
What about mom....
3 years ago
really good story! loved it
3 years ago
very ,,thanks good baby,,hot for sure