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[Story] Office bum fun

I arranged to meet up with a guy last weekend at his office, (he owned the company) as he had a fantasy he wanted to fulfil about his PA. I arrived on time dressed as he had asked me, in a tight satin pencil skirt, red satin blouse, seamed stockings and suspenders but no other underwear, finished off with lots of make up and 4 inch heels. I drove into the industrial estate and found his office easy enough. I got out of the car and tottered over to the reception which as I was told was open. Nervously I looked around and as he said the place was deserted. Feeling more confident I walked into th... Continue»
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Dressing up games

I had a guy get in touch with me who wanted to see me dressed as a slutty Nun. We arranged a date to meet up at his place and a few days before in the post the outfit arrived. An hour or so before he was due to leave to meet up with him, I decided to go dressed ready to surprise him so I got ready and dressed up in the outfit he had got me, I put on Black hold up stockings with a red satin push up bra and red matching red satin panties. The Nuns outfit was very tight and short, it gave me a great cleavage. I put the wimple on and some bright red lipstick and I looked the perfect slutty Nun. P... Continue»
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Hog tied

A guy I have not seen for a while got in contact the other day, it was great to hear from him and we arranged to meet up. I dressed in a Tight Lycra wiggle skirt a sheer black top, with stockings and suspenders and no other underwear, topped off with a pair of killer heels and plenty of red lipstick.

He arrived at my place on time and I showed him in, we chatted a bit about the weather but in no time at all we were up stairs, he was more than ready for action. He saw I had laid out the toys he had asked me to and took no time in putting the leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles. He fas... Continue»
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Taken out for a meal by my Dom

Last Saturday my Dom arranged to meet me at a wine bar in town. I arrived promptly as I know he hates to be left waiting. I walked into the bar dressed exactly as told in a long satin black satin dress, seamed stockings and suspenders no bra no panties. He smiled as I walked in on my 4 inch heels and slide in next to him. A glass of white wine was already waiting for me at the table. We made some small talk to ease the tension and relax into a fun evening. After a glass of wine Dom whisperer’d into my ear to ear to follow him. He walked towards the loo's carrying a small bag I had not seen him... Continue»
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[Story] Punished for being a dirty slut, (true story)

Punished for being a dirty slut true story


I was off work the other day and was at a loose end so was cruising around a few dating websites. After a while I got a message from a local women who was Bi curious and wanted to meet. I messaged her saying lets meet for coffee right away, and to my surprise she said yes.

We meet up near my house and she was real sexy with great tits. After a chat I jumped straight in and asked her if she wanted to come back to my place. I knew I hadn't asked my Dom's permission but was horny and I hadn't been with another women for ages so ... Continue»
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