Jana ♡ Lana

Jana was fast asl**p when the lightest of touches along the length of her calf started her on the slow trip up to wakefulness. 

It was a hot and humid summer night. They had all the flaps of the tent wide open to catch the breeze; sl**ping bags ignored and used as a mattress.

The touch, hesitant, skipped her knee and continued up her thigh, jumped over where her shorts were clinging and began to softly trace a pattern on the patch of skin gaping between her top and bottoms. Giving up on feigning sl**p, she suddenly rolled over and grabbed the wrist of the girl lying beside her. Lana her lover.

"I was having such a lovely dream- why'd you have to go and wake me up?" Jana said.

"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it?"

In answer, she leaned over further and began to kiss her lips, still maintaining their teasing smile. "Don't tell me you even need to ask that question." 

A sudden breath of air, pine-scented, blew through the open door, stiffening both sets of nipples. She let out a moan, deepening the kiss. She felt hands rising along her lower back, slowly slipping under her top and raising it over her head. She broke the kiss just long enough for the shirts' removal, then resumed, even more passionate than before.

The hands continued their roaming, tracing patterns along her spine, raising tiny hairs and increasing her arousal even more. They slowly circled around towards the front. Almost ticklish, the thumbs caressed the hardened tips of her nipples and drew away. Seemingly involuntarily, she leaned into the girl she adored eager for the continued caress.

Impatient herself, the girl flipped them, pulling off her own top in the process. Bending over, Lana began pressing her body against her, one hand rising to cup her chin as she kissed her deeply, the other slowly making its way in tantalizing circles towards her remaining piece of clothing. Slipping inside the elastic band at her waist, Lana's fingers found her dripping with desire. Carefully, Lana flicked one finger across her throbbing clit, eliciting another moan from Jana's lips.

Lana's lips moved from her own, kissing a trail down her throat and ever lower until they reached her breasts. At the first seductive lick, she felt the Lana's finger slip inside her, and, hesitant at first, but quickly gaining momentum, it began to move.

Needing something to hold on to, Jana grasped the heavy breasts hanging before her, kneading them, caressing them, as she came closer and closer to losing control. Her world reduced to a tongue-lapping and sucking on her hardened nipple... a thumb- continuing to circle and circle and circle... a finger-sliding faster and faster. Waves of pleasure began to encompass her, closer and closer together, until with a cry of pure emotion- she climaxed, quivering and clutching at Lana sweaty & muscular body pressed up against her.

Faint whimpers continued to make their escape as Jana kissed Lana to her heart's content. As she slowly came back to herself she was surprised to discover that her hands had maintained their continual caress over Lana's now very aroused breasts. She could hear her breath catching at every increase in pressure.


More purposefully now, she let her hands wander downwards towards the Lana's hips. Pushing her over gently, she got up to straddle the Lana's legs. She could smell the Lana's arousal mixed with hers through her soaked cheeky shorts. It mingled delightfully with the scents from outside in an intoxicating aroma. Eager to taste Lana and repay the wonderful favor, she leaned in to begin kissing a trail down the Lana's side. She removed her cute shorts and continued her way, stopping to pay attention to the wonderfully sensitive area at the junction of leg and stomach. 

Hearing more whispered pleas, she gave in to both of their desires and allowed her exploring tongue to encounter the Lana's dripping center. Lapping gently at her swollen clit, Lana immediately began to shiver with pleasure. Eager for more, Lana began pressing herself upwards into her mouth. Just like she always took charge.  Obliging, she forgot all attempts at proceeding slowly and thrust her tongue as deep as it could reach in her flesh.

Within seconds, Lana's words became unintelligible and her motions more frenzied. Sucking, thrusting, licking, her hands grasping the perfect curves of the Lana's ass, she kept up her ministrations, lost in the pleasure of making love to the unbelievably sexy girl.  Her wife. Her lover. Her best friend. 

A sudden spurt of liquid and she knew Lana had climaxed. More slowly now, she licked up the trickling juices and kissed her thighs lightly as she surfaced. She pulled back and let herself collapse on the tent floor, thoroughly happy.

As Lana lay panting beside her, she heard a giggle and glanced over.  Jana moved over and kissed her with juice delightfully still fresh on her lips and mouth.

"Now wasn't that better than whatever lovely dream you were having?" Lana asked...

"Well, what do you think I was dreaming about?" Jana replied.

I love you.

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