always welcome transexuals and CDs :)
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I'm:Nathan, 22
From:Mount Juliet, United States
Languages:English, Elvish. Nerdy.
Personal Information
Kids:No, but may be want some
Occupation:Hardcore Gamer.Dork.being silly
Education:Some college
Physical Information
Body type:Slim
Height:6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
About Me
I'm a 21 yr old virgin from TN. I've never dated or had my first kiss yet. When it all happens it will be new to me. I've never actually had any friends that are girls in real life either. I am very inexperienced around girls.But I want to do everything right and not fuck it up. I don't want to be just some other guy that treats girls like shit and only wants them for their body. I'm not not like. Every girl should be treated the way they should be treated and that is respect, love and all other things. I'm a nice guy. I act like a dork all the time and pretty random sometimes as well :P I don't like being mean to anyone, so you won't hear me trash talkin anyone. I'm shy when it comes to talkin, but get me going and i'll be talking alot. I'm horny all the time. I love getting naked, I love listening to music, movies and video games. Horror, scifi and are my favorite genre. I also love cooking. like to make new friends :) sooooooo come chat with me :D oh yeah and I love meet people that play video games. I play ps3 and pc. :P if you have any questions just ask me. My profile pic is of me. So if you don't mind talking to a super dorky, silly nice, random, HUGE Nerd and a polite virgin then you won't have a problem with me. Thank you for reading and have a nice day :) btw I love alll types woman..not picky at all. Especially older woman.. the older the better :) OH and I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve BBW and big boobs, bigger the better :D Also love Emo girls alotttttttttttttttttttttttt :)

I have a ps3 and play it alllll the time..if you want to play ask meh :P I like playing new people :D
I'm a HUGE NERD! Comic books and video games for LIFE! :D

my email is sciboy777@gmail.com if you want to email me :)
Godzilla I am a huge diehard fan of Godzilla..Seen all the movies and played all the games. Its something I could watch everyday.
My Random Likes:
Southern Ladies
Weed (I've never smoked weed before but am Interested in it. Maybe involving weed into sex xD)
Emo,scene girls and goth
Nerdy and geeky girls
Funny/dorky people
Gamer Girls woooot :D
I love Cougers and and Older moms. Older women that like young guys like myself :)
Big boobs ( I like all size boobs but big is my favorite)
Girls in tank tops and panties
shaved and hairy pussy
Romantic sex or being Romantic in general
cuddling/snuggling (Love it :D)
Favorite Tv Shows X-files. Spartacus, Batman the animated series. Justice league.Falling Skies. Dexter.Black Sails. Penny Dreadfull. Smallville. Fringe.24. The Big Bang Theory. Dr Who. Sons of Anarchy.True Blood. Game of Thrones. Stargate Atlantis (I like all the stargate shows) Star wars Clone wars. Star trek the next generations
Movies, gaming and comic books (I'm a big movie watcher, I sometimes watch up to 3 or more movies night. I'm not a picky either. 99.99% of the movies I watch I like or love :D same goes for gaming and comics) My favorite movie genre is scifi, horror and fantasy. I also love anything that is reallly gory..I'm a gorehound. I love monster movies very much. Also a huge huge fan of low grade B movies.
Reading (( I love Scifi/Fantasy/horror)
Manga/anime (I like action packed/gory/horror/supernatural/fantasy.)
Music: Metal/screamo/hardcore/dubstep/industrial/Jazz. Feed her to the Sharks,Suicide Silence,Beyond Recognition,the browing,Atilla,Fiver Finger Death Punch,Nickleback,Breaking Benjamin,Avenged Sevonfold, Killswitch Engaged,Bullet for my Valentine,Emmure,Upon a Burning Body,Make Them Suffer,Betraying the Martyrs.
Coffee (I fucking love coffee!!! If I could marry it I would :))
Cooking (besides gaming cooking is my passion)
(love bbw )

Anal Play
(Ass licking :D)
Women squirting
Kissing and passionate kissing (haven't kissed a girl yet, but I cant wait! :D

Rainy days/storms
Being naked :)

Skittles, Reeses and Cinnamon rolls are my favorite sweet things to eat (you can seduce me with those things),Waffles,Sunflower Seeds,B Monster movies or low budget movies, Slim Jims,Root Beer, and potatoes :) foooooooooooood, Ice Cream!!!! chinese food,Peanut Butter

Giving Sexual massages or regular (Hot oils and a girls body, I can't wait )
Whipped cream (whipped cream and sex :)


mean people
One night stands
I will add more to this when I think about it.
Sports (hate watching all kinds)

On a side note, if your going to add me at least talk to me. I get invites from people and they never speak to me. I'm not like alot of guys on here that only talks about sex and brag about how awesome there dick is or beg you to see it. I don't beg nor do I ask, If you want to have a good conversation with me look at my likes above,I can be pretty random sometimes when I'm talkin. Thank you for reading Have a nice day :)

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!
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3 days ago
Hey thanks for adding me! hot cock and nice vids and pics! Good luck in your quest for a good woman to get naked with :)
1 month ago
Hi, thanks for invite ;)
2 months ago
Great page! I'm a dork too, love movies, music, and comics
2 months ago
too bad you aren't into boys.
2 months ago
It's good to be dorky and proud :P
2 months ago
Hi sweetie we'd love to teach you about the finer things in life!! nice cock an cum shots xoxoxoKelly
2 months ago
3 months ago
Happy Belated Birthday!
3 months ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D We must celebrate! :D Also I hope you had a good one this year ^^
3 months ago
..♥♥…………. ♥♥…………..♥*♥
3 months ago
Thank you! Love Doctor Who also. c:
3 months ago
Hey you yourself!
3 months ago
der mr. naughty.. y vid are so hot!!..love it, too see you in skinny jeans ;-)
4 months ago
*huggles back* I did reply to your message a few days ago :)
4 months ago
your welcome nathan
5 months ago
so fellow sci-fi-fantasy-horror lover, how about that Peter Capaldi as Dr Who?
5 months ago
Trying to attract lesbians lol
5 months ago
Lol yes! Especially when they're trying to add girls, since most woman don't like Pussy
5 months ago
Thanks cutie ^_^
5 months ago
You are very welcome sweetie :p
5 months ago
Thanks for accepting, also type 420.moe into browser funny stuff
5 months ago
A gorgeous nerdy lady like yourself fuckin a guy with a strap on...hes lucky lol
5 months ago
Well I don't know about lucky.. ;) lol
6 months ago
Yes ma'm we do :D
6 months ago
Thank you for stopping by...we fellow nerds got to stick together :)
6 months ago
You are so hot, love the creamy cum shots ;)
6 months ago
Thank you Miss :)
6 months ago
nice new picture. Keep showing it off.
6 months ago
:D *snuggggles*
6 months ago
Haha I'll try

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