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Standing in the entry way, our kissing has become increasingly passionate. Our hands are groping each others back and pulling our bodies tightly together. The temperature is definitely rising. As our tongues wantoningly explore, you pull away and nibble across my cheek and to my ear. You whisper, "I have something special planned for you." And with that, you pull away, take my hand and lead me up the stairs and down the hall to your bedroom.

We enter the dimly lit room. Candles flicker in all corners of the room, and the sweet smell of jasmine fills the air. At the foot of the king sized bed, sits a kitchen chair, and a pair of leopard skinned handcuffs.

I say, "well now... and just what do you have in mind?" After a long deep kiss, you say, "after last week's amazing orgasm you gave me, where you teased me so long and brought me to new heights producing the most amazing orgasm ever, I thought I'd return the favor." You begin to unbutton my shirt and describe how last week's session went, "the way you touched me, so softly, yet with a purpose... and how you teased and teased me, making my clit and pussy throb for attention... and then when you finally let me cum, I released so hard and my orgasm was so intense that I thought i was going to pass out." Undoing my belt, unbuttoning my pants, and slowly unzipping my slacks, you continue to say "I've been thinking about how to return the favor all week. My pussy has been a sloppy mess all week thinking about it. You will enjoy what I have in mind." And with that, I feel you tug on my boxers and slide them down my legs.

Stepping out of my pile of clothes, I stand there naked, aroused with anticipation of what you have next in mind. From your knees, you look up at me, then look at my cock which is standing at attention about 12 inches from your pretty face. You lean in and slowly open your mouth. I close my eyes in anticipation of feeling your hot tongue tasting my swollen dick. But i don't feel that, i feel your hot breath on the shaft. You're about 1 inch from me, yet not touching. Your hands on my hips, keep me from leaning in and touching your sweet mouth. This is part of the tease, and I like it. You smile, then lean in and kiss to the side of my dick, kissing my hips, up to my stomach, and as you stand, you work your kisses, licks, and nibbling up to my chest, then my neck, and then my hungry lips. You are such a good kisser and my cock throbs with each dart of your tongue into my mouth.

You lead me over to the chair and sit me down. "Place your hands behind your back, mister." "yes, ma'am." And then I hear the sound of handcuffs locking my arms in place behind the back of the chair. You have me scoot up so that my ass is at the edge of the chair and I'm in more of a recline position. You stand up and admire the position you have me in. Standing before you, you begin to slowly disrobe. Our eyes stay locked as you slowly unbutton your blouse. Then you turn around and after unsnapping and unzipping your pants, you slowly pull them down exposing your sexy red g-string panties. Looking over your shoulder at me, you see me staring at your perfectly round ass. You say, "I think you like what you see, don't you?" I nod yes. Turning around towards me, I see how hott those panties are... red with black lace barely covering your pussy. Your breasts are still tucked away in your push-up bra. You look so hottt that my cock jumps involuntarily at the sight of you. You step towards me and place one foot on the bed, and the other between my legs. Your pelvis is just inches away from my face, and I can see your wetness. I want to taste you and I begin to lean forward, but you stop me by placing your hands on my broad shoulders and pinning me against the back of the chair. "Remember, this is about you and your pleasure..."

Straddling each side of the chair, you lean down and give me an intense kiss. Your wet spot is hovering just inches above my tool, and much to my surprise, you reach down between your legs, pulling your panties to the side and lower you pussy onto my cock. It sinks all the way in as you are so wettt. We both let out a moan and you throw you head backwards gasping as I fill you. You slowly raise up to the point where just my swollen mushroom head remains, then as our mouths and tongues meet, you push down taking every inch of me deep inside of you. Holding me inside of you, I feel your muscles squeeze my dick. This feels soo good. Again, you raise up and I slowly leave the warmth of your sweet pussy. This time you let me come all the way out. You tell me.. "sorry baby. that wasn't part of the plan. I just had to have you inside of me, if only for a minute."

Slithering your way down body, you end up kneeling between my legs and with your left hand, you gently squeeze my shaft. You reach to the floor with your right and find a cock strap that you placed there before i arrived. You place it around my dick and push it all the way to the base. Holding it in place with one hand, the other pulls the strap and it tightens around the base of my cock. All of the veins pop out, the head and shaft expand, as my cock is fully engorged. You give it another hard tug, and it firmly wrapped around the base of my engorged shaft.

With my cock standing at full attention infront of your face, you look up at me and smile. "Your cock looks beautiful baby." Then you lean forward and with a long, slow, and seductive way, you lick from the base of my shaft, all the way up to the underside of my mushroom head. My dick jumps at your touch. It feels so full, so engorged, so hard. You then take just the head between your lips and suck. Continuing the pressure, you slowly drop down my shaft engulfing me inch by hard inch. With my cock wet with your saliva, you wrap your hand around my cock and pull up. You apply tight pressure on the upstroke and light pressure going down. It's as if you're trying to milk my cock, like a cow's teet. And I think you are. The attention is making my cock throb. I look down and see the head is purple, and it's throbbing with each rapid beat of my heart. You look into my eyes and continue giving me an incredible handjob. Just as you tightly grip on the upstroke, you now add your soft wet mouth on the down stroke. This is intense, and i don't know if I can last much longer. Hearing my breathing rate increase, and the occasional whimper you sense I'm close to cumming. You quicken the pace and begin the rub the spot under my ball sack. This sends me over the edge. The muscles in my entire body clench, breathing stops, and from my balls, I unleash what would be stream after hot, sticky stream of cum. The cock strap keeps it from shooting out. You sit back and watch my body convulse and see that instead of streams of cum, just a little dribble rises to the tip and slowly falls down the side of my quivering shaft. Coming down from this huge orgasm, I look at you and say "wow. That was intense."

With a wink, you reply, "We're not done yet. Watching you cum like that was too much. I need this piece of meat in me." And with that you straddle my cock and it sinks right in. It's still completely hard, as the cock strap is doing it's job. You ride me with crazed look in your eyes. I can sense you're close, as you begin to just grind your clit against me, keep my hardness buried deep inside of you. I hear you panting increase, then without warning, you shudder.. full body shudder! Holding me tight, your body orgasms amazingly hard. I feel your pussy clamp and release my shaft with each pulse of your orgasm. Your chest is flushed. Breathing jagged. Collapsing against me, you slowly come back to earth, and say "Sorry babe, I couldn't resist. I needed that really bad."

Climbing off of me, you kneel before my cum covered and purple headed cock. You lazily stroke it and tell me "here comes part II of my plan. Ready baby?"

[from the Author: So.... I haven't had time to finish this story. My thinking was more teasing, some light anal play, that at the end, when she's sucking my cock to the point of explosion, she releases the cock strap and bl**d rushes back into my unit. Then, as I cum, multiple streams, as this orgasm still has cum backed up from the first...

Anyways... I'd luv your help in finishing this. Leave your comments below...]

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