Dinner and Desert

After a long day at my client's office, in a city away from home, I have one night left before I am able to head home. My mind is consumed with the days events... the installation went fine, but so far the training isn't going quite as planned. As I'm walking back to my hotel, I decide to stop into this nice looking restaurant. I've walked past it each and every night of this 5 day trip, but always ended up in the hotel restaurant. I think, I've had a pretty good trip, I could use some fine dining. I peer through the large front window pane and I see a long mahogany bar with red leather bar stools. The tables have white table cloths and the room is dimly lit. Perfect, I think to myself and I open the front door and enter. I'm greeted by the mantron'd and he asks me if I have a reservation. I tell him I don't. He says it'll probably be an hour before I can be seated. I tell him that I don't mind sitting at the bar and waiting. As I enter, I see the room has many booths lining one side of the room, and tables s**ttered throughout. I walk to the bar, scanning the room. Indeed there is a wait, as I notice as I walk to the bar, all the tables are full. The bar has a few people at it, and I find a bar stool towards the end. I sit, and take off my blue blazer and set it on the stool next too me.

Bartender comes up, places a napkin in front of me and asks what I'd want. "I'll have a double Jameson on the rocks."
The bar has a long mirror behind and I can see pretty much the entire room. As I take a sip of my drink, I look through the mirror and people watch the room. In one corner, I see an elderly couple, not talking much, but enjoying their food. Two tables from them, I see two men dressed in suits, enjoying a few beers, and big steaks to close out there weekday. In one of the booths, I watch a fairly attractive woman flirt with her date. It's obvious they are on a first or second date, as they both seem so interested in each other. I watch them for awhile as it's somewhat entertaining. She keeps leaning into him and laughing, and I think to myself, well he's getting lucky tonight. My eyes glance around the room as I continue to enjoy my drink while I people watch.

In the mirror behind the bar, I spot a very attractive woman speaking to the matron'd. She's wearing a business suit,with a red blouse. Her wavy blond hair just reaches the shoulder of her light grey jacket. I can't help but stare as she is simply memorizing. I watch as she continues to talk with the matron'd. She looks a bit irritated, and is probably encountering the same problem I had: a 1 hour wait. A quick scan of the bar seating situation, and the only open seat is the one with my blazer resting on it. The matron'd points to the bar, and she begins to walk over scanning for a place to sit. She walks up to the open spot and the bartender greets her with "what can I get you?" She replies, "not a hour long wait would be nice." Bartender smiles for his reply. "I'll have a glass of Zin please" Then turns to me, and asks, if this seat is taken. "No. I'm sorry. I didn't realize I left my coat there. Have a seat."

There I sit next to a woman who I couldn't take my eyes off when she walked into the room... and she's sitting next to me.

"Here for the 'wait' too?" "Yes! Can you believe this place?" "I had the same trouble. How long is your wait?"

"Well, they said 30-45 minutes, but I have a feeling it'll be longer. But, I'd rather sit here and relax and go back to my dreaded hotel room. There's only so much alone time one can have, right?" I nod in agreement. "So, what brings you to town?" "Just on business. Got here yesterday for a sales presentation. My flight was canceled, so I'm here for another night.

You?" "Same. Here on business. Been here for a couple of days, and got tired of the hotel food and thought I'd try this place out. It must be pretty good, as the wait sure is long." "I heard the same thing. This is the place to go for a good dinner. And there's music after Nine."

We continue to talk and enjoy our drinks. You take off your blazer and I can't help but notice how amazing you look. The red blouse shows off just the right amount of cleavage for business: not too much, but enough to get attention. You take both our blazers and put them on the coat rack at the front of the restaurant. I watch you walk back and our eyes lock. When you approach, you say "what?" coyly. I just smile and say nothing. You sit and we both order another round. Conversation continues... career, relationships, where and how we were raised. Then the matron'd walks over, and I think to myself "damn, not yet. I'm enjoying the company of my new friend."

"Mr. John, your table is ready." A look of disappointment on your face tells me everything I need to know. "Care to join me? I'm sure there's room for two." A big bright-eyed smile comes across your face as you gladly accept. We follow the matron'd as he brings us to a booth in the back of the restaurant. I sit with my back to the wall, facing out towards the restaurant, whereas you sit opposite of me with your back to the restaurant, facing me and the wall.

Our conversation continues as I order a bottle of wine. You say, "I'm on a limited budget you know." "What? You company doesn't treat you well?" in a sarcastic, teasing tone, I respond. "Listen, I'm enjoying you, our conversation, and the company... dinner is on me." You protest but for a minute, and then say "thank you".

We sit, continue our conversation, order our meals, and enjoy a really nice vintage Cabernet. Our conversation turns more playful and we start talking about embarrassing moments. You tell me about the time you had a bad haircut and were embarrassed to go to school. I tell you about the time I got caught. "You got caught? Doing what?" "Well... let's just say I was enjoying the company of my then high school girlfriend."

"OMG, you have tell me the story."

"Well, we were studying in my room, and the mood struck us to fool around. Blah, blah, blah. I'm in between her legs, buck naked, her legs straight up in the air... then 'knock, knock', and my Dad just walks in." "Oh no." "Oh yes. I'm there, naked as can be, and my Dad walks in." We both laugh. "What did your Dad say?" "He just stared for a minute, then said, dinner is ready. Turned around, walked out and closed the door." "That's it?" "Well, no. We had to have 'the talk' when she left." My girlfriend almost died from embarrassment. Took her two months before she'd come over again.

You say "Wow. That tops my story by a mile. I can't imagine getting caught by my parents. For all they know, I'm still a virgin." "You are?" I ask sarcastically. "Oh no, but it's been so long since I've had a good lay, I might as well be." "Oh really. Been awhile, eh?", I say hoping this topic would continue. You reply, "Ya, my last relationship ended 6 months ago, and I really just buried myself in work." "6 Month!", I retort, with a smile. "Well, of course, BOB has been a trusted friend."


"Ya, you know. B O B... Battery Operated B..." "Oh, I see." "And, my last boyfriend was a lousy in bed, so... BOB and I have been together for a long time." We both laugh. Once the smiles end, an uncomfortable silence takes over both of us. We're having such a good time, and we're both thinking that we'd have some 'more than just dinner fun' together, but neither of us break the ice. Then you excuse yourself to use the restroom.

I sit there and recap the amazing evening I'm having. Sitting alone, assuming I'd eat alone, then the unbelievably gorgeous girl joins me for not only drinks but dinner as well. I look out across the room and see the jazz band begin to set up.

You come back after a few minutes, and I instantly notice one of your buttons is undone on your blouse. I can't help but stare at the revealing cleavage you are displaying and I feel something stir in my slacks. You smile broadly as you notice where my eyes are, and say "Hey, what are you looking at?" "Ummmm", I say with a sheepish grin. "Continue to play your cards right, and you'll see more than that." you retort. I smile.

The waitress comes by and clears our dinner plates, then asks "room for desert?" I look at you and ask, "have time? Want some desert?" You stare straight into my eyes, and reply with a simple "yes". "Creme broule, please." "To share", the waitress asks with a smile. I say "yes, that'd be great."

Just as she walks away, the jazz band begins to play and the lights in the room dim. "No fair, I can't see", you say noticing that from my vantage point I can see the band. "Well, scoot over, there's plenty of room for both of us." You scoot over, and as you get closer you slyly say "you're not going to bite, are you?" "That depends", I say with a wink. you move right next to me, shoulder to shoulder, hands on the table, and we both comment how the lights have dimmed and this is almost romantic. "It is, I agree", I say turning to you... and noticing my face is just inches from yours. Our eyes meet and lock again. The heat is rising, we can both feel it. Without saying a word, I lean towards you and am greeted by a welcoming and inspiring first kiss. It's not one of those, 'tongue in each other's mouth, can't get enough of each other' kind of kisses, but a quick kiss, that turns into a long, slow, soft intense kiss. I pull away first, and turn towards the band as they start their first tune. "That was really nice", you say. I turn and just smile. A smile quickly disappears as we both lean in for another kiss. This kiss is a bit more intense, but continuing to be discreet as we are in a public restaurant. We both realize that while we are in the back booth of a dimly lit room, but there are other people around.

You say "So, 'missionary', eh?" "Huh?" "with your high school girlfriend" "Oh... yup, that's the position we were in." "Is that your favorite position?", you ask.

"oh, so we're now discussing sexual positions are we?" As I ask this, your hand drops from the table and falls onto my thigh. Your hand rests there and gives my inner thigh a squeeze as you say "seems like an interesting topic, yes."

I bring my arm up, and wrap it around your shoulders. "That's more comfortable, isn't it?" You smile and say "yes. But don't you change the subject. Answer my question." "What were we talking about again?" You nudge me and say "...favorite position?" "Oh ya, that.", I say with a sly grin.

"Ok, then... missionary is good. It's incredible looking into her eyes as I... well.. as I ..." "Fill her" you say, stopping me from stammering. "Yes." "I agree, it can be amazing feeling when eyes are locked and we both are on the verge", you explain. You further go onto say, after taking a long drink of your wine, "but my favorite is from behind. It simply makes me orgasm every single time." "Good to know", as my cock now strains against my slacks. Of course it doesn't help that your hand continues to massage my inner thigh. I shift trying to gain some comfort down there, and you notice. "uncomfortable?" "No, just this conversation has somebody a bit interested, and he's moving around down there." "Oh, I see", you say as your hand moves up my inner thigh and gets to my groin.

"Oh yes, I understand now." you softly say as you kneed my groin.

"To me, there is nothing better than between a woman's legs, looking up, and seeing her face wracked with pleasure." "Mmmm, you say", as your fingers slowly outline my hardening dick. "I think I might like to experience that", you whisper in my ear.

The heat between us is quickly rising. I reach under the table and find your thigh as well. With your hand on my johnson, and my hand gently touching your inner thigh, we lean in to each other for another kiss. This one is hotter than the last, as you give my now aching dick a squeeze, as I spread your legs a bit and slowly drag my probing hand up your business suit's skirt. Just then, we both hear the waitress clear her throat and say "here's your desert." We both giggle and collect ourselves as she places the desert between us, gives us both plates, and two new forks. "Need anything else? Another glass of wine Miss?" You say, "no I'm fine, thanks." I decline as well.

She walks away and we embarrassingly laugh at how she "caught us". We grab our forks and each take a fork-full of this desert. "Mmmmm... that's good", you say quite seductively. I silently agree, as I place my left hand back on your right exposed thigh. Your skin feels so smooth and warm. Looking straight into my eyes, you lean in and softly give me a kiss, as you feel my hand gently, yet purposely, touch your inner thigh. Our tongues slowly tangle in each other's mouths, and it's as if we are the only two people in the room. Your hand falls back onto my lap, and you give me a squeeze through my slacks. My hand moves up your inner thigh a bit, and as if you grant me permission, you moan so softly and open your legs. You break away from our kiss, and go for another bite of our desert. You bring the loaded fork up to my mouth, and feed me some. You take the fork and teasingly clean it off. My cock is literally throbbing from how sexy you are. It certainly helps that your hand is massaging it through my pants. My hand lazily works its way up to your crotch. The heat from you is intense as I near your sweetness. My fingers brush across what I thought would be covered by panties, but to my surprise, they brush across a pair of wet pussy lips. I look at you with a surprised, yet happy, look. "Ya, I took those off a little while ago." "I see. Very nice." "I thought you might like that." I exclaim, "you are fucking hottt." I then lean in and our lips meeting again. You position yourself to expose more of your wetness to my exploring fingers. I slowly drag one finger around the outside of your swelling pussy lips. Your tongue darts in and out of my mouth and your breathing begins to quicken. I feel you squeeze my cock and stroke the shaft through my pants. My fingers now circle the inner part of your lips, dipping into your wetness. I pull away from our kiss, as this public display is getting intense.

What's happening under the table, no one can see. I watch the band, as our hands play with each other's fun parts. you unzip my pants, reach in, and I finally feel your flesh on my aching cock. You tell me, "you cock feels so hard. And so hot." I just moan a bit. Two of my fingers dip into your pussy, a few inches deep, then I drag them slowly out and up towards your swollen little nub. Gently, I circle around the outside of your clit. You bite your lower lip, yet try to maintain composer to any potential onlookers. Slowly, and methodically, I rub the tips of my fingers around the base of your throbbing little nub. You lean of and whisper in my ear... "I need you inside of me." Then you nibble on my earlobe.

I've been watching the restroom, and noticed no one is using it. Everyone is enjoying the band. I reach down, and put my cock back in my pants. I tell you to follow me into the men's restroom in 30 seconds. I excuse myself, and quickly turn towards the bathroom, trying to hide my erection.

The restroom is clean and looks good. Granite counter tops; large wall-length mirror; travertine tile floors; dark wood stalls... I'm impressed. I walk to the urinal, unzip, and coax my pecker to be not so hard so I can relieve myself. I hear someone enter the bathroom behind me, and think it's just another guy. Then I hear the door lock. "You almost done", you say with a devilish smile. I whip around and see you standing 10 feet behind me. I quickly finish... and you say "I wouldn't bother putting that away." I turn around and say "oh, you mean this?" I reply, letting my cock hang outside of my slacks.

You walk over and place your body against mine... lean in and give me the hottest kiss I've ever had. Our a****l instincts consume us, as our mouths hungrily kiss, lick, and suck each others. Our hands grab at each's backs, pulling us tightly together. We walk together to the counter top; me forward, you backward, never breaking the seal on our lips. I lift you up onto the counter and stand between your legs. My cock bounces freely between us. We kiss passionately only breaking free to take a gulp of air. We can't seem to get enough of each other. You reach down and tug on my cock. I move from your sweet lips to your neck. I kiss down to your chest and unbutton your red blouse. We are both quietly moaning, as you continue to stroke my swollen cock. I find my way to one of your tits, pulling your bra away, I expose your hard nipple to the cool air. I quickly wrap my lips around it, and I hear you take a deep breath in.

I look up and say "I have to taste your pussy." Stepping back, you open your legs wide as if to present your pussy to me. I stand there, cock bobbing in the air, and staring at a beautiful, neatly shaven pussy. The lips are all swollen and your clit is poking out seeking attention. I can see glistening flesh and lean in for a taste.
You next feel the tip of my tongue drag slowly parting your lips... slowly glancing over your clit. I moan with how hot your pussy is, and you moan from how good my tongue feels between your legs. Another long, slow, drag of my tongue, this time I stop on your throbbing clit and circle with my tongue. You mutter "yessss... baby.... Mmmm.." Circling the base, round and round. Your hand on the back of my head, pulls my face into you and you begin to grind yourself against my mouth. You pull my head up, and tell me with absolute certainty, "I can't take it anymore... put that cock in my now!" I step forward, and guide the head between your lips. We both notice the heat between us, and as my cock slips between those pretty pair of lips, the heat intensifies. I want to go slow, but can't help myself as my cock continues to slip deeper in. I feel your legs wrap around me, as you toss your head back with pleasure. My dick is buried balls deep inside you. You squeeze your lips and our pelvis push hard against each other.... holding me there, you feel my cock twitch with each rapid heart beat. You lean up, wrap your arms around my neck and our lips lock. I can feel your pussy squeezing down like a vise on my throbbing cock. With my hands under your ass, I pick you up and hold you against the wall three steps away.... I can't help it...I can't just sit inside you anymore... I have to pump. I have to fuck. My cock begins to piston in and out of your pussy, as I fuck you against the wall. Faster now, in and out. You hold on to me tighter around my neck and bury your face into my shoulder. With each thrust, my cock slams into you. We are both out of control. a****l instinct has overcome us both and we are on the verge of cumming. A few more quick and powerful thrusts, and inhale deeply and hold your breath as the first of several waves crash against your body. Your pussy convulses around my pistoning cock with each powerful wave of pleasure.

I can't hold back anymore as I feel my toes curl; my entire body tightens... Then with a guttural moan, and thrusting my cock in as deep as it'll go.... My cock swells, then rapidly shutters as my hot cum splashes deep inside of you. Then another spurt, and another, until I've shot all of my hot sticky seed. Our bodies relax, and I carry you back over to the counter, where I let my cock slowly slip out of your drenched pussy. Our kisses are softer, yet we both are still catching our breath.

Just then, we both hear a knock at the bathroom door. "Quick get cleaned up.", I quietly say. "Just a minute", I say through the door. Both of us straightened our clothes up, and unlock the door, and step out together. Walking past the man who needed to use the facilities, we both just privately giggle together. Back at the table, I see the check there, and quickly pay it. "Let's get out of here.", I say. "The night is still young." "Which hotel are you staying at?" you ask. "Hilton, just a couple of blocks down." "Me too. Walk with me?" "Absolutely, you're not getting away that quickly.", I retort and lean in for a quick smooch.

What happens next?

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2 months ago
Long standing fantasy of mine, not yet realised on my travels. Nicely done
3 years ago
I have been on business trips like these and they are great...