Beg For It

Our hotel room is nothing special. It has a King sized bed, small shower/bathtub, a small table and 2 chairs, and a TV. I pour you another glass of Merlot. We are feeling the effects of the wine and our conversation has turned from idle chit-chat about other xHamster members to the reason you and I are in this hotel room together.

I’m becoming increasingly aroused as I watch your chest heave as you laugh at my jokes. You place your hand on my forearm and I feel electricity shoot through. You do to as our eyes meet. We lean forward and our lips lock. Our tongues eagerly dance and explore each other’s mouth. You let out a moan as you become more aroused. I pull away and say… “you ready? You want to play?”

I stand and state “You will do as I say or be penalized.” You look surprised yet willing to submit. First, I tell you to remove your clothes. You resist at first, and I will throw you onto the bed, jump on top of you and rip open your blouse. This is when you then realize you are no longer in control. I proceed to remove the remainder of your garments, exposing your quivering flesh to me. I ask you to stand. You comply. From across the room, I admire your naked-ness standing at the foot of the bed. I walk over to you. Your loins tremble with anticipation. You to drop to your knees and unleash my hard cock, as it needs to escape the confines of my pants. "Good girl," I say. You immediately take it into your mouth, sucking on it as if was providing you needed nourishment.

Mmm.. your hot mouth and slick tongue feel good. I pull away, and ask, “you like that?” “You want more?” A ‘yes’ escapes your lips. “Are you worthy to receive my cock?” “yes, please.” “ok, you can have one more taste.” You hungrily envelope my cock. But only the first half. “Take it all, you cock hungry little slut” With my hand, I reach for the back of your head, grab a handful of hair, and f***e my cock all the way in your mouth. That’s better. I then f***efully bob your head up and down on my stiff dick. “That’s better, yes, fuck my dick with your mouth” “you want my cumm?” I hear you murmur incoherently. “what?” I pull your mouth off of me, and you say ‘yes’ in between panting breaths. “You want to taste it?” I reach down and twist your left nipple hard.. you moan loudly, but hear me ask: “do you?!” you mutter: “yes!, please!” I nod and allow you to continue to worship my throbbing fuck stick.

You suck fast and furious, and I can not last much longer. My toes curl into the cheap hotel room carpet and I feel my nuts tighten. I say, “yesss.. good girl. Suck my cock” With a grunt, the first rope of thick cum splash into your mouth. My body convulses as another spurt shoots out. I pull my quivering cock out of your mouth, take a step back and watch as you wantonly swallow every last drop.

I see your hand feverishly rubbing your pussy. I ask “did I say you could do that?!” pointing towards your pussy. “get on the bed, lay down; NOW!”

I get in between your legs and slowly kiss my way up your inner thighs to your leaking pussy. “Does my little slut need some attention?” Then you feel my tongue dart in between your swollen lips. You are so wet and there is so much for me to lap up. I turn my attention to your throbbing little nub, and you arch your back as the tip of my tongue circles around it. “Is this going to make you cum?” , I ask. “Yes”, mutters from your lips. I continue to attack your clit, sucking on it, licking it.

I then push two fingers inside of you, and your hips buck up and down to fuck my fingers, while my mouth devours your swollen clit. I can hear your breathing/panting increase.
I command “Do NOT cum” You whimper. I stop, but leave my fingers inside you. “Don’t cum, until your told.” My fingers are busily working on your G-spot, kneading that rough spot just inside your hole. With glazed eyes, you look at me, and say “please let me cum. I need to cum”.

I reach up with my free hand and knead your left tit. I roll your nipple hard between my fingers. You moan at the new sensations, then bite down on your lower lip, and I feel your twat clamp down on my fingers. “Don’t’ you dare cum… I’ll stop right now and leave if you cum without permission. Are you going to be a good girl?” You nod a meager ‘yes’.

I lean back down and notice your juices are all over my hand, your inner thighs, and the bed. I’ve never seen you so turned on. Your pussy is literally flowing. I place my tongue at your crotch and run it noisily across your clit. Your hips jump up to meet me, pressing your clit against my mouth.

“You need it don’t you? Beg me to allow you to cum”, And with that I lean back down and eat you more. My fingers start ramming you faster and I hear you say “Pleassssseeeeee”, as your body begins to convulse. I can feel your pussy clamp down on my fingers, squeezing out juices on to my fingers and face. “Ahhhhhhh” Your body shutters as wave after wave crashes over you. I’ve never seen you cum so hard. My cock throbs watching you writhe with pleasure. It is so fucking hot watching you cum so hard.

After you come back to earth, and stop whimpering, I tell you that you were a bad girl for cumming without permission and you’re going to have to pay.

"How are you going to right this wrong?"

89% (10/1)
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3 years ago
I love it! Wonderful descriptions, and a nice plot. Definetly left me wanting more... Part two!! :D
3 years ago
hott ;)
3 years ago
incredible story...I want to read the second part...her punishment :-)
3 years ago
bummer about the broken links/hot linking. How do I edit the story??
3 years ago
I love this story!!!
too bad the picture links broke...
3 years ago
That site sucks