Mr NaturallyHot "A Day At The Office"

You come in every morning as you always do. Bringing me my coffee, and saying Hi. Always looking gorgeous. Sitting close to me as if tempting me to do as I please. Laying back just a little so i can admire the slit in the bottom of your skirt. Touching your leg, and running my hand up under your skirt. Letting my thumb caress the top of your opening while I never look up from my desk. Trying to break your speech while you fill me in on the days plans. You never say a word, or complain in fear of being fired, but secretly enjoying it enough to occasionally show up at work without panties. Hoping that I'll touch you that day. Finally giving into your urges, and straddling me in my chair. Telling me that I'm going to go down on her until you're satisfied or your're going to tell my wife. So, I've got a choice to make here. Act professional, and never touch you again, or do as you say.

Straddling and kissing me with intense desire I can't help but give in to your demands. Secretly i want to be told what to do. My hands run up the outside of your legs and push your sexy skirt up to your hips. Slipping off your red bottoms, you then place your feet on the arms of my chair, and sit on the edge of my desk. Looking into my brown eyes as you run your hands threw my hair, Telling me exactly what you want, and how i am to please you. When the instructions are given you calmly reach for the back of my head pulling me towards you. My tongue reaching out to you. Parting your lips before my skin ever touches you. Holding my head you pull me in and out of you. Then holding me still so i can work my own magic. Laying the flat part of my tongue against your clit, and licking upward. Forcing you apart, and tasting your excitement. The tip making small circles around your opening getting increasingly larger until I've gotten your juice all over my mouth, and dripping from my chin. Now with your legs locked behind my back I seal my lips against yours as you start to cum. I can then feel your sweetness begin to trickle into my mouth, and as you can hear me swallow your waves of excitement. Your back arched over my desk as you call out my name, and tell me how good this feels. Slipping one time, a little bit gets out and runs down your big booty and drips onto my desk. I'm going to need a new desk calendar, but it was so worth it! Sitting up you slide back down onto my lap slowly licking the wetness from my lips before giving me a highly approving tongue kiss. Before standing up you let me know that now I've done that, It's going to need to be a regular thing for the two of us. Or your're going to tell. So what what could i say ..I eagerly agreed to help out because I loved it.

To be Continued....
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4 months ago
Love a hot woman who loves a good tonguing and lets her man know what turns her on and gives her juice orgasms that has him swallowing her juices. Yes, you get to thinking of your cock dumping its cum in that sweet wet pussy and eating that too.
1 year ago
Damn i like this a lot
1 year ago
1 year ago
I Love This! This really made my Pussy Wet #cantwaitforthenextone