The After Party Orgy

There's nothing like being at a party with a few of your friends and finally getting the virgin of the group laid. It was a Friday on a hot summer night and me and the guys decided to hit a party. It was me, the gentleman of the crew. Tommy, the crazy wild boy. Jeff, the stoner of the group and finally, there was Tim, the shy but eager virgin. Ask for me, I'm not racist but people ask, why do you hang out with 2 white guys? The answer? Jeff and Tim are the best people to have around when something is going down. Just like every Friday, we hit up the hottest party in the city and it finally got down to the point where Tim just needed to get laid. We get to this party and we meet up with 4 of the finest woman in the party. Donna was a mature white woman that like to hang with the people in their 20's. Linda was a thick, juicy black bbw that love white cock. Selena and Milena were mexican twins and both of them had big asses and big tits. So after dancing a couple of hours, we decide to head back downtown to the hotel. Thanks to Jeff, Donna, Linda, Milena and Selena were high as a kite. When we got in the room, we turn on some music and all 4 of them started stripping out their clothes. Jeff, Tommy and I sat Tim down in a chair and tied him to it. Linda dropped down on her knees and starting sucking Tim's cock. On the other side of the room, Jeff and Donna was getting high again. While Linda was still sucking Tim's cock, Tommy laid on one bed and I laid down on the other bed. Selena got in the bed with me and Milena got in the bed with Tommy. Before I knew it, all 4 of us was having our dicks sucked. Linda untied Tim from the chair and told him to get behind her. As Linda bent over the chair, Tim stood behind her and froze. We asked Tim what was wrong and before he could get to say anything, Donna stood him, grabbed his cock and put inside Linda's warm, juicy pussy. Tim put his hands on Linda's ass and began to pull her towards him while she pulled away from him. Tommy yelled, "That's right T, get that shit!" As I looked around the room, Jeff was on the table getting rode by Donna and Tommy was on top of Milena making her moan and scream. Me? Let's just say that I don't like being outdone. I picked up Selena and held her up against the wall and I drilled her with my 10 inch cock. The room was filled with moans and screams. It was like music to my ears. Tommy made a challenge to see who could make their woman cum first. While Jeff, Tommy and Tim tried to get their women to cum, I laid Selena on the bed and began to bury my tongue deep down her her pussy. As the cries grow louder and louder, I expected to hear the neighbors banging on the walls and the door. I managed to get Selena to cum first. After 30 minutes of fucking the women we were with, I scream "Switch!" After the switch, I had Linda digging her nails into my back. Jeff had Selena screaming, "Oh My God!" Tim had finally got into his groove going and had Milena screaming his name. Tommy was dicking Donna down to the point where she was turning red. Every 20 minutes, we were switching up our partners. By the time I looked at the clock, it was 4:30 in the morning and we all had to work in the morning. So by 4:45, Linda, Donna, Selena and Milena got down on their knees, open their mouths and stuck out their tongues. Tommy came first and he shot his load on all four of their faces. Jeff blew his load all over Donna and soaked her from head to toe with his cum. Tim pulled Milena and Selena's faces next to each other and he came in both their mouths. Finally, I stood in front of Linda and as she stuck her long tongue out. I screamed as I shot what seem like was a huge amount of cum into and down Linda's throat. Another Friday night passed, another week to wait until we do this all over again. None of us thought about what we had to do later on, all we focus on was doing this all over again next week. Hopefully, 7 days will be pass by real quick.
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3 years ago
What an great story