A changing room incident...

The inspiration for this story knows who she is, and I really, really hope it gets her going as much it it did me while writing it... ;)

My work frequently takes me to a variety of locations, often for up to a couple of months at a time. This was one of those ocassions and I was expecting to be resident in my new, temporary location for at least three months.

Having been a swimmer for many years, whenever I am posted to a new location I always make a point of seeking out the local leisure centre to ensure that I can keep up at least a minimum level of swimming and this ocassion was no different. Having located a local swimming pool I noticed that they had a local swimming team, and reasoned that I may as well join, given that I'd be in the areas for a while; at the very least go along to see what was happening.

So that Wednesday along I went and having been introduced to the team coach, I was subsequently introduced to a number of the club members; a variety of people ranging in age from say eighteen to mid-forties. One stand-out member was Sarah. Aged perhaps twenty-nine, she was five or so years younger than myself and had a body to die for: Approximately 5'6" tall with striking green eyes and whisps of brown hair protruding from the bottom of her swimming cap, she had an ample, yet toned frame that was exquisitely complemented by the red Arena one-piece swimsuit she was wearing.

I couldn't take my eyes off her.

Recently separated as I was after a particularly bitter and protracted split, I was in no hurry to get involved with anybody. In fact, I was simply happy to admire Sarah from afar.

And so it was, that this was the situation over a couple of weeks whilst swimming regularly up to four times a week. I considered to myself that this could be construed as being a bit creepy, but ignoring my innner moral conscience, I proceeded fantasise about her almost incessantly, with vivid thoughts of what I would love to do to her fulfilling my ever-increasing masturbatory needs.

My infatuation was somewhat fuelled by the fact that on may ocassions, Sarah and I would be swimming our laps from the same starting board. More and more, I found myself engineering situations so that Sarah was always in front of me so that I could trail behind her catching brief but thoroughly appreciated glimpses of her toned legs powering their way through the water and her tight, pert ass rocking from side to side in the process.

Word soon came through from my employer that the contract I had been working on had been extended and that I would be required to remain in my present location for a further two months. I reasoned to myself that this being the case, perhaps I should consider asking Sarah out, afterall, no-one was saying it had to be anything serious.

However, it was two days later on the Friday evening that it all kicked off. Having arranged to go out for a few beers with work colleagues on the Saturday, I decided that I would increase the number of laps I'd been planning on swimming in order to counter-act the excesses of the following day. Turning up as per usual I changed and headed for the pool. Again, as was more often than not the case, Sarah and I ended up in the same lane.

However, tonight, she looked incredible! Wearing a green Anne Klein one-piece swimsuit, with a plunging neckline that showed off her tits almost to perfection, her body had the resemblance of a Goddess. Half an hour into the training session, we switched our style to breast-stroke. With Sarah in front, I seized EVERY opportunity to admire her perfect legs and ass kicking out. The smooth material of her swimsuit hugged her ass, with her swimsuit-covered pussy lips claiming just enough of the material to form a mouth-watering camel toe.

Continuing to swim I clearly drifted off deep into thought, contemplating yet again just how much I would love to maul her perfect figure...

My train of thought was brought to an abrupt halt when all of sudden I collided with something: Not the hard ceramic wall of the pool, but something soft...Sarah.

Lifting my head to the surface, and trying to compose myself, I lifted my goggles and located Sarah's face with its surprised expression.

'S-Sorry' I muttered, still trying to get the thoughts of her out of my head whilst maintaining at least an element of composure.

'Perhaps you should focus on where you're swimming instead of daydreaming?' she responded, in which I detected feint undertones of an annoyed retort.

I continued with the session, as did Sarah, and on finishing It appeared that we were the only two left in the pool. Sarah pulled herself out of the pool, and with my eyes boring into her ass as she did so, she strolled over to the changing rooms. Remaining in the water for a while longer, I reasoned that I should get a grip of myself, and with that, I walked, head down in thought, towards the changing rooms.

Eyes down, I pushed the door and in I strolled, only to then hear a soft, yet alightly alarmed gasp...

There was Sarah, towel in hand having dried her long brown hair, with her swimsuit pulled down, breasts exposed in the process of getting undressed. She rapidly pulled the swimsuit back up and launched into a defensive verbal attack:

'What do you think you're doing?!'

'I'm sorry!' I countered

'No you're not. Do you not think I know you've been perving at me for weeks?!! You dirty bastard!!!'

'I haven't!!!' I lied, wondering just how convincing I had sounded.

'You have....I know you have'

Starting to wince a bit from this verbal beating, I fought back.

'Oh do you? You know, do you? And how's that?'

'Because I been letting you all the while' she retorted.

Her words hit me like a train. I just stared at her.

'I could report you for harrassment you know...it'd be your word against mine. However, I don't think it's going to have to come to that. Do you?'

I simply looked at her, the look of disbelief in my eyes clearly evident to her as she made her way towards me...

Now up close, she leaned in and saying nothing, her hand closed around and moved up the rapidly growing bulge inside my tight Speedo trunks. With her free hand, she slowly tugged on the pull cord of my trunks, and on untying it, her hand slipped slowly inside making contact with my rock-hard cock, which gave an almighty involuntary twitch as she did so.

My mind was racing with thoughts of what was about to happen and with my cock tingling, I felt my foreskin being rolled back ever so delicately, precum coating her nicely manicured fingers, which started swirling their way around the well-coated head of my cock, her sharp nails adding just that little extra painful, yet amazing sensation.

Slipping my cock out of my trunks, she sunk to her knees and took the head into her mouth, closing her her well-shaped lips arouns it, her tongue massaging the tip. She started working her mouth along the shaft; up and down, with her tongue flicking across every now and again.

The sensation was incredible, and I was beginning to think I would not be able to hold out much longer, when abruptly after perhaps a couple of minutes she stopped, giving my sensation-overloaded cock a much needed break.

Rising from her knees to face me again, she seductively drew her index finger across her lips, wiping away the coating of precum, teasingly licked her finger and smiled.

'On your knees. Now.'

Doing as she said without question, I suddenly found her perfectly manicured hands clasped behind my head, pulling my face into her damp pussy. She certainly didn't waste any time, and was soon grinding her fleshy mound into my face, whilst I was savouring every moment of it, probing with my tongue whenever possible and groping her pert ass cheeks for all I was worth! It was clear that Sarah had ideas of dominating me during, this, our first unexpected encounter. However, given the amount of time I'd given over to fantasising about her, I wasn't going to let the chance of getting exactly what I wanted from it escape me...

After my enf***ed (and most enjoyable) pussy-licking action, she pulled me to my feet, and turned around, expecting to lead me to a nearby bench. However, I had other plans, and when her back was turned, I got hold of her, and pushed her up against a wall of lockers at which she let out a squeal. Now in control, I used my foot to part her legs and, having done so, grasped at her pussy with my free hand. A bit of vigorous massaging through her damp swimsuit soon had Sarah moaning with pleasure.

Working my middle finger inside the gusset of her swimsuit, it sank into her soaking wet, sticky pussy and was quicky joined by a further two fingers. Massaging her cunt with my fingers I soon had my thumb pressing into her ass, applying more and more pressure until, guaging that she wouldn't stop me, I pushed it in. working up a rhythm, she began to moan even more, and even louder, until eventually, I felt her pussy grip my fingers whilst contracting through an orgasm that sent a tremor through her legs.

Now she was moaning...

I withdrew my hand, and pushing her down on to all fours, I roughly pulled her swimsuit to one side, so that it was resting on her ass cheek, exposing her hole and soaking wet, quivering pussy. I moved in from behind, and pressed my solid cock up against her tight ass hole. Reaching forward, increasing the pressure from my cock all the while, I massaged her tits, twisting and pinching per erect nipples through her swimsuit.

With one more push, her ass hole opened up, and my cock pushed forward, the entire head disappearing into her ass. It felt sublime, and I found myself pumping away with more and more energy, her gasps building up into a wave of extremely load moans.

Sensing I was not far off cumming, I pulled out and rolled her onto her back, removing her amazing tits from the confines of her swimsuit. With her heels resting on my shoulders I was able to enjoy a final few strokes of extremely deep penetration within her, fixated by the voilent movement of her tits bouncing about with every thrust before wave after wave of sticky, hot, white jizz flowed into her cock-stuffed pussy.

Slowly, I pulled out and and, on my knees, I looked at Sarah, who was lying on the changing room floor, panting, swimsuit still pulled to one side, with my warm jizz oozing out of her pussy.

I stood to my feet and, sensing that after the experience we'd just had it wouldn't be our last, I simply looked down at her, waiting for her closed eyes to open and engage mine.

Her eyes opened, her piercing green eyes fixing me with a distinctly grateful look...

'Just look at yourself...all dishevelled and with cum running down your legs, you're a disgrace. Go and get a shower or something. I'll see you at the next session.'

Without cracking into a smile (although I very much wanted to), I broke eye contact with her and walked towards the door, turning round for a final look on reaching it, only to see Sarah busy, unaware that I was watching her, slowly adjusting her swimsuit and licking my jizz of her fingers...

Smiling to myself, I walked out in the knowledge she'd be back for more...
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1 year ago
soooo yummy n beautifully written hunny! xxx
2 years ago
wow, well written, an angle few of us get to see from ! wonderful
2 years ago
Glad you like it dude! :)
2 years ago
Very hot!
3 years ago
that is a hot story, your very good at these xxx
3 years ago
great!! and no spelling mistakes either which makes a change ^_^ so it was an easy read and very enjoyable ;D
3 years ago
mmmmm very hot my sexy friend!
3 years ago
that's amazing =D xxx
3 years ago
Unfortunately, too far away from you to give you the seeing to of a lifetime that you deserve...x
3 years ago
wow....where do you swim....cause i want to be next!!!!