"Yes Mistress".......whhhip "Yes M

It felt like I was getting ready for surgery, my nerves were in a state of disarray. Taking off the the final layers of clothing I am preparing my self to become another me, another me in a new world, a me that will be constructed by Mistress J. All my senses are heightened now, the floor under my bare feet, the dribbles of sweat beginning at the base of my spine, the air on my crotch, which is now becoming the centre of my concentration. I notice my breaths are shorter, shallower, my throat is tingly, it's hard to swallow. My thoughts, my thoughts are honing on obedience, I must now become willing to sacrifice any dignity, any previous concept of what I accept as my boundaries of decency.
My first rule, "Do not cum, Do not even get erect" straight away all focus is placed on the bl**d already anticipating to enlarge my member while my imagination is unfurling at the physical endurances I'm about to encounter.
Mistress J quickly grabs a tight hold of it, "Do you Understand?"
"Yes Mistress J"
She is a mixture of hospitable and hostility, sexual yet seemingly untouchable. Just like the smells in the room, pleasant but not perfumed, sort of clinical, physically appealing, a sense of safety yet with the knowledge that there is a procedure to a be associated.
"Come over here" she strikes my bare butt cheek with a short strap, "Now".
"Yes Mistress J" I walk along side her to where there a straps and cuffs in place.
"Turn around" as she f***es me in position with her tight grip, my focus again is on preventing an erection. Every time she touches me I feel a little surge I must quell.
"Arrhhh" she caught me off guard and hits the end of me my cock with her strap, like she knew what I was thinking.
"Remember, no erection, not yet". She buckles my wrists and ankles into leather straps between two steel pylons.
"Yes Mistress J", my imagination of what could lead up to when I am allowed, starts to interfere with my concentration of diminishing the sensations in my cock. Again, slap, "Ahh" I am almost pleased at the feeling this time, it has worked to take my mind somewhere else. I know now there will be consequences. I concentrate on this being like a job that has to be done, an occupational hazard, focus is safety. As the buckles get done up, I am in a position of no return, like an astronaut on take off.
"Now to prevent any further disappointments we are going to take some measures" she turns to her array of implements, fondling with my balls and cock I am overwhelmed and I have to enter a trance like state to maintain my discipline.
"There we go" she taps my cock and balls intermittently, checking for any stimulus.
She has restrained the area with a series of tight bindings. All of a sudden my attention has moved to a whole other area of concern. As Mistress J begins to adorn herself with leather gloves, a strap on, (which I am glad is not overly sized, but makes me nervous nonetheless) and starts waving a switch whip, the wooshing noise in the room hold me in suspense as she steps tentatively around me, the footsteps now in a kind of rhythm with the whip tapping her leather attire.
"Are you going to be a good for me?"
"Yes Mistress J" The nervousness in my voice was obvious, and I am now feeling completely at mercy, my scrotum and cock have actually shrunk in.
"Good, to make sure I am going to test you" Her voice is menacing and yet comforting at the same time. I am feeling in a place of calm willing to accept any fate she wishes upon me. As she begins to flicker the switch up and down my back, my butt and my legs, then striking me harder and harder in between the light flickers, I arch not so much from pain, just the shock. I don't want to tense, but as the whipping continues I find my body reacting, muscle twitches, putting pressure against my restraints.
"You seem to handle this quite well"
"Yes Mistress" WHAM, my buttocks rings with pain,
"Yes Mistress J" she exclaims with yet another quick hard whip.
"Yes Mistress J" I virtually whimper the word out in an exhale.
"Goooood" She exchanges the switch for a cat and 9 tails, starts flogging me softly front and back, and sort of caressing it over me. It has a strong leather smell, and although it feels nice, now, I am breathing through my nostrils in anticipation. Instead, she reaches up and undoes my wrists, as I relax my arms they feel light after the time of being suspend up.
"Stand still, don't move"
"No Mistress"
Her head turns, eyes ablaze and she grabs my face squeezing my cheeks with her leather gloves, making me into a fish face.
"No Mistress????"
"No Mistress J" I mumble through my twisted face.
"Bend over, grab your ankles"
"Yes Mistress J, sorry Mistress J"
The cat and nine tails now is exerting a f***e of punishment, in between blinks I look at her feet, the dominance in the stance, and can see a slight sway just before each strike comes down. I admire her black leather boots, shiny and well fashioned, I get a sense of honoured to be in this situation.
"Now we are gong to make you a very good boy, are you going to be good for your Mistress?"
"Yes Mistress J" I am through the punishment and have a relief that gives me a bond with my Mistress, I think the stockholm syndrome may be taking effect. Good timing too, as I see her take her gloves off and smother the strap on with lube. She wheels a leather bound bench seat to my feet, transfers my ankle strap support to the a clip at the base of it, grabs be by the back of my hair and urges me forward. "Down bitch" I feel the binding on the end of my cock tighten, I'm glad she can't see this now as it against the leather seat. She slaps my arse, and gives a squeeze that pulls on the opening I know is about to be entered. This is my first time at such dominance, I have thought about it often, my heart is pounding. I offer my wrist and she puts them in buckles at the front of the bench seat.

"Now, I going to put this on, so you can make all the noise you want" I feel the strap on against my skin, my cock gets tighter, and she places a strap over the back of my head, and puts a bit in my mouth.
"How that?"
I can only make gestural sounds, with a dribble coming out, I sort of say, "Ok".
"I'll keep asking how you like it, you nod or shake you head, understand?".
I nod my head trying to say "Yes Mistress J" but it just coms out, MMmmsssch MmssSSA with dribbling sound.
"Lets see what have here" she begins to massage my butt cheeks and lower back, I feel a lot of muscles relax, I melt down into a comfortable position. She reaches under my hips and pulls me back and up a bit. Now pouring lube into my crack, and massaging my hole with the end of the strap on. I hear a click, and a noise, and feel a sensation, Oh My God, it's a vibrator too. My spine gets a rush, my head tilts back and I hear my self moan, like a release of big turd.
"MMmm how that?"
"Ahhhh Yeahhhhh" I mumble. She begins to push, the deeper the pulsations, it's like my mind expands further and further away from myself. Soon the pushes are deep, but slow, slow in, slow out, I am moaning in the rhythm, pleasurably.
"Good boy" she slaps my arse, then her grip digs in and the thrusts get harder. I am giving long moans, but they are pulsating with the thrusts and motions up and down the bench seat. All Of a sudden she stops deep inside me, and puts her hand under me, and grabs my cock, "Good boy" she exclaims happily. She begins fucking me again, herself making noises of pleasure, and carressing my body at the same time, gripping my hair, louder fucking noises AHH AHh yeah OHH Yeahhh MMMm, she pours more lube in my crack, and goes faster "you like that?" I nod, MMM MMMM . Pounding me till almost out of breath, she eases the strap on out switches it off. Running her fingertips over me she undoes the buckles slowly one by one, massaging my head she takes out the bit.
"Mmmm I'm glad you like that, did you like that?"
"Yes Mistress J, I really like that"
"Turn over on your back"
"Yes Mistress J"
She puts her index finger in the middle of my chest pushes and says "stay"
I close my eyes, my arse hole tingly all up inside, curious at this new kind of wonderment.
I hear Mistress J changing her attire, I look over, she is naked from the waist down and has a thicker dildo, not so long though. "Lift up you legs, I'm going to plug your butt", She f***es it in, I strain to relax for it, but with a deep breath it's in. "Open your mouth" She puts her panties in my face, "mmm see how wet you've made me" rubbing over my face, I smell her pussy and feel the dampness as she then stuffs it in my mouth. She steps behind me and ties my wrist together over my head, then stands with my head between her thighs and undoes my cock restraints. "Ok, lets see how big you can get" She rubs her crotch in my face, I want o interact with my tongue, but my mouth is choked full of her panties. She rubs both hands down to near my cock, fingertips back and forward on each side of it, I start to get hard, but it's not easy after the ordeal I've been through. She reaches down further and fondles with something, I feel a cord, all of a sudden the butt plug is massaging me inside, hitting my prostrate.

She pours lube on my cock as the head swells, I smell her arse as it glides over my nose, I like it, it's turning me on, my cock begins to stand. She's letting me touch her in some way, even though she is still in total control, I try to nudge my nose in her clit, and my chin to open her as she moves back and forward, and tickle her with the panties bulging from my mouth. She offers some slow hand gestures to my cock, stretching the foreskin back, and some long glides down over my sack, tapping the butt plug in, adding to the stimulation it is already giving. She slaps my cock side to side, and then against my stomach, "slowly does it" let's go back down for a minute.

The slapping of my hardened cock does little to prevent it getting harder, I am now fully erect and the stiffness makes the sensitivity of the next few slaps become more painful. I cringe slightly, tensing and curling my body. It does nothing to Mistress J's demeanour, offering a few more swift hits to the head of my cock. "Down, down down. When I say, go down, I want it down". Her voice demanding, and her posture riles up, her arse burying my face and thighs then muffle ears, I doing all I can to prevent my erection, lost in her world, completely hers.
The pulsing of the butt plug has almost set in, to become like a part of my breathing, but now I am stifled and I clench my arse, the attempt and becoming soft again feels like a physical impossibility. In fact I feel like I am about to cum. As Mistress J leans forward, I can breath easily, admiring the curves of her backside like a safe horizon. She grabs and pulls at my ball sack, holding it tight she maneuvers herself off me and still gripping and twisting slightly positions herself between my legs. With her other hand she turns off the butt plugs pulsations. This has brought an instant limpness, and as she holds my balls I become softer. "Down, down down" she repeats getting softer in her voice as my cock responds "good, good boy" My breathing is heavy and loud through my nostrils, she looks into my face smiling and releasing her hold reaches up removing the panties from my mouth. Swirling them on her finger she strides behind me like an inspector, admiring my now limp cock, I can't help it her gaze excites me and a twitch raises my cock slightly. She whips it with the panties, "Stay down" she says calmly but with authority. My arms are still over my head feeling weak, my legs feeling shaky as Mistress J eases me up to be in sitting position "Stand, on your feet" holding under my arms I am raised up by my Mistress, she frees my ankles and unties my wrists, "bend over, show me your arsehole" Although I am now unbound, I feel tied to my Mistress's commands as I obey incessantly. "Mmmmmm" I hear from behind me, "open it" As I stretch my arse she pumps the butt plug slightly causing me to moan, and then eases it out. As I hold it open my hole feels like large fissure, a new portal of my being to realms previously unknown. Mistress J coms to the front of me, my head down, I see her feet and she raises one onto the bench seat just under my face, "suck it" I start with her big toe, using my tongue to massage her makes me excited, I feel I might get hard again. "All of it" I start fitting more toes into my mouth, she gives a bit of a f***eful shove and I manage to accommodate all of them, still trying to give a sucking and licking. "Do you love my feet?" All I can do is agree with a murmur. She unsuctions her foot and steps behind me, rubbing the panties into my crack and poking them inside "put these on" she leaves them hanging out of my arse, and I release my grip of myself and stand and ease them out of the wedge. "Put them on backwards" She says as she begins to put her feet, those beautiful feet into some fishnet leggings and high heel boots that make her calf muscles exert power of shiny black dominance.
The material of her panties feels soothing on my cock, being backward my front is ell covered with it, however my crack swallows the rest like a G-string. She holds a riders crop, and taps it on a floor mat "Lie down here". Once I'm on my back she squats over me, arse once again close to my face, and starts to wank me with the panties, making sure they are pulling into my crack at the same time. This feeling is making me squirm, this could bring to cum so fast, I can see the shape of her vulva as she becomes quite concentrated on the wanking motion leaning over into it, I become hard very fast. My balls are tight and being stimulated from the rubbing, "Oooh ooooooooh" Does she want me to release my load now? Her voice is bringing me to the brink. Mistress must know i'm about to cum, i groan and twitch, my knees bending, she goes faster though. "Oooooh yes" then she stops and starts hitting me all over with the crop, including my stiff cock, stretching the panties with precum oozing through. "Down, down down down" Whack whack whack, on my arms inner thigh, end of my know, over and over. Then she spins and crouches fast grabbing my throat, "do not cum, not yet" with another quick motion her hand again grips my balls tightly and she shakes them until my cock softens. "That took too long, I'm going to have to cool you off" She leaves me, I catch my breath, on return she has a glass of water, "you want this?" before I can answer she drinks "ahh" she drinks the whole glass and puts it back. I start to think I wouldn't mind a drink but am quickly distracted as Mistress J walks back rubbing her clit. She squats over my face stimulating herself "Do you think you deserve this?".
"Yes Mistress J, I would love that Mistress J". She gives a sly giggle.
She steps backwards, my frame between her legs until she is above my waist, still stimulating herself, but looking stern, looking into my eyes, I can't remove my eyes from hers, even though her hand movements get faster. She stops and bends her knees, putting her hands on the top of her thighs, I hear her pissing, and feel the warmth and wetness all over my crotch, my cock again wants to be hard. The feeling of her, on me, constant stream, she starts to smile and as I lower my gaze she moves forward. Up the centre fof my stomach, to my chest, the pressure of her flow as she cover my chest the splatters reach my face, I am lost in her offering. "Wank yourself" She commands as she rubs her pussy as the trickles stop turning to watch me. My crotch is saturated in her bodily offering, and as I wank I know it is only to serve her, I do this for her. "Harder" she places a foot on my chest, I want to grab her arse that now in my sight, I wank for it, harder. She puts her foot on my cock as it reaches full hardness, taking it out of my hand. "Do you want to cum for me?"
"Yes Mistress" Her foot pressure increases.
"Yes Mistress?"
"Yes Mistress J, Yes Mistress J I want to cum for you" I say in agony.
"Stand up, remove those" she points at the soaked panties and walks to her tool bench.
She walks behind me with a handful of things, puts my hands behind me and binds them.
"Your going to do a big load for me aren't you?"
"Yes Mistress J"
"When I say to cum you cum, only then okay"
"Yes Mistress J"
"Good" she runs her fingernails softly over my hips and butt cheeks. Then she blind folds me and plays with my hair before gagging me also. Caressing me as she returns to my front and caressing down my front then grabbing my cock which is limp but engorged, I am hers. Leading me by her grip I step tentatively in darkness, once again my ankles are strapped. I'm sure it's her lovely arse, soft, curvy flesh is rubbing my cock which gets hard almost instantly, and begins to flick in her grooves. It stops, there some noises, I'm not sure what they are, stark naked besides the biindfold and gag I start to loose my erection, is it fear?. Then I feel warm wetness envelope it, slowly from the tip, firmly over the ridge of the glans, slowly down the shaft to my balls. I don't know exactly what it is which make it hard to be stimulated by, but I can feel parts of Mistress J's body touching mine. There is twisting up and down motion, I begin to gather it is her hands, or a device in her hands. Still the uncertainty makes it hard to get excited, but I moan though the gag letting her know I'm aroused and could cum. The massaging gets more erotic, stimulating all parts of me like never before, like she knows how long to sustain each gesture for for just the right amount of time. the tingles of the tip, the deep spinal shivers from the groin, the slight fluid secretion from the different rhythms. Pinches and tight grips on other parts of my body. An orgasm begins to overwhelm me, but with grips of my cock and testicles she knows when to exact each sensual intensity to prolong it, on and on, my knees buckling, my moans raising in ecstasy.
"You are ready to cum for me, yes, you are going to cum"
My body almost shaking I moan through the gag "mmmmmmmmmmmMMMmmMMMmMM"
"ok cum now cum for me"
"MMMMmmMMMMMMMMMMMMmMMMMMMM" My hamstrings shaking I feel the release from deep inside, my arse still tender I feel all the nerves release, shooting quivers all through my body, my mind is melting, melting into the honour of this feeling Mistress J has granted me.
"Good, you have done well, mmmmm finish your load" she keeps extracting with surgical precision, "that's it, every last drop for me"
Sweat is dripping down the back of my legs, I still smell her arse in my nostrils, her urine permeating my body, the taste of her cunt from her panties on my tongue, and with my eyes blindfolded I still see hers gazing into me.
I don't know where my load has gone, there other sounds, I want to sit or kneel. I'm standing wavering, there are other sounds, clicks, things being placed around, then soft music. I hear her footsteps return, I feel her naked skin brushing mine, she releases my ankles, unbinds my wrists, and my gag and blindfold. the light is different, more mellow, there is incense filling the air.
"Your work is not done yet mister"
She slaps my butt and gestures to a tray on a bench in the dim light.
"There have a drink and wipe your self down" there is water and moist towels and a dry fluffy towel. I notice she is completely naked and preparing more towels on a massage table.
"Now, come here and serve my body, if you aren't doing it right, I will bite you"
"Yes Mistress J" I'm feeling tired, but a f***e drives me toward her. I must do as she says, my energy is hers. "It's okay, start slow on my back, I'll tell when you can move to other parts, and I'll tell you when I'm going to cum"
"Yes Mistress J" My cock drained, but now feeling an urge to stand to attention. I slide my hands onto her skin, in the deepest of awe.

Slow circular motions on her shoulders, down her shoulder blades, to her waist, and then lower back and long slow glides up her spine to her neck I try to please Mistress J. After a while I slower go lower each time I work my down to her buttocks, eventually my hands take in both her arse cheeks, rounding them off in a smooth fashion all the while soft moans of delight emanating adding to the calmness of the atmosphere. She slowly turns herself over, "I did warn you" She takes hold of my shoulders and gives me a firm bite on my chest, not so viciously, but with a thrust of heated passion. "Now just you heed my commands" she exits behind the just transparent red curtain, I see her figure retrieve from her bench of items. "Here, this will make you a good boy" She puts a leather collar and chain on me. Lying back down face down on her massage table she yanks at the chain and I return to my place kneeling over her upper legs. "Ok, now you may massage here" her hand indicates her crack line with her fingertips. I start to run both hands up her crack and circle over her lower back around and then take in her lower cheeks in a tighter circle motion with my thumb, and then over again. I feel the chain getting tight, slowly she is pulling me downward, I have to reposition my legs, "Use your tongue". As I extend my tongue and try to get a comfortable angle I feel a tight tug, "What do you say?".
"Yes Mistress J"
"Good, now get to it, lick my arse"
I place my hands on her cheeks and extend them outward, opening her sexy bum line, forcing saliva to the tip of my tongue I start up high and wiggle it slowly down, over her hole and extending my tongue out to go as far under her crotch as I can, then back up. After a few times it is nice and slippery, and the next time I'm tickling on her hole I open in a bit with my thumbs, "Mmmmmmmm" I offer her circle licking around it, I then feel her hand on my head, forcing my face in, my lips touching her arse I have to open my mouth wider "Lick it deeper", I do as my Mistress commands, my tongue inside her, my hands kneading her arse cheeks. "OOoohhhhhhh Gooood boy" I'm now prodding in and out as far as I can with my tongue as she raises up onto her knees presenting her behind for me to serve. My fingers now tantalizing her pussy. She pulls herself forward, spins and slaps my face with a simultaneous tug on the chain, "Ah Uh, naughty, naughty boy". Sitting further back she offers her foot "Suck", feeling ashamed I went where I was not told too, I suckle and lick and kiss her foot all over apologetically. Her other foot creeps along my leg to my crotch and fiddle with my balls and cock, half annoyingly, half enticing it to readiness again. She is swaying on the chain, looking at me with amusement on her face. "Hmmmmmmm" she sighs, "I like the way you do that" She start wrapping the chain around her fist, when it's near my neck she pulls me down, "on your back"
"Yes Mistress J" In an almost excited hurry I am lie down, in anticipation I close my eyes and try and relax, my tongue feeling worked I hope she will concentrate on my cock, now feeling rejuvenated. She leaves for her bench again, returning now with a collar and chain for my cock. Straddling my face she now has a chain in each hand, and she alternates on her tugs, letting me know I am in her control. I gather she want me to give her oral and lick her pussy, a tight tug on my cock ring and chain make me stop "Uggh".
"Not yet, did say to do that?"
"No Mistress J" She starts to massage herself all over with the chains still in each hand, I slightly feel the tensioning in different directions. She then starts moving back and forward with her hips, lowering them "Now, now you know what you must do"
"Yes Mistress J". I place my hands on her hips and get to work with my tongue again just like did on her foot, sucking and licking and kissing, her juices blending with my saliva. I can taste her, I get more enthused, she motions faster, occasionally tugging on each chain keeping my mind overactive.
She grabs my hands and put them on her breasts, her nipples are so hard and pointing upward, when I feel them my erection grows and the cock ring feels tighter, she senses this and tugs in a jiggling fashion. She is sing the hand with the neck chain to finger and play with her pussy, the chain dangling over face, then she grabs the top of my head and pulling it up, and thrusting her hips down, I feel, and taste her cum, opening my mouth to take in as much of her as I can I suck, alternating with tickles from my tongue. Squeezing her breast, massaging them in outward directions and then squeezing them together again the nipples between my fingertips being gently rolled.
"Good boy, you did good for your Mistress".
She leans back giving my cock a rub, "ooooh, you like serving your Mistress don't you?"
Catching my breath, "Yes Mistress J, I love to serve you"
She spins around to face my cock, taking a condom from beside the table, I lie in delight as she put it on, admiring her now wet pussy, I want to lick it again, put my tongue in there. She give the chain a few tugs, getting my erection to point straight up, letting me know I should be ready to be getting mounted, turning to face me again, moving her knees apart over my legs.
As she does, once she has me deep inside her, her hands take grip on my throat collar and she starts little pumps. As her pumps increase her grip gets tighter on my neck. She has great pussy control, I can feel muscles clenching and releasing, almost bring to cum each time, but I don't want to fail my Mistress. She stops just when I fear I am going to cum, gives a quick squeeze on my neck and stares into my eyes, forcing me to shut mine and concentrate on holding on. Then her motions change, she is going sideways, up and down in different angles my cock reaching parts of her it hadn't before, I am f***ed to moan and she starts encouraging me, then in an explosion she rises, juice gushing out, I find it so hard not to cum with her, my body is sharing her exhilaration, she returns to my cock, pounding again, my whole body tense with restraint, I can't help it, I feel it, I'm cumming, and as I do again she explodes harder than before, her hands now pushing on my shoulders our faces so close to each other I want to kiss her, she knows I've cum, but doesn't seem disappointed. She holds my face on the side and gives me a kiss on the forehead MMMmmmuah. I rub her juices over my stomach feeling really exhausted, hardly able to move. She leaves me there, chains feeling extra heavy now, towels wet with cum and sweat, breathing heavy, moaning still. I assume she gone to wash, and I don't know if allowed to move or not, I decide to just lay there, taking in every moment and detail of my encounter with the Mistress J. Like in a dream, my mind is in another time and reality zone, slowly returning to something like who I was, but I will never be the same again.

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8 months ago
uummm now i wanna be used just like that...punished..all night long