At two girls mercy

I was having a few drinks after work with a couple of friends I work with.We had a few drinks, and started to catch up.They asked me what my plans for the weekend were,just some laundry and clean up my place a bit I said.So they asked me if I would like to go to their place for dinner and drinks.I said sure,we finished our drinks and a little bit later we arrived.I took off my jacket and shoes and found a nice spot on the couch, had a few more drinks and our conversation soon turned to sex.They both looked at each other then looked right at me and said have I ever been Dominated by two Mistresses,I said no but I am ready for anything.I was then ordered to stand up and take off my clothes,turn around bend over hands on the coffee table spread my feet far apart and not to move until told to.There I am spread in the middle of the room,my nipples are rock hard,pussy is wet.They walk around,me slapping and pulling my ass cheeks,squeezing,pinching my tits,standing in front of me grabbing my hair pulling my head back ramming two fingers in my mouth. I was in heaven.Gina said stand up, hands behind my back,they were bound tight with rope.My hair was put in a ponytail and a large ball gag was cinched tightly around my head.I was then lead into the kitchen,sat on a chair,my feet,knees,waist were tied to the chair very well.A rope was tied to my ponytail pulled back and tied to my hands,exposing my tits.The thrill of a new experience was getting me so horny.Barb and Gina walked up to me on either side of me and said you've been a dirty little girl and began to smack my middle aged 36DD tits hard at the same time 50 times each a 2 min. break then 50 more,this went on for 20 min.The pain was so intense,I was getting off.I was then untied allowed a pee break,my hands and hair still bound up.Taken into the bed room,thrown face down on the bed Gina sat on my legs as Barb said let the real punishment start.I am to receive 100 whips on my ass 50 on each cheek,with a riding crop,an additional whip will added for each scream,whimper or flinching.The first few were not to bad.As they got allot harder and harder,I let out scream, my legs were yanked open,Barb wound up and hit my my pussy so hard I screamed again it took 5 more times until didn't scream.I endured 100 whips with 12 extra ones.I was untied,gag removed.Ordered to roll over and spread eagle.My hands were strapped into thick leather restraints and stretched out tight, a wooden pole at least 3 ft. or longer was slid under my knees then pulled my knees as wide as they could,lashing them to the pole one knee at a time.More leather restraints on my ankles,my legs were then tied up to the headboard. I once again was at their mercy.Gina climbed on to the bed squatted down and told me to tongue her asshole,Barb was at the other end of the bed pulling my pussy lips apart shoving her thumbs in deep and opening my pussy up. Gina`s asshole is opening up as I shove my tongue in deep,she gets up and comes back a bunch of string ties my nipples super tight there was no pain it sent waves all over my body I had to have more,she tied the other ends of the string to the spreader bar pulling my tits straight up,the sensation was so intense.Barb had 4 fingers all the way in my pussy,then spreading her fingers as far apart as she can.They switch places,Gina starts pulling on my outer lips and puts a clothespin on it, then Barb lights a candle and drips it on my tits,more clothespins it felt like about 10 were on my aching cunt.The wax was dripping on my nipples then Gina had them on a string and started to pull them off one at a time,after they were off she began to pull on my my lips digging her nails into them.As my lips were getting pinched,Barb started to cane my tits knocking the wax off.The pain was so good I knew I had to have more.As the canning continued,Gina was working all 8 fingers in my pussy then pulling her palms apart farther and farther,stretching it open,bigger than its ever been before.Barb untied my nipples they were so swollen they stayed hard for 2 days.She then took out some rope tied my boobs so tight and put mousetraps on my nipples.She reached under the bed pulled a box out and opened up a large electrode-sex kit,Ive never been shocked before.Gine takes out this 9 inch metal speculum opens the hinge up for a 3 inch diameter and pushes it all the way in, as it opened up it all the way,it was the biggest my pussy has ever been stretched,she then puts a clip on my clit plugs them both into the unit and turns it on.It started out nice and got more intense more and more then a giant zap then it would start over again and again.I could hold back no more I started cumming and cumming every time it zapped me I had a more intense orgasm.I lost count after a while,this went on for over 45 min.Finally it stopped the toys removed,my purple,bruised welt covered tits were untied,traps pulled off,took the spacer-bar off.Untied my ankles pulled my legs down and apart tied them to the bed corners,opened up the door and there was several people walking in and taking a good look and grope at their handiwork.There was 8 strangers working me over good.After they left the light was turned off door was closed,my punishment had been just over 4 hours now.I laid there for another hour until I fell asl**p woke up in the morning still tied up.They gave me an allover whipping untied me let me go pee get dressed and finally let go.I was so sore I had to take 2 days off from work.My pussy was gaped open still until the next day,my nipples are twice the size now and poke out 24/7 now. As soon as I'm ready I will be doing that again!!!
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