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I was sat at home after a night out wasted, My flat mate got home with Faye in tow we were all sat in the living room and in my d***ken stuper asked "so are we having a threesome or what", Don't know where it came from. My flat mate looked at faye and she replied why not, We made our way into my bedroom, i was naked by the time i reached the bed. I led down she was on all fours sucking my cock while steve started playing with her pussy, after about 10 mins steve got up and said he couldn't get a hardon and left the room but told us to carry on 5 mins later i started feeling guilty as he was the one that brought her home so we stopped and went back into the living room, Steve was on his nees a couple of feet away from 50inch tv wanking to porn that had done the trick he'd got his hardon. Faye knelt on the couch Steve stood at the end while she sucked him off I got behind her and started doing her doggy style whilst fingering her arsehole, after a short while I came then went and got my ex's rampant rabbit from my room and started fucking her with that which gave me another stonker so i got back behind her and stuck my cock up her arse, she thought it was the rabbit and wasn't too happy and told me to get that fucking thing out of her arse. Fair play i got a lot more than i was expecting that night and was content so left them to it.
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