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My 3rd Encounter with my cousins cock

it was a saturday night and i was feeling a little bored, not having much cash wasn't helping and i was stuck for ideas of how to entertain myself, what to do... then it hit me, i hadn't seen my cousin in a while, id give him a ring and see what he was up too, luckily he was in and we started chatting about this and that, when suddenly he suggested that he come round, after all he was on his own too as his partner was away for the weekend, about an hour later, the buzzer went, it was him.. i'd had a few beers by now and was quite happy to chat about almost anything, i offered him a drink and the conversation continued.. around midnight i said i was off to bed and did he want a quilt for the sofa..which i went off to get, when i returned he was in just his t-shirt and boxers, he looked magnificent, i gave him the quilt and said goodnight and off i went to bed.. as i lay there all i could think off was the sight of him in his boxers, i hadn't seen him like this since we we're teens and now there he was in my front room, i felt my cock stiffening and slipped off my boxers and lay there stroking my cock thinking about our "play-times" of the past.. i was so lost in my fantasies that i hadnt even noticed he was stood at the door watching me and from the look of the bulge in his boxers he'd enjoyed the show.
"I was going to the toilet and saw you through the crack in the door" he said.. and came and sat on the bed next to me.. here let me do that he said and placed his hand on my cock.. it felt wonderful, him stroking my cock.. after a few minutes he stood up and removed his own boxers, his cock was semi erect and already had pre-cum on the tip, he took the pre-cum and ran it over my lips.. suck me off, he said.. i know you want to, i did, i so much did, i took his cock in my hand and proceeded to stroke it feeling it grow with every move.. i then lowered my head and started to lick the tip and up and down the shaft.. it was so thick and certainly bigger than id remembered.. take it in your mouth, suck it he said.. i did what i was told and tried to take it in as far as it would go..i did this for a while by now my cock was sticky with my own pre-cum and due to the horniness of the situation i felt like i was going to cum.. turn round for me and stick out your ass, my cousin said, i took his cock out my mouth and did what i was told, "are you going to fuck me?" i said.. not tonight he said, but i am going to wank over your ass and cover it with my cum.. with this he placed the tip of his now fully erect cock on my ass-hole and proceeded to wank the thick shaft, i took my own cock in my hand and started to wank myself off.. every now and again his cock would nudge just a little inside my ass, but only a little, and then after a while i felt it.. he shot his warm sticky spunk all over my virgin asshole, and fuck it felt good.. at which point my own spunk shot out all over my bed.. he put his arm around me and said "that was so much fun" we should deffinately do that again.. and a couple of months later we did.. :)
Posted by MrH76 2 years ago
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2 years ago
that got me going, great story!!