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My 2nd experience of cock

It had been a while since our naughty encounter, and everything seemed to be just as before..except it wasn't, i'd seen my cousins cock.. more than that, id wanked him off, he'd cum on my hand and id swallowed it after being shocked into taking the cum of my hand after he'd shot his thick creamy spunk over it, and know i wanted it again..but how would i ask?
Well it turns out i wouldnt have too, it would just happen...

It was a lovely warm day and my cousin and myself had gone of as we had many times before to the local park, as we we're messing about, he said he had to go for a piss, and off he went, behind a tree, but i wanted to see his magnificent cock again, infact no, i wanted to wank him off i wanted to feel his cum again, i causiously moved my way around the tree, hoping he wouldnt see me, i watched as his semi erect cock let out the golden stream of piss and i felt that feeling again, my own cock was starting to grow, then he looked over and eye contact was made, but instead of putting his cock away he just stroked it and beckoned me over to where he was, "you enjoyed wanking me off, didn't you"? do you want to do it again?
Outside? people could see maybe? but instead of refusing i made the short few steps and reached out, feeling his cock grow with my every stroke.. he opened the button on his jeans and they fell to the floor, he looked magnificent, and i loved the feeling of his cock in my hand, his heavy balls swaying as i wanked him off, i was so turned on but this time he didn't touch my cock, i was disappointed but still, i had his cock in my hand and soon i knew id have his spunk.. his breathing got faster and shallower, and then it happened,at first just a blob of cum, but then after i refused to stop playing with his cock, a huge stream of spunk shot out and landed on the grass, i smiled a smile of satisfaction, he pulled up his jeans and then once again his cock was hidden.. but i was addicted.. and i wanted more xx
Posted by MrH76 2 years ago
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2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
every word true x
2 years ago
great story, left me wanting more